The Hotwire #13: November 15, 2017

  • Posted on: 18 November 2017
  • By: thecollective

From CrimethInc.

J20 trials begin, worldwide anti-fascism, squatting for the win in Chicago

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Today is the beginning of the J20 inauguration protester trials in DC. There are some important developments in the case, so we interview Sam from DC Legal Posse about what’s going on and how to support the defendants. We also interview a Polish anti-fascist from Warsaw about this weekend’s 60,000 person far-right march that was littered with Nazi slogans. The folks at the IRL squat in Chicago called us to talk about resisting their eviction and squatting as a window to a world outside of capitalism. Stay tuned until the end for exciting calls for upcoming action camps and decentralized days of action.

Notes and Links



I enjoyed the Chicago Squatters segment a lot. I liked that they spent a lot of energy in the interview expressing the viability of the exercise. I liked that they had a barber-shop. Squats that offer something to neighbors (could be surplus food, labor, services) are especially cool. If the squatt's presence is valued, they probably will get better support, fewer narcs, from neighbors.

gets a posi comment. so cute.

good point. a-news should stop brown-nosing crimethinc. How will crimethinc learn what listeners find interesting if the only feedback is generic praise? More generic no-nos! NO-NO NO-NO NO-NO

love the podcast. can someone let the host know she doesn't have to yell into the mic though? makes it hard to listen to. speak normally, increase the record volume or boost the audio afterwards to make it louder. if it's about enunciation, a lot of people put a hard lozenge in their cheek to help keep the mouth working right and lubricated and enunciating. really grateful it's happening in any case, it's a great podcast and a valuable project.

who the fuck are you to tell the rebel girl what to do?

She certainly projects! I figured maybe a theatre or music vocal background? Anyway, audio-mixing takes time and effort so fuck that!

Only anarchists mistake suggestions for orders. Idiot.

So you're that same old guy who knows every single anarchist on the planet? Must be such an exciting life of rich interactions... but how can you manage to troll this site?

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