Gelderloos on BLM, Tactics, Defunding police

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Interviewing Anarchist author Peter Gelderloos: Protest Tactics, BLM, misconceptions, defunding police.

Today I interview, Peter Gelderloos, anarchist writer and activist on the current state of America, his book How Nonviolence Protects the State, The Black Lives Matter movement, and the practicality of an anarchist society.
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Works from Peter Gelderloos:

How Nonviolence Protects the State

The Failure of Nonviolence

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RM: so what would an anarchist society look like [...]?
PG: well a world with many worlds so every every specific community would have to decide how to organize themselves and that that has to happen in accordance with their history with their traditions with their specific needs their their local bio region like the specific environment where they exist and and then they would coordinate with neighboring communities in order to meet the needs that they could meet more easily on a larger scale as opposed to a smaller scale although of course most most power would be at that local level just at the level of of individual people families uh communities um

Seems like woke decolonization theory and anarco-catalanism have rotted Peter's brain to the point where he espouses something closer to Troy Southgate's National Anarchism than the libertarian communism he formerly hanged on the coattails of.

and looking for stuff to complain about.
if you're going to an-cap jacket, make a better rgument.

Hi Peter-Groupie, I'm sorry if you got the impression that I might not like the Greatest Anarchist Theorist Since Kropotkin Himself, I just think his definition of anarchism to be a little inconsistent. Maybe you could try actually addressing the points that were raised before claiming it's not a valid argument? Like,
do you agree with Peter that the objective of anarchism is best summed up as creating a loose collection of local "communities" (defined as um individuals and um families or something like that?) each being a "separate world", that must organize their respective societies based on -um- "their" traditions and history?
This leaves a lot of questions, such as: How are these communities constituted? By "families"? Are they ethnic communities? Cultural/religious communities? Tribal or genetically endogenous communities? Peter says anarchism is against patriarchy, but isn't the nuclear family patriarchal? Does he have any idea about how these communities which must be based on "their" (whose?) specific history and tradition, left to separately define their (new? improved?) methods of local organization will somehow eliminate "all forms of oppression" like magic?
I didn't say anything about ancaps, but what about classical anarchist tropes like abolishing money, markets and such? Is capitalism ok if a small community decides to maintain a small scale version of it because it's a part of their history or tradition? Just curious.

^^^Is there just this one bloviating asshole of a troll left, playacting like half a dozen aliases or more? hilarious

like you're more concerned with hating than with having a conversation, but for the sake of it...
maybe you could read bolo'bolo?
personally, my anarchist society would not be about trying to make everyone be the same. so yea, groups of people who are different and if they're making decisions for themselves and people can leave the groups if they want to, then they get to determine things for themselves. obviously there are limits to that.
but maybe you're awfully worried about what a post-rev society is going to look like, given where we're at right now? maybe you're looking to someone else for answers about wht things might be like? maybe you could posit your own vision, and we could talk about that, rather than you wanting to take on someone you don't like with someone you don't know?

i dunno just a thot

and i mis-read anarco-catalanism, my bad.

Black folk are being used AGAIN. There are manipulative Black people too; manipulation is just a White phenomenon so 'ordinary' Black and White need to know who is funding what and why.

As soon as someone brings up the George Soros conspiracy trope, you know they are ideologically possessed.

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