TOTW: Fundraisers

  • Posted on: 19 November 2017
  • By: thecollective

With the increasing popularity of crowdfunding, @s in some cases have lost the capacity to organize a good fundraiser, and forgotten that the point of the fundraiser is not only to raise the maximum amount of money, but also to create a space where supporters of a project or comrade can come together, socialize and renew their commitments to one another as a community/scene/movement/etc.

We are also seeing a rising backlash from far-right trolls who in some cases successfully campaigned to have tech sites to shut down crowdfunding drives for anarchists on vague violations of "terms of use" or "community guidelines." Many anarchists are keeping it IRL with regular creative fundraisers ranging from sports tournaments to stand-up comedy benefits to scamming yuppies.

What are some of your ideas for a good fundraiser?

(Ed. this TOTW came via email, thank you! Please feel free to email if you have ideas for a future TOTW as well)



the whole thing is just gross with new "anarchist" accounts popping up every day it seems on social media, to feed the spectacle, to gain "followers/patrons" to support their "work," to spread "revolution," to gain more "contributions," to upgrade equipment/increase reach/"spread the word," to feed the spectacle… consumers, all.

good anarchist fundraiser idea: take.

since when did @s ever have the capacity to organize a good fundraiser? we don't all live in the bay

I think were all supposed to have kush jobs in c
bay area cubicles to fund oyr news sites and publishing projects.

then if someone else who doesnt have the extra income to spare starts a shiny similiar site and asks for money to maintain it, we start secret-notsecret beef with them.

you're drunk.

I actually lol'd just now.

...was great in Mesrine.

I don't care that crowdfunding websites are getting attacked by far-right trolls. That prompt is a dog-whistle for leftists solidarity, and you won't get it from me.

Is the TOTW "Why won't anarchists donate money when I push this button? When I post the catch-phrase? When I call for mass atonement? I sell solidarity for such a reasonable price, why won't they purchase?" I don't think it is, or to be generous,

I think the TOTW is "why are we on the internet?"

"The problem, in my opinion, is quite different: how to succeed in ‘communicating’, at given moments, between comrades who do not know each other, who have different ways of acting, without negating each other, without stepping on each other, without the hegemonic coordination and superstructures that pass over organizations, individuals and affinity groups without ever coming into contact with each other. But who must join forces by giving themselves common temporalities of action. I believe that this is the real challenge that lies ahead, the main knot to undo."

"When I talk about seeking affinity, I speak of granting myself a series of contacts with other individuals, which do not cause harm to my capacity to act, but are rather capable of giving me new strength, new capacities, multiplying the bouncing of my sphere on those of others, something indispensable for the search for myself and my satisfaction. The common meanings of “love” and “friendship” thus leave me perplexed."

I as well will be sad to see benefit shows go away if they do, for the reasons listed in the original post. They go a long ways as far as giving people a way to actually meet outside the pressures of actual, direct "anarchist work", build bonds amongst ourselves, and make this whole thing a lot stronger by being a damn good time.
I also think anarchists sometimes have this weird separation between the needs of the movement and daily life. So, bills and stuff get paid by jobs, hustles, crimes or last minute Western Unions, and anarchy stuff is taken care of by benefit shows, or crowdfunding sites, or some other form of social spanging (not that there's anything wrong with that, especially shows). We may, and often do, give personally when we can, but rarely does it seem like we go out ourselves to try and raise funds for things that, for the time being, require em.
I'm definitely not suggesting anarchists take jobs specifically to be able to help the movement or something, but a little creativity and especially strength in numbers goes a long way. Everybody in your social circle (anarchist or otherwise) smoke? Get some cigarette tubes and cheap tobacco, make packs to sell for a few dollars cheaper than you'd get at the store and sell them at events as a fundraiser. Win win. Get people together to make a mass run to the plasma bank: usually they'll pay around 50 for the first three or four times, so if ten people do that all four times, that's 2000 dollars for whatever you're trying to get cash together for, and all it takes any one person is maybe seven hours total of their time. Ideas are endless.

of people setting up something then constantly asking for money. Donate buttons are another turn off. There are more and more of them, spreading up all over. And, some of them 'give' the donating people 'extras?' or some inducement in order to expand! Or you can only make comments if you pay 'just a dollar a month.' Some are straight up and say your donations will hopefully enable them to give their shitty job so they can podcast for a living!!! Result is I've dropped many of these type of 'online projects.'

Don't donate a single dime unless it goes in to a dirty jar while a bored vegan glares at you and/or doesn't even acknowledge that you're standing there!

Seriously though, physical anarchist spaces and greasy, real money that smells faintly of crotch and cocaine.

but last time i checked putting your hand out is a way to make money.

LOL, my thoughts exactly. Fuck the scene

When was the last time the scene actually did anything beyond make the scene more popular? It doesn't do anything for regular people, just proud to be social rejects that can't figure out how to connect with regular people and are afraid of actually have to compromise with reality, just like anybody else. When was the last time the scene did anything but provide the illusion of escape, often overlapped by the businesses that sought to exploit this niche market. There is no freedom. There is only Zule:

Or you're too dumb to see the patterns in human socialization as opposed to techno-alienation. Whatever the hell "the scene" even is...

is the identity politics of anarchism, it's what you encounter when you find real life anarchist culture...before all the name calling and social control that comes with it...

but anonymous makes a good point above that anarchist scenes are all about the seperation between "the normies" and "true rebels"....

I was in a punk scene in the 80's, not explicitly anarchist and it was turbulent but also formative and exhilarating.

" A meeting of two: eye to eye, face to face.
And when you are near I will tear your eyes out
and place them instead of mine,
and you will tear my eyes out
and will place them instead of yours,
then I will look at me with mine."

The people you talk to on a most regular basis are the most influential on your opinions/viewpoints and there's a certain level of tolerance that we all have in terms of hearing someone else express their opinions. I try to not get mad about the things that people say in conversations because I used to get mad at people all the time. The thing that's so annoying about radical political and anarchist crowds is the very high level of politicization that occurs during discussions, i see it as more genuine when people get mad without the support of ideological constructs.

Anarchist cafe/bookstores are the Applebees of anarchy.

My fav story of anarchist fundraising is that of Lucio Urtubia, anarchist counterfeiter. That guy is legendary.

Slight tangent here, though money- related, has @news covered copyright from an anarchist perspective. Do anarchists make money from their work? Nina Paley has some useful contributions on copyright and common culture.

surprised nobody's noted the typo in the title yet - i took several moments to decide it wasn't a neologism...or some millennial texting lingo meme crap

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