B&G Podcast 1: 2-14-18

  • Posted on: 16 February 2018
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

From Black and Green Review

You've been asking, now here it is. First introductory episode of the new B&G podcast is up at archive.org

You can listen and/or download it by clicking here.

There's a page for the Podcast in the top bar navigation with more info and contact form to submit questions, comments or whatever else for future episodes. Consider this a work in progress.

Episode one is an overview of Kevin Tucker's incoming new book, Gathered Remains. A walk through of the new Black and Green Review no 5. And some discussion of upcoming projects.



I will give this a listen. Great move in fact. Another podcast to listen to instead of having to listen to mainstream crap talk. More projects should do this. A work in progress is cool. Personally, I would like to hear discussion and debate with anarcho-primitives and anti-civs: nuances in perspectives made clear but also, more importantly, that is loads of common ground between both. I would like to hear Ian E. Smith do a podcast by way of interview/discussion regarding his Uncivilised Animals blog, particularly his thoughts on being vegan yet committed to an anti-civ perspective, not necessarily a gatherer/hunter and/or hunter/gatherer world view. Layla AbdelRahim would be another voice I would like to add. Aragorn! would another guest I would like to hear discussing his more egoist views for an anti-civ world: that it is possible for such a world to exist without a reliance on anthropology, All in all, I hope this podcast takes off.

LAR has done a bunch of podcasts as a guest interviewee, check them out on YT


come on now

Lol..sorry, I can't keep up with all the acronyms flying around here.

unlikely she'll go on with KT. itd be more of an argument than anything else

KT and JZ are all about hunting, LAR sees it as the beginning of alienation

IDK about KT, but this is not the first time I've heard people say that JZ is super pro hunting. But I've never read/heard him talking about it whatsoever. On the contrary, JZ constantly praises animal liberation. Anyone care to clarify?

JZ is more a gatherer. A forager possibly? KT is pure bow and arrow kill anything that moves beat your chest primmie. I don't know whether KT & LAR have ever met and or ever spoken to each other.

"JZ is more a gatherer."

bwaahahahahaa!!!! a gatherer of stuff from the shelves of the food coop in eugene!

It is the prerogative of any vegan to be a gatherer, but a more important task is that of sowing and weeding. I am uncertain about the vegan's methodology concerning ' pests ' and whether this word or concept is included in their lexicon. Does one hunt down and smash snails and stomp on grasshoppers in the idyllic garden or is ambience also considered as being nutritious for the aesthetic senses of the vegan?

Are you being provocative? Read the basic vegan literature first. It's about sentience primarily. Insects and grasses are not sentient. However, they are still to be respected in that you kill AND eat only as much as you need. As a vegan, if I was starving and NEEDED to eat flesh, human or non-human, I would eat it. Also, on grains, there is a theory that grains are addictive and could be a contributory factor in the start of farming grains. Listen to Eric Garza podcast series.

There are strategies for dealing with so-called pests without killing them, but veganism says nothing about non-violence or giving all your food away.

However, to provoke some, ethics at the dining table are for the affluent. I have known extreme hunger, and if someone offers me a hotdog made from the flesh of enslaved animals, I will eat it.,.

to promote ethics, believe me. 'To be or not to be, that is the question. Whether to suffer the slings and arrows of Le Ways existence...'

On a serious side, there are some interesting developments with algae crops and non-sentient worm protein hotdogs which are actually good for you. I actually avoid meat and find organic eggs provide a healthy source of nutrition. But the majority of poor folk often don't have any choice. Sometimes I almost slip into anorexia out of guilt for those in underdeveloped regions, so in a way your 'not to be ' actually plays in my head during contemplative moments.

than flesh. It comes down to many things. Poor folks ain't the problem: it's the structure that is imposed I know that. Often, there isn't a choice. It's fast food shops. I use dried pulses (cheap if available), soak them overnight then pressure cook. Insects are eaten in some countries, deep fried with spices.

high carb consumption is ill-advised.

plus, with legumes there are lectins. black beans are pro-inflammatory in some. 5 raw kidney beans kills a human, fyi.

