Operation Wild Mayhem – Games To Collapse Empire

  • Posted on: 11 December 2017
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

From Barbarically
A piece by Julian Langer, whose blog can be found at https://ecorevoltblog.wordpress.com
“Three minutes. This is it – ground zero. Would you like to say a few words to mark the occasion?” Tyler Durden

As Tyler stood overlooking the heart of civilization he knew he saw a failing empire on the brink of destruction. So Tyler abandons the consumer nesting instinct, in favour of neo-luddite primal anarchy.
Whether or not time and this magical land called the future exists is something for another discussion – I’ll just say that I’m not convinced. But for the purposes of this discussion it seems fair to say that we are three minutes from ground zero. The important thing to remember though is that we are not awaiting the arrival of a nuclear bomb, though Trump, Putin and North Korea appear to be directing us towards that situation. No, we are the embodiment of a thermonuclear cataclysm, a world-ruining piece of machinery, three minutes away from ground zero. So I’ll say a few words to mark the occasion.
Tyler was wrong when he said that our fathers were our models for God; our fathers were merely meant to teach us how to navigate the body of God – the body of the metropolis, the state, the market, civilisation, the Leviathan. But Tyler was correct when he said that God hates us.
After all, what has God, civilisation, the state, the Leviathan, the stranglehold of capitalism brought us? The planet is in ecological ruins. We are plagued by droughts, hurricanes, wildfires intensified by arid conditions and desertification, brought on by agriculture and the deforestation it requires, oil spills, dehabitation, specicde, air unfit to breath and mass extinction. Television feeds us the daily horror of militarism, bombs and politics, along side (m)advertising, supposed reality shows and force-fed comedy spooned down our throats, as we sink deeper into the psychosis of this hyper-real Spectacle – the word of God, the great domesticator.
But in the words of Tyler Durden, “fuck damnation, man, fuck redemption! If we are God’s unwanted children, then so be it!”
If this culture wants us to live lives of death, I propose we rebel, by seeking (near-)Life experiences; that we lose every-Thing to be free to do anything.
How do we do this?
Well if this culture is hell bent on trying to domesticate us all, bringing some wildness to this culture seems the best routeless direction to go down.
With all their attempts to make living in this culture better, most activist projects have served only to make the planetary work machine more bearable for those closest to “radicals”. The revolutionary project is now largely a t-shirt or film. Social anarchists fill potholes and keep this culture going – acts of service to God.
On the other hand, subversive art-focused and psychology-focused milieus, such as Situationists, Discordians, guerrilla ontologists and others which can generally be considered applicable to a post-anarchist practice, have succeeded in creating spaces to release the repressed flow of the wild, within the body of civilisation. This type of practice is that which Hakim Bey (Peter Lamborn Wilson) calls poetic terrorism, and appears to be a means of eco-radicals waging primal war against this world-ruining culture.
Situationists are focused on challenging the psycho-geography of this culture’s everyday normal life, through mediums such as the situationist-prank, which involved turning aspects of capitalism’s everyday-narratives against itself. Discordians and guerrilla ontologists, inspired by the philosophy of Robert Anton Wilson, have often embraced the campaign of Operation Mindfuck, which has focused on art based approaches like performance and guerrilla art, as well as vandalism, practical jokes, reality hacking and hoaxes.
Drawing from these both, in mapping out a loose route for our poetic terrorism, a campaign seems available to us, as agents against this culture, as a means of wild-attack.
What does this look like?
Here are some games –
Modelling glue in the locks of shops, banks and vehicles of world-ruiners. Going into computer shops with fishtank cleaner magnets and destroying the hard drives. Standing on streets with a free hugs sign and giving each person who hugs you a home-made pamphlet on the ecological crisis. Gluing folded up pieces of paper into the coin slots of parking machines and into the card slots of ATMs. Searching for unlocked cars and turning on their lights to drain the battery. Mixing whipped cream, corn flakes, grapes, maple syrup, dish washer fluid and warm water in large quantities in black bags and pouring home-made vomit along streets, in high-traffic pedestrian areas. Standing on the edge and peeing into swimming pools. Leaving kitchen knives in public places covered in fake blood. Graffiti apocalypse poems or surrealist slogans, like “I don’t want to be a wall anymore” on walls, in chalk in public spaces, in sight of on-lookers. Putting itching powder on the toilet paper in public toilets and rolling it back up. Gluing public toilet seats down and putting glue on them. Wearing sandwich boards emblazoned with “the end was yesterday”. Filling wet paper towels with flour, wrapping it up, tying up with a rubber band and throwing flour bombs. Reviving the Existential Negation Campaign. Destroying badger traps or committing other acts of ecotage/monkey-wrenching and turning them into works of art.
These are some of the directions for this project of wild mayhem. With every work of creative-destruction performed a communiqué should be left, as words to mark the occasion.
With this, eco-radical practice escapes the revolutionary model, which is tied to History (the narrative of this culture and its “progress”), without falling into renunciation and becomes an iconoclastic endeavour, full of wild potential. Eco-radicals can challenge believers in this culture’s faith in its ability to maintain everyday normality in ways that are direct and signify a defiant rebellion, without appealing to ideologies and systems, which end up being incorporated and part of that which we hate.
As this operation is intentionally outside of History, there is no start or end date to it. This can be picked up by anyone and dropped as soon as they decide to stop. It has no governing body or even decentralised organisation behind it. It is a wild endeavour, anarchic, free.
So this is it – ground zero. Our operation will be one of wild mayhem. What is to come we cannot know for sure, but the present course only leads to ruin. Disrupting that course, disrupting its ruin of the world and encouraging God’s ruin, through wild poetic terrorism as primal war, seems like a pathway to go down with potential. If you want a future, I will turn again to Mr Durden – In the world I see – you are stalking elk through the damp canyon forests around the ruins of Rockefeller Center. You’ll wear leather clothes that will last you the rest of your life. You’ll climb the wrist-thick kudzu vines that wrap the Sears Tower. And when you look down, you’ll see tiny figures pounding corn, laying strips of venison on the empty car pool lane of some abandoned superhighway.”



