Into the Trenches: Pipeline Sabotage in Hamilton, ON

  • Posted on: 12 September 2017
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

Pipelines are war; one built from the insatiable greed of corporations which have normalized violence against the land and its living. Our resolve within this struggle intensifies with each audacious assault Enbridge launches; each time they dismiss the concerns and requests of Indigenous Nations. Every court proceeding. Every act of intimidation. Every lie or false claim of safety or necessity. We’ve had enough.

So back when Enbridge started shipping in pipeline segments for their line 10 expansion, we started sabotaging them.

There are vast networks of pipeline infrastructure throughout Turtle Island. They are indefensible; perfect opportunities for effective direct action that harms nothing but an oil company’s bottom line. It’s in this spirit that we found ourselves going for long moonlit strolls through the trenches of the freshly dug line10 right-of-way. Wherever we felt the urge, we drilled various sized holes into pipeline segments while spilling corrosives inside others.

We do this in solidarity with the Indigenous peoples of this area. A people who have been displaced, threatened and murdered since early colonial arrivals – who still continue to face this violence. Who suffer the consequences of this colonial capitalist society and the industries which drive it.

So – to Enbridge: You’re gonna want to replace every last section of line 10 that’s been laid out so far. We say this because we care for the environment, and don’t care about you - so take it seriously. And for every dollar you pursue from Indigenous Nations or individuals for defending their territories, we aim to cost you ten. #sorrynotsorry

To the public: It’s up to you to hold Enbridge accountable – in everything they do. Don’t let them risk your lives by installing pipelines they now know to be compromised. Don’t let them risk lives by installing pipelines, period.

And lastly, but not least, to our comrades and co-conspirators:

A How-To from the heart

You’ll need 1 a decent cordless drill, 2 a good smaller-gauge cobalt or titanium drill bit - preferably with a pilot point, and 3cutting oil. [Oh, the irony!]

With a righteous sense of adventure, prove your stealth ninja skills by getting into the right-of-way. Once you’re in there you’re pretty invisible from the road so long as you’re not fluorescent, adorned in glitter of fucking around with a headlamp too much. Take a breath, take a look, and then find your way to an empty pipeline and start drilling! Go slow [so there’s less noise, reverberation, and friction] and apply enough pressure so that you see metal shavings coming up – and then keep at it for 10 to 15 minutes. Cutting oil will help the process along by keeping the drill tip cool and effective.

Have fun. Stay safe.
And get the fuck out there!



Drilling a few holes into a pipeline is kids play. Real eco-warriors bomb children's hospital charities and anarchist social centers. Real eco-warriors use their ninja skills to murder intoxicated women on university campuses and write manifestos denouncing their critics as "faggots" and "pussys."

My friend Jevonne used to say "if it has a hole or I can make one, fuck it." He has all sorts of diseases, but my point is that he shits himself a lot and smells like McDonald's.

If you want to drill holes, he's your man. No scruples, though he has a thing about other people's daughters. But hey, if she's into it, no harm, no foul, eh comrade?

you know Jevonne!?? you must for how accurately you describe his attitude and lifestyle!

He is beneath Jevonnel most nights unless its missionary if you know what I mean ;)

NA anarchism is an unilateral gaytopia. Don't make any reference to real dicks fucking real pussies or else.

Which is something I'd like to see on a general level as the 3rd millennia progresses.

Awesome action, good text. Line 10 is running from Hamilton all the way down to the border and there is or will be work happening along much of the length

"There are vast networks of pipeline infrastructure throughout Turtle Island. They are indefensible; perfect opportunities for effective direct action that harms nothing but an oil company’s bottom line."

Extrapolate to the rest of the energy/telecom infrastructure, and you end up causing major fuck ups through the system, while pressuring the populace to adapt to a collapsing society, and realize how life can be much more lively outside of the daily dependency on the grid.

But feel free to organize the workers for a few more centuries if you will. And vote union!

Problem with that is, once you start shutting down electrical and coms networks, you're arguably directly harming and/or getting people killed. Even if you disagree with the "morality" here, this rhetoric will definitely be deployed against you.

But a significant portion of the population is turning against the oil companies and their profit margins are very responsive to external pressures.

Power and com networks have the full force of the democratically elected military power behind them who will drop a ton of bricks down upon any drillers and make it a very sad day for them. (mimicking Trump) but its true.

'you're arguably directly harming and/or getting people killed"

That's a preconceived notion.

Even if there's a likelihood that, yes, some people may die in the process... just like in normal car traffic (still by far the biggest cause of death in your country... check the stats), overdose/intoxication from shitty drugs. And that's what makes me hate driving a car, above anything else.. that it only takes a tiny 1/10th second of looking in the wrong direction, or missing the brake pedal, to be potentially resulting in a fatal accident.

Also why am I under the impression that human lives are so much more important to you in comparison to the countless other species we're carelessly sacrificing everyday, through this or that aspect of the system? Or what about the much higher death rate in poor, non-White countries? Hmmm... Makes me wonder.

Mass society kills massively anyways. Through economic warfare, mostly. At some moments it'll also do State-sanctioned genocides or mass-killings (i.e. wars).

