11-21-2017 Anarchy Radio

  • Posted on: 21 November 2017
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

LISTEN HERE: http://archive.org/details/AnarchyRadio11212017

Anti-civ, anti-fracking blockade in Olympia WA. 21,000 gallon Keystone
Pipeline spill in South Dakota. Urban Scout and Kevin Tucker by phone:
rewilding, our ancestral being. Anti-digital currents. Oldsters in UK lament
machine check-outs when shopping: one less area of human contact. Climate
change drove ISIS recruitment in Iraq. Coastal kelp forests disappearing
globally, Pacific Islands to lose 80% of marine species. Bird flu spreads in
Asian cities.



we have The Three Wise (White) Men of AP!!! Where are the females? Where are the people of colour/black people? KT says AP is not a theory but it is who we are???? Surely, it is a theory of who we are??? No, KT KNOWS what/who we are... what/who ALL of us are! Who is God? Who is Jesus? Who is The Holy Spirit of this AP threesome?

I was told that when a person signs up to this movement, they send you a free stick-on beard, is this true?

Howdy there partners!

I'm Roy Moore, running for U.S. Senate in the great state of Alabama. While my aids were browsing around pro-business sites that might understand my plight, they informed me of the lively conversations held here about social issues that the lamestream media would rather turn into GOTCHA moments. I'm not into to trickery or treachery of any sort, I just really like going to the mall. Being a red blooded American with values aimed at reducing what you might call the "authoritarian social order", I'd call that BIG GOVERNMENT.

My aids tell me that this is the kind of site that help answer questions without a bunch of hub bub and twisting facts just to make a poor old soul like me suffer further injustices with false allegations and libelous attempts to besmirch my reputation.

So, my aids have done some significant research into the cultures of the past, including some from authors noted on this site, especially around indigenous cultures. You know "injuns" "eskimos" and those cannibal people that chased Tarzan? I guess they might be on the same side as the Bible on this.

Girls, when they reach maturity and are able to menstruate as well as show secondary sexual characteristics, stop being girls are become women. So I'd never persue a girl. Never have in my life engaged in such sick and deprived behavior. And my aids have told me that someone known as Peter Lamborn Wilson suffers the same problem, even though he is also a homosexual.

You know, times have changed and I don't hate fairies as much as I used to. I think they even help my property value! Can't say that about some folks that leave their beat up pick up trucks dead in their lawn, just to grow weeds and become home to all sorts of critters. So that means I'm with you, my civilly responsible, socially responsible and sexually responsible enemies of big government and the Washington establishment.

Please help by contacting any folks you may know in the Alabama area and tell them a vote for Roy Moore is a vote for anarchy and freedom.

Thank you,

Roy Moore,
U.S. Senatorial Candidate for the Great State of Alabama

I am God, and I know who Jesus is, and I know it's not KT.

Ever heard of Kathan Zerzan? She is female and a regular on AR.

She don't exist. I was told that was John talking with himself via his alt ego??? Sort of like that Bates geezer in that shady motel???

Isn’t “Urban Scout” that pussy who called the FBI after someone mailed him a rock? Fuck that asshole!

unlike urban scout.

Trying again to get through...Is there a password or something?
What is the problem?

you have to enter your credit card number. Simply hit "reply" and type in your credit card number then click 'submit'. thank you.

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