Ouch... this is cringey. And further reinforces my view that Fight Club is the Atlas Shrugged of primitivism.

Half these "games" are just fuckin dick moves.

Damn anti-intellectual primmie bros! We will kick your collapse in the guts and paint the sidewalk with its face!

Cue the Anarchist butthurt. Ya'll wanna overthrow the state but afraid to be 'dicks.' Softer than 4 ply toilet paper.

Butthurt is indiscriminate attack with itching powder on random peoples anus.

What does that even mean William? Because to me it appears to be just anarcho-bro hard talk, which translates to nothing in the real world?

That's WilliamGillisTroll Julian and you're being trolled in the comments of your troll article … oh, you wrote this seriously? Oh ...

It's trivial that there are examples of dynamics that pretty accurately fit the primmie narrative, but a lot do not. Literally nothing that I've said here in critique of the whole democidal power/revenge fantasy garbage would have been alien back decades ago when I was a primmie and then an ancom. Such critiques are 100% the baseline politics of anarchism. We're opposed to mass murder. Back in the day, back when I was a primmie, the position was more scientific/rational. Everybody knows this.

It is known!

"Searching for unlocked cars and turning on their lights to drain the battery"
Thats not anarchy. Thats called risking arrest to be a dick to people who probably need to take their kid to grandmas before working at the hair salon in the morning.

I did a lot of this kind of crap in the 90s, before the ecological apocalypse seemed to loom. These days, a few pranks to "freak out the squares" seems woefully inadequate, although my younger friends still get drunk and do stupid shit like this, it comes across as try-hard if you make a big deal out of each little thing.

On the other hand, news headlines that sound like "for months, petty vandals have terrorized the city …" you know, it's less pathetic?

Why do we need more abstraction? I have no problem with people choosing to engage in the activities mentioned, but there are already multiple concepts grouping these activities together - some are even mentioned - and at the end of a hypothetical day of action, it was
just people sabotaging and detourning shit. The mythological wild mayhem was never achieved.

We don't. But Julian really needed to rehash the old take on fight club I guess?

Unfortunately there's a lot better analysis kicking around these days, to do with authoritarian cult indoctrination that happens to be anti-establishment. I still love that movie but you can't help noticing how Tyler Durden's methods end up seeming a lot more alt-right than anarchist, especially the way he treats his friends and co-conspirators.

We never managed to get a big and resolved-enough gang of platformist boneheads all dressed in black who do whatever Tyler tells them. Oh wait... that was just insurrecto fascism. Forgot.

