Legal fees for attacking cops in Montreal

  • Posted on: 8 July 2016
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

From MTL Counter-info

On June 13, 2016 in Montreal, a judge sentenced me to 3 years of probation and 125 hours of community service for a memorable event that took place during the 2015 May Day in Montreal. I also have $600 of judicial fees to pay in 45 days. For this, I need your help. But in addition, I’ll offer you the delicious testimony of the cop who got beat while arresting me!

Your contribution can be deposited in the La Solide Solidarity fund Paypal account.

First, here’s an introduction of the facts. During the 2015 May Day demonstration, several among us were masked in black bloc. When the demonstration which left from Hochelaga reached downtown, we turned off towards the parking lot of the general headquarters of the SPVM to smash the cop cars parked there. Caught in a blatant crime, a large cop of 6 feet and four inches ran and jumped on me from behind to arrest me. The other comrades attempted to liberate me from his grip. Two other cops came to join him, and all three were violently attacked. The declaration from the first cop in the court document is hilarious, here’s an excerpt:

« (…) While I was still running in the direction of the cars that were being broken, other ”black bloc” joined this initial group of vandals. I fixated on a completely masked individual who was dressed in black who I saw break a window of a Laval cop car, and I didn’t let them out of my sight from then on. My decision was taken to physically subdue this person and proceed to their arrest (…)

When I reached this person who didn’t see me running at them, I firstly grabbed them by their backpack and I tried to bring them to the ground to subdue them. It was in trying to subdue them that I realized that this person is a woman, because I felt that she was less physically strong than me, and gradually, I saw that her outline corresponded to that of a woman’s. She tried to liberate herself and physically resisted her arrest by struggling and trying to flee. In just a few seconds, the black bloc demonstrators who accompanied her and who ran away with my arrival came back to help the accused liberate herself from my grip, as well as several others who came from the crowd. Some grabbed her by the hands to pull her towards them so that she could “slide” from my grasp, while the others attacked me in all the ways that they could. All those who I saw attacking me were completely masked and dressed in black.

I watched as these demonstrators try to smash my face with their six feet batons, tried to throw projectiles at my face with all their force just several feet from me. From this point, my goal was to protect my head and above all my face from serious injury. I particularly feared for my eyes due to not having any protective equipment and because the demonstrators tried to hit me in the face with the ends of their batons. However, I received several blows to the head and the back from the assailants who were behind me and whose blows I couldn`t see coming. With each blow I received, I saw a black thunderbolt pass in my vision. I know that I fell to the ground at one point, and I remember having avoided several blows that were directly aimed at my face by moving my face right to left, like a boxer.

Finally, after several seconds, other police in uniform came to my aid. The demonstrator who I held in arrest from the start was finally subdued by the officers in uniform and I. The police in uniform lowered the mask of the arrested demonstrator at this moment (…) When the police reinforcement arrived, all the black bloc demonstrators who assaulted me escaped and none were arrested. Several police came to see me immediately after the aggression and told me that there were at least twelve people encircling and hitting me. According to them, they threw projectiles at me, kicked me, and threw a fire extinguisher at my back (it was the blow that hurt me the most, but at the moment when I received it, I didn`t know what had hit me). I could see on my uniform traces of boots and soil, lots of pieces of a set of porcelain dishes, material that vandals and thieves use to easily break the windows of vehicles and hit in the inside corner of the window. I believe that these pieces were part of the projectiles I received, and there was also an extinguisher on the ground. (…)»

Finally, they nonetheless arrested me and accused me of armed assault, mischief over $5000 and disguise with the intention of committing a crime. I was let out on bail after a week at Tanguay prison, with a curfew of 11 pm.

In this account, I would like to emphasize the courage of the people who, rather than continuing to run and escape, showed themselves to be extremely solid and trustworthy comrades, in turning back to wildly attack the cop who arrested me.

More than a year passed, and on June 13, 2016, I was sentenced to mischief over $5000, obstructing arrest, disguise with the intention of committing a crime and carrying a weapon (porcelain); 3 years of probation, and 125 hours of community service. The judicial fees to pay in 45 days is $600! Your contribution would be appreciated.




