TOTW: Text, Memes, Video

  • Posted on: 7 January 2018
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

There was a time when anarchists waxed enthusiastic about the power of video. The argument was that the video was the perfect anarchist mechanism to make our political points. Nothing says "the thing we are trying to say" better than 30 seconds of riot porn or heartfelt speechifying to the camera. But video is hard, expensive, and kind of a centralized say to say that thing.

Memes have risen as the ultimate decentralized thing saying "the thing". How has that changed the context of saying what must be said? Do we miss the days of text, still hope for a new video effort, or are we satisfied that enough good is being said and done by the new mechanism of communication by meme?



First there were books, then there were zines, then came Youtube vids, then it went to memes. I wonder what's the next step in this downfall of mankind into an idiocracy?

It all seems to me that it's benefitting the consolidation of a global intellectual elite made of those unaffected by the meme zombie virus which turns peole into dumb idiots in continuous search for upvotes. Kinda like how Disney's indirectly benefitting from the Prequelmemes insanity. The masses couldn't resist Facebook. How will they resist deeper level of mass stupidity?

BREAKING NEWS: "appealing to the masses" is long dead. Don't bother with any more outreach projects, this is done. PEOPLE DON'T CARE. Most people don't read zines unless maybe the editing is for dummies. '80s trash punk comics knew this already. Or instead go full-on propaganda of the deed.... disruptions to cause mass cognitive dissonance.

There's already plenty of anarchist media for the 3% of "the masses" that aren't complete idiots that don't care until they get lit on fire. It's useful work, I wouldn't try to argue that the energy spent on running this site, publishing, distro, etc is wasted effort. I'm grateful to those people with the patience and skill to do media projects but of course, the truth is, their shit means nothing when there aren't other anarchists taking real risks to do much more important things.

tl:dr Anarchist media gains its credibility by sucking the life-force from the spectacle of something "real". Without that, it's a vampire without anything to feed on. Withers and dies in irrelevancy.

How come it ain't on the screen? Don't believe you!" Sadly, this distraction addict missed the party. Today, rebellion is turning away from THE SCREEN. Imagination unmediated...the taste of free...

how to cook 3 minute noodles. OK, open the packet. Boil some water in a pan. Fuck, my battery's on 1%....BASTARD...I'm gonna have to starve while THE SCREEN is charging! How am I gonna look after my new born baby? Sinmply, therels an app for that too! COOL.

Please note that MEMES are such a valuable WEAPON in the Global Insurrection that the YPG ACTUALLY PAYS enlisted people to make them!!!

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Memes are WHAT? Pictures, symbols. CALLING ALL CHAOS MAGICIANS!!!

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Nice spook, NERD!

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Who are these anarchists that think video or memes or text are THE perfect vehicle for disseminating anarchist anything? Where are they? They are nowhere, there are none. Why? Because the perfect propagandistic vehicle does not exist. If any are swayed solely by video or memes they are not anarchists, or at least, not anarchists I want on my team.

Not to say there is no value in all the various ways we use to get the beautiful idea out there, just to say each word we read, each image we see should be put through rigorous internal and external testing by each of us.

Don't take my word for it.

"Who are these anarchists that think video or memes or text are THE perfect vehicle for disseminating anarchist anything? Where are they? They are nowhere, there are none."

Brah.... there's shit tons of channels by awkward an-coms and a few Stirnerian an-nils on Youtube. Some, like Cat Blaque, have achieved a level of "success" in terms of views and upvotes, but as you're saying the measure does not apply to real-life success... or how does it make people question what they're doing and subvert order on their own or maybe build the Commune.

I agree with the thrust of what you are saying here. The reason socialists are having a field day with the new internet is that their message is a convenient lie and encourages buy in-to ridiculous fantasies. The most interesting anarchist ideas are all extremely inconvenient, deflate fantasies, and provoke difficult questions of the individual (or a group). Its hard for anti-authoritarianism and nihilism to "go viral" for a lot of reasons, although I'm sure someone will play devil's advocate to that.

14:51: Guess what... there's actually lotsa grounds for "difficult questions" videos to become big on Youtube. Actually most of the highly-popular stuff that isn't based on upvoting bots (what's used by the usual shit show for idiots to gets 3 million views after two days) is deeply-critical reviews and educational DIY shit.