You're just confusing here what would be a clear and deliberate intent at harming lives (like the stuff that ITS would do); with harming lifeless things... that're part of processes of production, which may or may not harm people's lives indirectly, depending on how they react or adapt to a crisis.

For instance, flaming cell phone towers like some anarchists did in Europe doesn't carry a significant risk of harming lives. It's more likely to piss a lot of people off, and cause some serious problems to some.

"But a significant portion of the population is turning against the oil companies and their profit margins are very responsive to external pressures."

Well that's good it it gets to happen. But then again what... Hundreds of millions of electric cars powered by nuclear plants or more hydro-plants that release loads of mercury in the waters? And cars are still cars. They're still gonna be taking lives and allow drivers to get away with it. Not even ITS could achieve such deadly efficiency.

"Preconceived notion"

No, not really. Major disruptions to the coms or power grid would be immediately and directly linked to the subsequent deaths when emergency services and intensive care facilities are inevitably impacted. Hospitals have backup power supplies that last for awhile, then most of the patients in the ICU die soon after.

I don't disagree with anything you say about cars but there's a big difference between accidental deaths (from car accidents for example) and the consequences from deliberate attacks on essential infrastructure of a modern city.

Isn't this the same sort of hazy thinking that just caused the ITS drama? Note that I'm just talking causality here, not passing moral judgement.

Major hospitals have power plants, in many cases nuclear, that allow for sustained power for quite a while. Emergency services are OBVIOUSLY not using the same antennas than cell phone antennas used by telecom companies. Furthermore, only outages that a bunch of insurectos will achieve will be relatively localized and temporary. Nobody with a brain of course would hope of bringing down the system overnight this way. Or maybe if hundreds of thousands are bringing such a assault, all in a continuous coordination.

The person you're responding to (me) worked in emergency services for years. You seem to be labouring under a strange invincibility-of-the-state myth fallacy. I assure you, the infrastructure has its limits and most people aren't prepared to deal with major disruptions to the services it provides SO, my point stands.

Regardless of your position, it's worth analyzing the consequences here, unless you just enjoy shit-talking online and none of this matters at all haha

I don't think we can take responsability for all of the mechanisms and promises of capitalist society. Whether we disrupt tihngs through mass organizing, clandestine sabotage, insurgency, or anything else. I hear you when you say you're just talking about causality, but looked at a different way, we're all being held hostage by this system and being used as human shields.

Yep. Even tho I agree with the comment on the system (not the insurrecto saboteurs) being responsible of people's health in a case of disruptions -just like ordinary uninterrupted operations- the biggest POTENTIAL pitfall in such tactics lies in the State and its champions white-knighting for "saving lives" up against those disruptions, indirectly making themselves the defenders of civilization.

As we've seen lately with hurricane Irma...

...or, in some other way, the cleanup teams in the aftermath of the 2011 London riots.

OP here: good point! I'm just saying, study something thoroughly before you talk about disrupting it. Know the terrain, know the consequences or else what are you doing?

Flailing in the dark isn't tactics or strategy.

Any disruptions big enough to cause a crisis may likely just help in testing and improving the State's and its economy's resilience.

Since the near-totality of people are dependent on the energy/telecom infrastructure of the State -making it a technocratic empire- then yes, the proles are likely to amalgamate the survival and persistence of their techno-managed forms of life, as provided by this system, with the age-old struggle for self-preservation. That's one thing that the dumb Hollywood post-apocalyptic movies, from that old movie "The Postman" to thhe 23rd Planet of the Apes. That normative, formatted people are way more likely to be clinging to the structures and institutions of their collased social reality, in th case of a major and sudden collapse. This is, after all, coming from people for whom their cars is a living being and shoplifting is causing harm to the workers. Talk about reified biopower.

BUT... Lower-intensity disruptions, otherwise provoked sporadically yet unpredictably, on a very large scale, can provoke an effect of enthropy that managers and protecters of order are unlikely to prevent against. Their only advantage against it, is the apathy of the opposition or its clinging to the dominant stuctures.

Writing this as someone who went back to university, this ain't the most honest statement ever... Yet I think it's an accurate hypothesis.

The fella battling hard in his make-believe war to save Turtle Island is ignorant.
There will be lives put at risk and the possibility of serious harm to Mother Earth if the holes that have been drilled are not found and fixed prior to oil starting to flow.
For someone who claims to have the land and indigenous people in the forefront, it is a very selfish and ignorant act that has been committed.
To sum up, what a fuckin douchebag!

I'm still surprised there are douchebags doing anti-civ sabotage of the oil pipelines. Will be referring this info to the FBI asap so the proper informants get dispatched to the local Subways and the dance music clubs.

Why would the oil company turn on the pipeline if they know about the sabotage..? Wouldn't that be gross negligence on their part?

I think Phil means if they are unaware of the holes drilled into the pipe and turn it on and oil gets everywhere. My guess is the hole drillers don't live in the vicinity of the pipe, so any sabotage won't effect them as much.

And as we all know, oil companies are incapable of gross negligence or incompetence, especially when it comes to protecting the environment.

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