TOTW: Practical anarchy

  • Posted on: 22 January 2018
  • By: thecollective

Some years ago there was an anarchist magazine called Practical Anarchy put out by the Alternative Media project. The publication advocated for anarchy as a practice, "such as organizing housing cooperatives, environmentalism, workplaces and DIY media." In short, the idea of the magazine was about putting the ideas of anarchism into every day practice.

What do you do when you're not fighting the cops and battling fascists in the streets? What are your practical anarchy attacks on every day life or in other words; how do you put your anarchist ideas into practice each day? What are your favorite things to do that may not be anarchist at heart, but connect you back to the most beautiful idea? Is this approach to an anarchy of every day and a practical anarchy any different from your current framework? Why / Why not?



I was always confused about this, I'd hope as anarchists we can connect the aspects of our lives we enjoy with our ideal. Whether that is spending time in the mountains or sitting in a discussion group. Or rather I hope the majority of the things we enjoy can connect back to our ideals. Even if that is as simple as cooking for friends.

That is until we are fully anarcho transhuman and our asexual robots materialize us food from

Tons of people cook for friends. There's nothing special -even less practical anarchy- with it, unless your notion of "friend" is very very inclusive and also vague.

Free and open potlatchs, on the other hand, are something more seriously anarchistic.

Wasn't trolling and yes I more or less meant the latter. Although, there's a lot of things "tons of people" do regularly that i'd say is very much anti authoritarian.

Asexual robots are puritan transhumanist Marxist feminist morality. We need Stirnerian robot butlers and servants on Mars dude.

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When I'm NOT fighting the cops and BATTLING fascists in THE STREETS

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Like I was SAYING! When I'm NOT fighting the cops and BATTLING fascists in THE STREETS. the egoist communist anarchy I do is non-cultural-appropriation-based NECROMANTIC HOODOO! I'm SAVING anarchy by HEXING the enemies of our egoist communist comrades in Royava with the spirit of great egoist ILLEGALIST General DUREETY of 1930s egoist communist Catalonia! So YOU'RE WELCOME!

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I doubt this thread will contain much by way of useful contributions as most who use this site haven't got a clue about anarchy and how to relate to others and the inanimate world. Most live in cyber space. The articles posted occasional contain useful day to day information but, let's face it, most of all the content posted on here is from dissatisfied young (ish) white males who choose not to connect with other or can't connect but would love to. It's too easy to sit at a screen and type anonymously with a made-up persona, than to meet face-to-face. Technology is killing physical relationships: commodifies them as well as our emotions. Practical anarchy, just as a simple, maybe not so easy, would be to meet in real life and thus, have some honesty. Anarchy online is an oxymoron.

Damn how you know all that stuff about who reads or comments on this site just by deducing it through a computer screen?? I’m impressed

Wow, can you feel the bitterness and angst in this post? Now, here is a person who needs to get from the screen and smile now and then and, just say hello to people. This is what screen-life does to people: turns you bitter and angry! Very sad.

and I was in some anarchist place. Cool. Then, I woke up. But yeah, if you get lucky, read some anarchist utopian book before bed or get your folks to read you something different at bedtime and, you might go to Practical AnarchyLand as I did.

"Yeah, let's meet. Come on keyboard critic, let's meet and you can meet 'my friend: Billy Baseball Bat." Fuckin' psycho the person who was foaming at the mouth as they responded to post 'Practical Anarchy wtf..' I guess you need stronger meds and time out in the nursing garden?

a writer, write loads and loads of stuff; some complicated and loaded with jargon and others with pictures (ah, sweet), sit back, wait for the cash. Now that's practical. By now, you will have sussed this is what anarchists do...practically all their lives....particularly these days and particularly in the USA where life (no matter how bad they say it is) is pretty good in comparison to many other countries (typically where Americans do their state looting with cheap goods being the pay off for those lower down their caste system including anarchists. Nothing better than discussing anarchy online with a pizza, high tech goodies (made from children mining), wearing clothes (made by children in far east factories) made with oil ( bombed by USA). Anarchy in the USA is doin' alright, no stress. Much love. Thanks to slavery and indigenous massacres, USA have built up a nice place for the USA anarchists to chill and write.

Yes, we in Muhrica overthrough our colonialist masters over 200 yrs ago and we can't wait for you to get that happening where you are, but first you will have to conquer the overwhelming belief you have in God and other rulers, hah, and all the other entrenched cheap value you put on human life, but I suppose humanism hasn't taken hold in your region yet?

