Out of Control: Anarchy Against Order, Hope and The Left

Anarchists in the United States have low standards in terms of obtaining freedom. Most anarchists in the United States are still convinced that communists are allies simply because they share a common enemy. Many even still think a communist society is practical and therefore an end goal of anarchism. Too many still think assassinations are "too intense". The fact is most anarchists, infected with leftism, only give a fuck about recruiting "the masses". So anything that will scare the "average working class person" away is "not practical". After the meetings, benefit shows, bookfairs etc its time to go back home and start planning for the next ones. Dont make a scene.

To be honest this rant is rather pointless and probably old news for some on here. But nevertheless I felt inspired to write. I dont want a communist society after capitalism. I dont want a society at all. Nor any of its defenders in my way. But to be honest it doesnt matter. Because ill be dead before this civilization collapses to really open that possibility.

But today, here and now what I would like is this: Disorder. Chaos. Anarchy. Because at least then I wouldnt be sitting here on this broken computer bored venting to a society of digital people. I would probably be out killing all the people who have made my life miserable and are currently protected by the law. I might even be dead pretty quick too by all the capitalists, fascists, sexists and other shitheads who I make miserable just by existing. Unlike waiting for the big collapse, disorder, chaos and anarchy can be created in various degress with every action I decide to take. By the way, yes, I know, disorder, chaos and anarchy are all the same thing. But tell that to most "anarchists" and watch them shit a communist brick.

I don't understand why so many anarchists are afraid to admit that yes, chaos is a great solution to this civilized order. And yes, revolt will be bloody and terrible in unimaginable ways. I suppose the answer is obvious though isnt it? The choice between that and wage-slaving until our bodies fall apart, staring into illuminated screens till our eyes pop out or doing the same routine shit everyday until our minds implode is much more...comfortable. And telling the masses from your podium that it is chaos you fight for wont give you the subjugated numbers you need for the big revolution.

I actually dont care what other anarchists think or want to do though. All I care about is destruction. Yes. Pure destruction. Why build a movement when you can destroy society? Have you ever fire-bombed a police car? Maybe even caught a cop off guard sitting at a speed-trap and fired a couple shots in the back window? Or maybe smash some bank windows for the first time? That rush. That...desire to destroy does not exist in a vacuum. Civilized life is living hell and those who agree are often medicated and convinced they are ill. And if society says they are crazy, Ok. Fine they are crazy. I am crazy. I am crazy because I think formal organizations and representation is garbage. I believe the revolution will never come.

So whats my point exactly? I guess its only fair that if you read THIS far I have a point. My point is everything is hopeless. The left is over there eating itself with identity politics, glorified victimhood and liberalism. For the rest of us, or me, what is left over? Everything. While many anarchists are still debating gender and race studies and theories and privilege, there is so much to destroy. And there is so much fun to be had. Why narrow our targets when the whole society is a bonfire waiting to be lit? Opportunity is everywhere.

I want to see anarchy set fire to the "ism" that chains it to old bearded men and history. I want to see it break out of the screen of this iPhone society. But the only way that can happen is by becoming anarchy myself rather than waiting to see these things happen. I dont like this place. And one day, maybe soon after this rant, I will die. So until then everywhere is a playground for revolt. I am an animal who refuses to sit. Fuck assimilation and passive subservience to this industrial capital world. My anarchy and individuality are inseparable. I require no organization, nor mass to fulfill my vision of rebellion. I am hopeless, fucking crazy and out of control- and ive never felt happier.

You've confused my political position for your own mental health issues, happens all the time!

Do your best to take care of yourself, sorry life sucks and doesn't get easier. Or do whatever you like? Didn't just want to leave you screaming in to the void.

As an anarchist you can't always be swept up by what everyone else is doing focus on yourself, your needs, your personality and stay true to yourself and others, try not to think about destroying things...that usually justifies coercion from the state against your well being, and no chaos isn't the best way to go about things, Rome wasn't built in a day, nor was it torn down in one.

If it's corporeally comensalistic. I don't share the hopeless aspect of this guy's post nor the abstract notion of destruction(it's relations stupid) but there are some underlying reworkable ingredients.

Stay away from alcohol and everything around you will improve,,,,

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