Honestly, $600? I'd be more excited to find out how many days in jail you'd have to do to not give $600 to the state.

Honestly, you and your opinions are irrelevant. But great to know no one is going to need to raise funds for you when you're arrested for allegedly openly attacking the police. Not necessarily because you're being honest when you say you'd do the time, but more because that's never going to happen, because you're an irrelevant sidelines commenter.

And yeah, before someone comes in all "false dichotomy! How do you know that this guy isn't both a..." Trust me, he's not, and it's obvious.

"But great to know no one is going to need to raise funds for you when you're arrested for allegedly openly attacking the police"

Not the above shitposter, but considering the current context in Mtl I ain't just NOT expecting solidarity from the unreachable insurgent groups around, but first and foremost to not be arrested for doing anything in their presence, because communication lines have been effectively cut (or unmaintained) and the rest of the crowd have seemingly went FULL entryist, so you gotta be already in some in-crowd to be doing shit... So it seems. The latest powerful subversion of widely-popular music festival up against the SPVM has come from somewhere, and it can only be from within. In a way it's awesome that some radicals have went into some entryist conspiracy... the major downside is that it creates an elitist niche that is hardly accessible to outside insurgents, and will obviously end up reproducing some filthy professional privilege relations.

Wouldn't it be really stupid to be able to show up as a complete stranger and easily make contact with active insurgent groups? Doesn't that sound sketchy to you?

Occupy-like, sure it'd be way stupid. To use rented spaces for snitch sessions under the banner of insurrectom anarchy wasn't very brilliant neither. This also depends on the security practices of these groups. With a good strategy you could even do that on a public place without attracting pigs.

It's all about the quality of the gateway(s) that are being created to make people come together on the grounds of destruction or subvertion of society. But don't count on me to provoke you all on my own to come try to beat me in some antiauthoritarian fight club....

Or maybe why not? Got a nice backyard that can be quite safe. Backstreet neighbors might really enjoy the show too.

Yeah, I prefer explicitly anarchist spaces that are welcoming to most different anarchist tendencies so that insurrectionaries can enjoy a certain amount of anonymity of the crowd. Classic reason why the trendy egoist/nihilist critiques of all leftism are misguided, because you can move through the milieu and do as you please while enjoying some cover, rather than criticizing everyone and finding yourself too isolated to develop new relationships.

This is a false dichotomy. One can strongly critique the left and also hide within them if that suits a particular need.

Especially in a place that's so riddled with fakesters, cosplay actor-esses, con artists, State circus artists, turncoats and other paradoxical bed buddies. Right, Mr. Mao N. R. Key?

It's only false if it isn't demonstrably true. Are most of the egoist/nihilists you know "hiding within the left" or posting screeds online?

Your valorization of arrest is pretty messed up. I don't want to see anyone get arrested for anything. Prisoners aren't heros, they just got the short end of the stick. It sucks and they should receive support but fuck off with the glamour.

So you can manage to do these both thing at the same time... with just one brain:

1- Be that type of fucking asshole who casts off anyone not in their posh circle as "irrelevant" (which accounts to roughly 99,99999999999999999999999998% of the Earth's population).
2- Expect the struggle you're (possibly) involved in, as well as its fighters to NOT be irrelevant to as many people as ponderated in #1.

Obviously, you're a total self-absorbed moron who should reconsider his-her life as anarchist, and maybe go get a real job.

No the police is not a real job, sorry.

Fuck off.

Slightly off-topic but...

"The neighbourhoods of Saint-Michel (Montréal) and Jalousie (Port-au-Prince) share a strong identity and cultural bond: the positive energy of their young people and dedicated citizen involvement. The Casque Noir Organization was created to instill a sense of belonging and revitalize these vulnerable neighbourhoods. The creation of two bilateral murals (Saint-Michel/Jalousie) was inspired by the literary work San Limit, written by two young people from very different cultures that share many values. This outdoor exhibit is presented in photographic panels. As well, the photos will be accompanied by a soundtrack that blends voices and background sounds from Haiti and Montreal..". (Beta liberal colonialist integration for the wins!)

amile, if you can prove you are dark skinned black, I'll help you out bro. with $

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