Error451: #06 (Cryptocurrencies, Nazis, Bailbloc & IRL Impacts)

  • Posted on: 13 December 2017
  • By: thecollective

From The Final Straw Radio

This week, Bursts was joined by Pat Boyle, a collective member at Unicorn Riot (more about them later in this post), radical independent media project. We chatted about crypto-currency, Bitcoin in particular, technologies and strategies involved in the implementation of crypto-currency, recent comings to light of increased wealth coming via Bitcoin into the hands of far right racists and ecological impacts of crypto-mining.

Listen here:

As to the far right, we referenced an article from IdaVox and one from, as well as the twitterbot @NeoNaziWallets that can be visited to track transactions with the bitcoin wallets of well-known white supremacists.

Chicago Mercantile Exchange trading of Bitcoin was brought up a few times, and it was just introduced to the Private, or secondary, Market of the NASDAQ.

An example of an interesting use of cryptocurrency ongoing against the prison industrial complex is the BailBloc project that is shared between the Bronx Freedom Fund and The New Inquiry.

Some great Unicorn Riot content that Pat & company have been releasing this year (an incomplete list):

  • Black Snake Killaz, full length documentary about resistance to the #DAPL;
  • Coverage from Greece & the G20 in Hamburg, Germany;
  • on the ground in Charlottesville, VA for Unite The Right;
    the processing of TONS of documentation of the UTR organizing on the (leaked) Discord chat platform;

Our interview last year with Unicorn Riot’s Pat Boyle and Wendy Marlow; their appearance on Delete Your Account talking about their coverage of the Alt-Right.

track heard: Traffic by Babyland from their 1992 album, You Suck Crap.



a comment from:

"If you’re seeking the real-life equivalent of the critically acclaimed TV series Mr. Robot, in which a group of hackers attempt to take down corporate America, look no further than The New Radical, a documentary featuring two of the scariest libertarian/anarchist activists you’ve ever seen—Arkansas native Cody Wilson, who wants to destroy the whole concept of gun control by making printable 3D gun blueprints available online, and Amir Taaki, a Brit whose involvement with bitcoin and Dark Wallet, an application that could easily be used for money laundering, is an attempt to subvert the world financial order."

Anyone who finds Cody Wilson and Amir Taaki "scary" must not get out very much. I'll give this journalist the benefit of the doubt and assume their editor told them to write a fearmongering POS of an article.

Anyone who finds Cody Wilson and Amir Taaki "anarchists" must not get out very much. I'll give this journalist the benefit of the doubt and assume their editor told them to write a fearmongering POS of an article.*


You Anarcho-Lefties are so fucking obsessed with antagonizing anyone thinking/behaving outside of your dogmatic precepts.

Sure, dudes like Cody Wilson may not be the biggest anarchists, but how is antagonizing them is going to help in making anasrchy take serious root in this world and have any edge agaisnt Power? And what aboiut the maoists you've already been siding with? Also that makes me wonder if you would throw out of your Red & Black box the shoplifters and bank robbers as well... Sheesh!

I wonder what you're really doing in your everyday lives to pretend being so fucking authentic.

Fucking saints, man.

Antagonizing them? You're assuming they're reading the comments on their own BS vanity articles?


'Everyone i don't like is a leftists' Grow up kid.

What d you do in your life? you like these people because you watched a video? have you even met either of them? No? so why is your opinion, either on them or my opinion of them worth considering exactly? When did i side with maoists? When did i claim that i wanted anasrchy to take serious root in the world? how did you get all of this from my comment? can you read minds across the ocean? or are you simply full of shit?

I'm sorry but people need to stop using blogs for websites like this.. I know the people at TFS arn't the sharpest tools in the box, bless 'em but whatever genius thought the best site formating for podcast archiving would be a blog needs a serious talking too (same goes to the warriorup people). How do you ever hope to get people to interact with your stuff if you can't even make a halfway passably website to archive it at?

Even the hugely technically adverse like Zerzan can do better than this!

Ill get right no that. thanks.

for me to ever be interested in crypto currency. Already, the writing is on the wall for this stuff. People don't want or need yet more complication in their life. This is yet another level of mediation. Those with monetary wealth will just transfer to digital and control who gets what. There are so many flaws with this stuff, additional flaws. I don't see any benefits at all.

"Can't invest... We're poor as fuck!"

"Ok but when you get soem extra credits why don't you?"

"Investing is for the rich capitalists, not for poor anarchists! But wait..."

it must be nice to be so well off and secure that you have the freedom to make these kind of judgments. i'm envious.

It's all a dead end. It all feeds off the status quo. The new boss is same as the old boss. The same mind-set operates. Promises. Promises. Promises. The shaman is now the techie... the division the division, the mediator the mediator between you and whatever whoever. Already people are going into denial. Face it, the promises of the internet haven't delivered.

What promises? people use cryptocurrencies so they can get cash to you know... eat and whatnot. not everything anarchists do has to be condusive to anarchy you know.

You really have to ask! Promises such as freedom of speech for one. The net has failed on that.

"Hey, can you spare me some change?"
"Do you take Bit coin?"
"Hey, can you spare me some change?"
"Sorry, I only use Bit coin"

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