When was that exactly?

Langer, I dont crosspost every entry on MY blog to anews, stop clogging up the tubes\

Fight Club doesn't "end up seeming a lot more alt-right than anarchist" -- it is *totally* alt-right/neo-fascist. here's something i wrote on a different forum six years ago:
Fight Club contains a truncated critique of capitalism centered on credit schemes. Tyler's big plan is to destroy the buildings and the computers that house people's credit scores - presumably so everyone can start over fresh. That's not a critique of capitalism, not by a long shot. FC fits into a particular strain of fascism: vitalism (feeling alive through action for action's sake, coupled with an elitist clandestinity, and a paramilitary ethos), sublimated homoeroticism (fighting is definitely homoerotic), a fear of and disrespect toward women (including the nifty dogwhistle of rich -- read "jewish" -- women's fat being turned into soap), and unquestioned obedience to a leader (first rule of Fight Club...). It is a despicable little book, which has done quite a bit to derail revolutionary critiques of alienation and capitalism. I have had this argument with many of my comrades when the film first came out, and it pops up every so often in different places again and again. It has nothing in it about class society and the reason radicals and revolutionaries want to abolish it. Without a class analysis of the inherent contradictions and unfulfillable hopes of workers and poor people, what you get is populism; and in the US context, populism mostly lines up on the Right...

Plus, Tyler Durden being the ideal, impossible self-made man.

Plus the rejection of women, as well as the whole masculinist "gimme back my penis" stuff that simply couldn't pass today in a theater.

Aaaah... The '90s, you were wuch a boogie wonderland for Nazis.

Class is not an ideological construct, its an organic relational social metamorphosis akin to what the saying 'birds of the feather flock together' refers to, i.e. it is about outward appearance and similarity in skills which form clubs and collectives.

Hi boles. *eyeroll* Fighting is homoerotic, kind of? In a very abstracted, fetishistic way and also not really at all, in practice.

Not sure why this is even considered insightful except by people completely alienated from violence and/or liberals. Yes, there are weird, liminal connections between sexual dominance and other forms of violence. No, this is not "homoerotic" except perhaps on the basis of repressed sexuality but that would be a cultural context thing, rather than a direct connection to our ancient lizard brain urges, which know nothing of sexual repression, homo or otherwise. The lizard brain winning out against cultural norms could lead to any number of fallacies by an observer, including an intrinsic link between violence and homoeroticism.

The jewish fat/soap is a stretch … you're really reaching there. Anyway, perhaps the reason why you "had this argument" with your comrades is because you mistook someone who was basically agreeing with you for an argument, so props to them for putting up with you.

Leftist radicals will always assume that authority forces people into classes, or into poverty of the mind, when it really comes down to individual choice and the power of the will (Tough intelligent balls). There are not many available places left to live entirely free of society's rule, which is as a hermit, since partnership requires its own set of rules of conduct and the loss of freedoms. What is freedom really, a state of mind? It can be achieved in a prison cell , so the whole revolutionary quest is really an illusion concerning the fetishism of property and intellectual occupation. It resembles a reptilian reflexive response to an imagined threat, a politically inspired paranoia managed by an elite group of dominant preditory flim-flam players.

This is ridiculous hippy metaphysics and I'm doing you a favour by challenging you if you sincerely believe this woo-woo garbage. Finish this quote - "None more hopelessly enslaved than …"

You even touch on the weakness of your own argument when you mention "there are not many available places left"; as in, something is expanding, something "real", something that destroys solipsistic fallacies when they can't hide from it.

The "revolutionary quest" is perhaps a poor understanding, or reductionist rhetoric for propaganda purposes but it has plenty of basis in the reality of tyranny.

"not many places left" for those who believe freedom requires solitary isolation, i.e. hermitage, though if someone is willing to live in an remote canyon in the Alaskan mountains and hunt their own food, they have attained their own anti-social 'freedom from relationship's emotional burden'.
No need to use absract debating terminology when disputing opinion which has no political intention, but rather attempts to define semantic ambiguities regarding the metaphysical and psychological processes which precede the reification and latter materialist consequences.
As for the reality of tyranny, that was my intention in linking the revolutionary coup to its founding malcontented provocateurs .

Much as some who hang around here would pull every political discussion in to a swamp of hippy philosophy and semantic hairsplitting, I'm here to do the opposite ;)

If you need to go in the woods and work through some personal shit, fill your boots!

