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Best for long-distance graffiti

Very unconventional to post about practical shit on this site but hey that's just gonna help avoiding more Emilian Texwalls... maybe?

So what is to you the best -and hopefully cheap- kind of paint or paint mixture you'd be using for high-pressure graffiti ops, like the fire extinguisher trick?

I need something that's gonna last for a while and is waterproof, at least a few weeks if not erased by employees.


Anonymous (not verified)
Depends on the surface

Depends on the surface receiving the tag? I've heard about mixing solvents (to etch) and/or thickening agents (to make a sort of paint/cement) but the added detail of firing the paint over a long distance is a lot of variables.

Have to recommend practical experimentation in a quiet back alley or parking lot. Add friends and your favourite substances for enhancing the sense of hoodlum camaraderie!

It's fun to be a sketchbag

Anonymous (not verified)
Well thanks but sorry I just

Well thanks but sorry I just have the stuff, not the friends. The ones I had... they suck, in both meanings of the word, but eh that's a long story. So I guess an unhealthy slight dose of madness can motivate me to do it...

I also meant "relatively long range". Like a high-standing billboard by the highway, to be more precise. Lame to do, yet a lot of symbolic impact. Little to no feedback. No potential rad-points to get in my impoverished milieu of do-nothings who all most certainly hate me by now. Save the world where nobody cares kinda stuff, ya know. But did I told ya that the world is wrong, and I am right? Binaries I knows.

They call me brave, but NOOO, I'm just insane. X-D

Anonymous (not verified)
Uhm ... Didn't intend to

Uhm ... Didn't intend to loner-shame you?

Anonymous (not verified)
Neither did I?

Peace out!

Anonymous (not verified)
I might not have properly

I might not have properly explained myself... the goal is to be making the paint thin enough to spay it at a somewhat long range with a high-pressure fire extinguisher, by keeping it resistant enough. I'm interested in the proper mixes to use with enamel or epoxide (floor) paint. I was thinking of acetone, but I wouldn't want the thinner to dissolve the paint to a point it becomes useless. But anyways I can make a few tests.

Anonymous (not verified)
I tend to go with watercolors

I tend to go with watercolors.

Anonymous (not verified)
what's our problem with

what's our problem with religious-cult ideology, again? besides the idolatry, hierarchy and "murder", of course...

Anonymous (not verified)
Rly don’t mean to condescend

Rly don’t mean to condescend but as someone who’s ‘been there’ maybe give yourself a little time to chill out from your friend/comrade drama before going and doing some crazy illegal shit? Just saying

Anonymous (not verified)
A little projecting much?

Rly you appear to be making some assumptions about an insurgent who's just seeking for better tricks for a specific form of vandalism. Or pehaps you got suggestions on how to better "chill out from your friend/comrade drama"?

Anonymous (not verified)
It’s more the fact that they

It’s more the fact that they brought it up repeatedly for no apparent reason? Sometimes when people do shit like that there’s a reason. That’s all

Anonymous (not verified)
but like what if the concept

but like what if the concept of reason is the problem whereby our perceived world-situation is managed by materialist rationale ?
and sometimes people do crazy shit for no apparent reason! just because X-D
Rly tho be mindful of the mineral spirits around those inspirers of digital manipulation for any size character typing ...

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