Italy –SARDEGNA ANARCHICA [Anarchist Sardinia], a new anarchist website

  • Posted on: 24 January 2018
  • By: thecollective

via act for freedom now!

SARDIGNA: a new anarchist website, inter-nationalist, Anarchism – Pockets of Resistance – Liberation Struggles – Struggle for National Liberation

The project:

Sardegna Anarchica wants to be no more than an instrument of communication for the SARDINIAN anarchist galaxy, on what happens in Sardinia as well as in the opposite ends of the globe. In other words, a container of news and analyses, direct actions and possible claims, a list of addresses of revolutionary anarchist prisoners.

This project would like to meet the necessity of an instrument that puts together news, ideas and analyses coming from anarchist, antiauthoritarian, power-immune contexts in the widest and most complete way possible. Starting from the Sardinian context, but without neglecting the international one of course; one of the few advantages given by the paroxysmal search for global information is the discovery that also on the other side of the planet there are hearts that beat at the same rhythm as ours and which arm hands capable of doing far more than typing on a keyboard. The race towards the abyss of technological society is becoming increasingly frenetic, but fighters all over the world are keeping the pace, and even if they risk being crushed by such a gigantic monster they try to hamper it and knock it to the ground.

Starting from these premises, we hope a real debate will emerge, a debate that never falls into partisan misery, but is so alive that it flares up to the point of conflict, for we are tired of a tepid possibilist ‘everything is all right’, because we can grow together through debate.

The choice of using the network to communicate has been made in the awareness of the limits involved in the use of the web: this site doesn’t want and can’t be the definite answer to a growing need for communication between anarchists in Sardinia, but is an attempt to give one more instrument for the time being.

The site is still going through a trial stage.
Translated by act for freedom now!



One more website until the revolution!

One more negative @news comment until the revolution!

One more gel-oberon until everything's awesome that's what I say woo hoo!

*Throws cyber-panties onto holograph stage and does the 60s twist dance then goes into sentimental anti-death penalty Green Green Grass of Home cover*

I appreciate your intelligent comment, especially for how it solutions the problematics of "websites" and "revolution". Because, you know...

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