Towards a consumerist critique of capitalism: A socialist defence of consumer culture

Look at this goldmine of great ideas for practical anarchy! One could be forgiven for wondering if the regular readers of this site have much to contribute on this topic?

breaking garbage is cool
making puppets put of roadkill
naivist sing-making
start a propaganda of the deed band
actually having house meetings is great fun
attacking roommates with toys
translating things
being adversarial is a little boring
making changes to clothes and tools
inventing different kinds of internet
cutting shoes apart with a claw hammer
getting distracted by other philisophies
building little houses in the backyard or on top
grapples with the incongruities of institutionalism

today i put a note on the fridge at work: "they :hate: me cuz they :aint: me" and then signed it with my name. I like people to know I don't take myself too seriously, as well as sharing my sense of humour. You could call this a "practical" anarchy. Or shouldn't I?

Yeah, no. Don't.

If you agree with the notion that anarchy is the state of the universe without authority figures, then the obvious question is "how did any of this fucking shit get here?" Your life is not practical and it never will be.

Authority may be represented by a figure, but it describes a relationship between living entities. Right down to saying yes to someone places you in a relationship of submitting to an authority, that's how shit gets here. However, for the nihilist who says no to everything, well, nothing get here, including food, and one dies. Sooo, you're not obviously a real nihilist, hah, cos otherwise you wouldn't be posting. :p

I dunno why don't you try FULL NIHILISM and start saying no? That's a good process to re-evaluate what truly matters in life.Nihilism is thr best philosophical process for personal growth. But beyond that, not sure how it'll make your life better... losing friends and ending up isolated's not fun, believe me!

But then again, the sad truth is that we're whoring outselves in order to make and keep friends... So that makes friendships authoritarian, and not so awesome maybe.

Look at it this way, if you love your enemy, friendship can still be awesome, look what Pilate did for Jesus the nihilist :p

In all decent relationships you end up telling someone else what to do, and doing what your told, but i look at authority as being a position that's maintained by force and/or coercion, an imbalance of power. The line between coercion and non-coercion is of course unclear these days.

And of course i've tried saying no everything, it's pretty boring and "adversarial". But nihilism is still useful overall as long as you are not a dogmatic nihilist.

That's interesting about dogmatic nihilists being mostly dysfunctional and impractical in life, whereas cooperative nihilists can have tolerable relationships and function. The co-opted nihilists become the friends and authoritarians in most cases I've witnessed, because of their moral stance, whereas the dogmatic nihilist is the amoral loner and outcasts, honest to their negation of all social relationships. I knew you were not a real nihilist, you may be confusing your ontological musings with an existential tendency. Don't worry, Nietzsche was not a nihilist, he only used the hypothetical scenarios that nihilism posed as an amoral system of living to elaborate on alternative social outcomes.

And wiki definitions of nietzche's nihilist...What i've mostly learned about nihilism is from just general social apathy that's very common now adays, and stirnerism. We could debate whether stirner was a nihilist or not, but obviously only in writing as the negater all but individuals, and negater of all individuals.

To you, is a co-opted nihilist a career thing? The left hand man for the authoritarians? Ultimately domination and submission could be argued as being a part of all commitments, and ultimately for anarchists is just a blurry line like gender etc.

I overall reject the concept of identity, nihilism to me is just a stance that i employ very frequently when talking to people, often in the form of humor. I could said to be an "ironic hipster" except i spend too much time alone for that.


"cooperative nihilists" <---- cultural marxist dog whistle.

I cast you OUT foul spook full of spooks! Either you're screaming NO or you're a filthy leftist!

I am seriously waiting for a response from the anonymous poster...nihilist that goes to co-ops lololol

Just back from the park where I screamed Yes-No 30 times at a tree as daily penance for my miserable humble existence. But back to the topic at hand, my nihilism is one of the many existentialist Heinz 57 varieties, a very common and watered down version of the southern Stirnerian school of belief negation which still allows me to mix and work with herd moralists and morons in daily life, and even to have shallow dispassionate relationships with hetero-normative girlfriends with Marxist leanings.

"The power of Stirner compels you!"
"The power of Stirner compels you!"

Oh Noooo! I'm melting! STIRNER NOOOOOO!!!!!!


This is good and being laterally hierarchical acknowledges intensity and magnitude of practical skills and actions.

Permaea is about building an alternative society. The practical implications behind that should be pretty self-evident.

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