[New book released] "The Politics of Attack: Communiqués and Insurrectionary Violence"

  • Posted on: 17 October 2017
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

New Book Released
"The Politics of Attack: Communiqués and Insurrectionary Violence" (Contemporary Anarchist Studies MUP Series)
by Michael Loadenthal

on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Politics-Attack-Communiqu%C3%A9s-Insurrectionary-...

This study is an exploration of insurrectionary anarchist praxis, with a particular focus on how the rhetoric, discourse, and theory is both informed and conveyed through communiqués. It challenges the reader to consider the marginalized ideas put forth by those political actors that communicate through bombs, arson, and broken windows, who are rejected through the state's construction of terrorism. When a police station is firebombed, the subsequent discussions focus more on the illegality of the act rather than the sociopolitical critique the actor put forth. What if we were to embrace the means through which the militant 'organic intellectual' acts, and consider the communiqué's content, the way one would consider any political text? This inter-textual analysis is presented within a political and historical context, with the hopes of elevating the discussion of insurrectionary praxis beyond notions of terrorism and securitization and towards its application for intersectional challenges to structural violence and domination.

In the social war being waged by insurrectionary anarchists, small acts of violence are announced and contextualized through written communiqués, which are posted online, translated, and circulated globally. This book offers the first contemporary history of these post-millennial, digitally-mediated, insurrectionary anarchist networks, and seeks to locate this tendency within anti-state struggles from the past. Through an examination of thousands of movement documents, this book presents the discourse offered by clandestine, urban guerrillas fighting capitalism, the state, and the omnipresent forces of violence and coercion.

Sample chapter:

(Anyone able to do a review of the book should reach out to the author for review copies.)

For UK and ROW customers: http://www.manchesteruniversitypress.co.uk/9781526114440/

For North American customers: https://global.oup.com/academic/product/the-politics-of-attack-978152611...



$30 for a book that compiles communiques freely available on the internet. Good scam.

it's called academia...

Tho I ain't sure this is going to sell enough for more than a few grams worth of weed.

Pathetic money-making attempt indeed.

Doper drops out of libidinal economy,,,,,

is still politics.

"Michael’s research focuses on political violence, social movements, terrorism, and discourse and has involved ethnographic research with North American abortion providers, Jamaican Rastafarians, indigenous Mexican revolutionaries, transnational saboteurs, European “eco-terrorists”, and Palestinian guerrillas. His work has been published in a variety of venues including journals such as Critical Studies on Terrorism, Journal for the Study of Radicalism, Perspectives on Terrorism, the Journal of Applied Security Research, Research in Social Movements, Conflicts and Change, Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies, Journal of Critical Animal Studies, Theory in Action, Journal of Feminist Scholarship, Radical Criminology, Glocalism, and the Journal of Terrorism Research. In addition, Michael serves editorial and directorship roles for several projects including Contention: The Multidisciplinary Journal of Social Protest, Peace and Conflict Studies Journal, Interface: A Journal for and About Social Movements, the Transformative Studies Institute’s Theory in Action journal, and Affinities: A Journal of Radical Theory, Culture and Action. He is a founding member and editorial advisor to the Journal of Terrorism Research and is a senior editor with Arissa Media Group‘s Earth Liberation and Environmental Justice book series.

Prior to deciding to pursue post-secondary education and entering into the academic writing game, Michael wrote articles, essays, news, propaganda, calls to action and bits of theory for movement publications. Pieces of various lengths have been published in a variety of inter-movement magazines including Anarcho-Syndicalist Review, Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed, The Defenestrator, Earth First! Journal, Fifth Estate, Green Anarchy, Left Turn, Onward Newspaper, Organise! Magazine, SchNEWS and Slingshot!.

Currently, he splits his time between raising three vegan kiddies, researching Statecraft, photographing graffiti, teaching theory, writing constantly, and agitating for a better world. He regularly publishes propaganda and political theory under a variety of pseudonyms.

He can be reached at Loadenthal@protonmail.com"

Seems like they know our game, eyh?

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