Concerning class in the Marxist context, it is obsolete as a concept of socio-economic privileges. I recall a few months ago I said the new 21stt Century primary privilege benchmark was credit rating regardless of income and asset value. The panipticonic data bases and debt collecting cross-referencing has created a greater than 50% voting for expendable income demographic who are controlled economically to sustain either of democracy's 2 majority choices.

rule #945664 of the Internet: Never trust anyone that uses the phrase 'dog-whistle'

or do you actually get your own hands dirty? You sound like you're some spotty adolescent who just got into punk

Is it not obvious this is written specifically to piss off the left anarchist crowd? I mean come on it's an obvious troll piece shot directly at them.

I find the critiques of fight club tiring, the one above makes about 10 points of which the "tyler is the unquestioning leader" is the only relevant one. Claiming the soap is an anti jewish screed is straight up bizarre. It's like they just threw that in there to make middle class white tumblr identity politicians feel better about their class privilege that their identitarian ideology already absolves them.

The simplistic response above regarding being afraid of hurting feelings AND being a revolutionary is probably the only response the left anarchy set needs.

Here’s your dog whistle dickhead:
Even if it was only a rumor, the fact is that anti-Semitism in general and this this association in particular are firmly embedded within alt-right and neo-fascist discourse.

You do realize there are evils in the world other than fascism, right? You can criticize things in ways other than crying "FASCIST!" about everything you don't like...

I thought the post above brought up some interesting critiques of FC including the problems of vitalism and machismo, but calling that fascist is a far, brittle stretch, and then to insinuate the soap story was malicously anti-semetic is just laughable.

Call me up when Palahniuk (or Langer, for that matter) starts openly advocating for genocide or race separatism or anything, you know, actually fascist. Until then, please, the fascism hysteria is so old and boring. Come up with something else.

Holy shit. You really believe this don't you? Everyone knows the Nazis did this or were claimed to have as with lampshades etc. You actually make the leap that this connection advocates fascism. Hey dickhead, a dog whistle would mean that JEWS were blamed in the past for doing such things. You are a flaming pile of retarded.

didn't say anything. It was a script...a fictitious character...mediated just for the impressionable Langers of the world... what next, a line or two from New Girl?

haven't got into Pahliunik but -and this is obvious, right?- wasn't it meant as to expose such reactionary impulsive tendencies ?
the way i interpreted it our man, edward norton's character was consumed by the demand to BE Tyler Durden, to get those reports and get along nicely at work. He must have been somehow frustrated to live as alone, insomniac in a meaningless house, playing the victim and schizophrenic. so enslaved in the condition of his culturing, his mind acts out subconsciously; he beats himself up, creating alter-egos to project the multiplicity of his personae as he lashes-out at work and develops into a terrorist. like , some of Julian's suggested games for the wild-attack sound fun but we have come up with something better to do with the corn flakes and maple syrup, and peeing in the pool is definitely not cool you guys. The narrator never really seemed very stoked to be playing along with Tyler's game, especially at the ending (wasn't it?) when the Credit gets adjusted back to zero or whatever, that didn't feel like fun. Maybe Tyler was raised by racist-asshole capitalistsic narcissist fucks , i -for one- and perhaps other disillusioning young prodigal conscriptsments did too, interpret that the moral of the story was definitely not to do what he says and beat the hell out of each-other and continuing the miserable drudgery of history .

Fight Club was more like anarchy accordingly to the paper-thin, grotesque notion of it from some liberal writer who just didn't read much about insurgencies or anarchist tendencies. Kinda like Rancid's anarchism...

It DID turn out to be fascistic and machist, but I think the writers we're very self conscious about it. T'was also the '90s... people were confused about all sorts of stuff back then. Capitalism was still cool to some extent, and for a time neoliberal globalisation was a very brilliant idea designed by mentally-gifted people.

"weren't self-conscious". Christ that soft keyboard...

i am still in awe that someone actually thinks the soap scene in fight club is in fact a wink and a nod to the fascists love of turning people into soap. As if millions of fascists decided that this part of their history is what they should celebrate. And that if anything the scene isn't a critique but *advocacy*

It's sad that the whole left "everything is fascism" looks more and more true but jesus fucking christ if this isn't one of those moments.

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