Immediatism Podcast Baedan 1 Episodes

Two full essays from Baedan 1: Journal of Queer Nihilism can now be enjoyed as podcasts, at The Anti-Social Turn is a close reading and overthrowing of Edelman’s No Future: Queer Theory & the Death Drive, while Identity in Crisis was a lecture originally given at BASTARD, a conference of anarchist theory. Both shine in their themes of nihilism and insurrection. Baedan 1, 2, and 3 are available from Contagion Press or Little Black Cart. Watch for more Baedan episodes on Immediatism in the future.
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132 The Anti-Social Turn 1: Pure Negativity
133 The Anti-Social Turn 2: Not For the Children
134 The Anti-Social Turn 3: Evading the Trap of the Future
135 The Anti-Social Turn 4: Naming the Unnameable
136 The Anti-Social Turn 5: Jouissance

137 Identity in Crisis 1: A Crisis of Reproduction
138 Identity in Crisis 2: Re-creation & Technologies-of-the-Self
139 Identity in Crisis 3: Swerve / Negation

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this post reminded me that i had queer time travel in collection and havent read it yet, ive been at it recently and its such good stuff even if obviously questionable, "holey", lol. A must for all who are introspective.

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