Inspirational quotes (whoa, that's too mainstream; gotta re-brand that),
graphic cartoons (oh, but it only took a few minutes to make; suave half-ass effort is in fashion),
and inside jokes (which are left outside for kicks);
are called "memes."
Make posters of quotes on graphic backgrounds (it's okay to pay homage to what you adore).
Poke fun of whatever scene or friend-group that you like (but is that what you're doing?)
Critique a common-place fallacy of logic or value using an infographic (okay).
But "meme" culture stinks a lot like fashion culture. Keep up with the trends! Consume products to look "current" (ie: stay on-line researching and creating the joke). Defend this past-time by turning the fashion / meme culture into a scene that validates your consumption and/or production! Nevermind that you are laboring without pay for the monitory profit of corporate media sites, internet providers, computer / tech manufacturers. And if you create memes because of the "good" that it does for "society" by getting kids to read whatever philosopher you like, then you are a worker. Okay. Own it. WORK FASTER HUMANITY SLAVE! (You do you, of course).

Nevermind that meme-culture (I'm pointing to anarchist meme culture) requires access to tech (hardware, internet, no censorship (ie: not in prison)), "free time" (to create and keep-up with the themes), and the emotional fortitude to wade through suicide / self-harm / dead baby jokes in order to catch the online-debate between Egoists and Ancoms (or whatever). I mean, if the average "meme" was created generously, with accessibility in mind, I'd back them up more. But it seems like the more obscure and high-brow they are, they more people get-off sharing them. ("Yes, you are a very clever human. Yes you are. You got that reference?! Ooooh").

One day, the most viral memes will be catalogued and curated for academia and the exciting new art movement called something like "The Modern Cybart Movement" or "Virtual Reality Renaissance" or "Dada Nouveau." "Think, coffee-table books made out of hemp and bamboo. It's going to be huge.

Memes are like the letter-jackets of social-media varsity teams.
Doing things with meme-balls.
Do ball things.

Entertain me.

Faster. Get to work.

The meme subculture is yet another entrypoint for Evola-reading subcultural creepers and 4chanesque "post-left" anarcho-nihilist quasi-fascist "eco-extremists" - plenty of whom you will find in the Anarchist News comments sections. Follow my public posts on Facebook where I expound on these and many other topics interspersed with exploitative yet humorously-captioned photographs of my son!

Memes appeal to the minimalistic aesthetics of the cyber-cultural interfaces, there is nothing profoundly intellectual or academic in their message or delivery, much as the haiku or limericks are to poetry.

All covered with sand
I shot my poor teacher
With a green rubber band
I went to her funeral
I went to her grave
Some people threw flowers
I threw a grenade

Meh, meme-schmeme, like most film
and TV suk, its what you want out of 'em,
Dan Brown still writes garbage, NYT bestsellers,
books didn't go away, we're in the Books+Generation.
Ted (x) talks bore the fuk outa me, Hay House,
sheeeeez, There's so much garbage online,
How much of the world's population have
web access anyway?

Hey, meet me at the bindhi cafe?

I finally went to the dentist today for my abscessed tooth that's been hurting like a MF for about a month. The first dentist referred me to an oral surgeon and wrote a prescription for amoxicillin. The endodontist scheduled me for surgery Monday morning with sedation and prescribed methylprednisolone and two Xanax for surgery day. The pain is already starting to subside from the antibiotics and steroids and by surgery day it probably won't be an abscess just a normal tooth extraction of a #18 bottom molar. What's frustrating is I can eliminate the pain with Qigong but not with people pulling my shit off me 24 hours a day so I have to go the conventional route.

what does "people pulling my shit off me" mean?
Glad you're feeling better.

There's an exchange of energy that takes place across the relational space between bodies, some people are makers others are takers. People who are down, sick or weak pull resources in from others who are upbeat, high flyers etc. I know I can feel it but maybe not everyone has experienced this at an acute level. If you live in an area where the energy level is high or balanced maybe you don't notice it much.

Is meaning more important than happiness?

Yeah there's the energy exchange in the spatial relational sphere, stuff our ol' buddy emile was very passionate about, sigh, I miss his irrational eccentric vision, but anyway, it's not the medicine, it's the delivery, modern medicine is not the vampire, disease is apolitical, a bitter elixir is best served with a smile,.,

So I'll go wherever necessary for what I need. I don't have any fundamentalist objections to modern healthcare except for the fact that it doesn't always cure the disease and pharmaceuticals can be a trap. My dad is a Sicko but recently his health improved by giving up drinking, his type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure were all but eliminated. I do believe in miracles but I'm not going to cancel my appointment yet. Since I can afford it I'll get the tooth pulled so I don't have to struggle with it. But if I was dead broke I'd find new resources and work around it. The thing is there are clinics that offer indigent healthcare so lack of money isn't a total barrier to getting relief from suffering. That's why I waited so long to see the dentist anyway, I thought I could beat the game, maybe with saltwater and cloves and solidarity I still can. There is power in a union.

I found self care and clean living allowed my own body to cure itself, this would be the basis to an anarchist model of health care. Of course, removed from the stresses and toxic relational dynamics of an aggressive capitalist society, the need for relief by using substances would dissolve. Addiction is a disease of a sick society, not a crime, and many illnesses are a product of toxic diets and ignorance of the physiological processes which all life prospers upon. The intellect must also be fertilized with nutrients and a soil which allows for the spreading of creative experimental systems of growth. Oh yeah ma'am !

Fucking neo-post-hippie.

I agree that clean living and self care should be our first protocol for the management of our health, healing of self and others and a little namaste never hurts either.

Stealing a sack of quality cloves and sea salt would have spared all this mess, Gel.

I have some sea salt and started swishing with it, we'll see if it has an effect. I don't have any cloves right now, I wonder how best to apply them? Just chew on them?

P.S. I found the saltwater soothing and haven't had any pain since then so maybe there's something to it.

P.P.S. When I first researched home remedies for toothache online I discovered that garlic is commonly recommended so I put a clove between my teeth and got some relief. Now I add garlic to my small teapot which I brew 3 times a day alternating between gunpowder green and English breakfast which is magically delicious.

You gotta rinse, rinse, rinse that salt afterwards, my boy, as it's too acid for your teeth.

The cloves have to be chewed then kept in the toothache/infection area (like stuck between cheeks and gums) for as long as there're still essence coming out of it. For more intense pains combine with pharma painkillers.

Indigenous teeth were immaculate before processed sugar, the physiological fuel of the workers society. Unsugared teas are the best organic stimulants. Never add boiling water to tea leaf it brings out the bitter alkaloids, let the water sit for a few minutes and use a ceramic pot it further cools the boiling water. Peppermint and Russian caravan are different.

I'd like to try it, peppermint is tisane of course but I will drink herbals sometimes.

"The southern route by Odessa is far cheaper, but the tea is supposed to suffer in flavour in its transit through the tropical seas, while it improves in its passage through the cold dry climate of Mongolia and Siberia, by losing that unpleasant taste of firing [whereby tea was dried using direct heat]. As Russian epicures believe that a peculiar delicacy of flavor is imparted to it by the slight moisture it absorbs when nightly unloaded and placed on the snow-covered steppes, the enhanced price it commands compensates for the greater expense and difficulty of its carriage by this route."

T'es francophone mon gars? Jusse curieux

The tea aesthetic requires the genus camellia, but yes, there are soom excellent herbal infusions.,.

How do you explain the tooth decay of ancient Egyptians, including wealthy monarchic families?

How do you explain the tooth decay of ancient Egyptians, including wealthy monarchic families?


Excess honey collected by slaves made into super sweet date cakes, mead and wines, the civilized rather than indigenous cuisine, to be more precise, Hunter gatherer societies had no teeth decay, but rather teeth wear, from chewing sand and abrasive particles picked up, when there is no plastic packaging and sealing containers, but food is often sorted and placed on the ground, leaves or rocks.
Extract from " Revelations of an Amateur Anthropologist" by Heinrich Sniedelbrach

I just got home from my tooth extraction. I am still incapacitated by Xanax and the general anesthesia. I am relaxing on the couch. I can already tell that the pain is gone from my abscessed tooth. I barely remember the doctors office. I heard it came out in one piece and there isn't much bleeding. My dad went to turn in my prescription for pain meds but I doubt I'll need them. I don't even know if I'll take my second Xanax. Listen to all this shit they gave me for the procedure: Versed, Ketamine, Fentanyl, Diprivan.
I did take my second Xanax so it's slow going but I'm getting ready to eat my donut from the store so things are picking up and I should be banging shortly. It's almost 4pm a little late to run a longboard patrol so I may postpone until tomorrow.

Take care, Shoes. You can always save those painkillers for an emergency (if you don’t need them for your mouth right now). Glad to hear you’re doing well!

You've got a cool dad if you can trust him with your painkiller script,.,;)

51.7% of the world population uses the internet (

and yes.

"Are YOU wasting precious time thinking up funny captions? Save yourself the grief.

Neoliberalism waits for no woman. Efficiency is king. Time wasted leads to bad memes. Ads mend sad wallets. Humour heals broken hearts, drive away in a Toyota today! Capitalism demands streamlined bodies. Hello, is it me you are looking for? (You sang that line.) Fordist assembly lines created new relations between hands and gesture. Hard work will reward you. You will work hard for no reward. The American dream is a real illusion. Don’t waste time on the internet when you can streamline the process. Memes and capitalism go hand in hand. Are you wasting precious time thinking up funny captions? Save yourself the grief with this handy aphorism generator. Free, wherever good memes are sold."

It's not memes you noob idiots! It's MARKETS! Everybody Knows This!

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