100 million folks US have diabetes, almost all of which is due to a diet that is high in carbohydrates.

a high carbohydrate diet rockets insulin spikes, causing fight or flight stress responses.

for most of us, eating over 300mg daily will result in weight gain.

we need a more nuanced look at nutrition than vegans provide (and i personally eat 80% aligned with them, minus ‘the three white devils’), because the situation is far more complex than their moral position.

for instance: fructose is fructose. other than the antioxidants in fruit, your body treats their sugars the same as processed sweets. sugar blocks pain, causes inflammation (so promotes a stress response).

not to mention: most cancers feed on sugar. guess what contributes to alzheimers? sugar.

let’s get off the insulin roller-coaster, and make food free for all (again).

and vegetarians. There is plenty of support for vegan diets from mainstream diet professionals and specialists. Pressure cooking soaked dried beans isn't dangerous. No one has said eat raw kidney beans???

I eat a lot of whole grain and fresh fruit, and do physical work outdoors for a living. I'm 60, and none of these TERRIBLE things seem to be happening. My appetite also drops by half (all by itself) when I'm not doing physical work. You should see how fit I am for such severe old age. The rest of my diet is the Mediterranean diet, minus meat, which is what I desire to eat with no effort at all.

When I finish "reverting to savagery" (becoming a normal human), before I'm too old to do it, I will be eating a lot of acorn. Acorn calories are around 80% carbs. 6 raw acorn will hardly kill you, but acorn has to be pounded and leeched to remove the tannins. The "savages" here, who were extremely fit, did this for thousands of years.

Wow, the old saying 'you are what you eat ' is basic physiology, putting junk in produces junk bodies. First time I've heard about acorns, never seen any acorn trees in the garden Mart,.,

was this comment paid for by the Weston A. Price Foundation?

Lierre, can you hear me???!

(captcha: hgh)

Millions of people have diabetes because of eating sugary crap and processed foods. I think it's a bit extreme to be totally anti-carb. Carbs are a natural part of food for humans and largely vegetarian leaning diets consistently are proven to be the healthiest on Earth. If your diet tells me to not pick an apple from a tree and also mandates that an animal must die for almost every meal, I'm suspicious of how natural and sustainable it is, both personally and socially.

I listened to this, regrettably. It's funny how KT gets all defensive and stuttering about egoism and nihilism. The casual AP listener would have no idea what he's even getting his panties in a bunch about. Also, Kevin Tucker just sounds kinda dumb. This podcast was a total snoozefest.

Agree. I fell asleep after 10 minutes. ZZZZzzzzzzzzz

I've listened to the whole podcast. This is definitely a no-frills podcast in that it's just a KT monologue. No intro music. Fuck all but the bare bones. Hmm? KT, if you want to 'succeed' with this venture for the sake of your ideas, then make podcast number two a bit more dynamic. You cannot expect people to listen to a rambling monologue of the contents of issue 5 of b@gr. You sounded like you didn't really want to do it? Hopefully, you have ideas of where you want to go with this and there ideas on this thread too. An anti-civ/green anarchy podcast is needed. However, my suggestion would be not to stick to primitivism only and...fuckin smile Kevin. Good luck.

Sorry Kevin but this is boring as fuck, we need more Peregrine. You need a cohost or guest, need some stories. Chit chat instead of reading from some text like a text to speech bot.

KT has put up a second B&G podcast: https://archive.org/details/BAGPodcast21518

After listening to the second one, I've decided to throw out my Nytol and Sominex. I no longer need any over-the-counter sleep medicine. Thanks to Kevin's podcasts, I sleep more soundly and restfully than ever before. My sleep patterns have returned to normal, and I wake up feeling more refreshed. B&G podcasts help me get the deep REM sleep I need, without the side effects found in drugstore bought medication. And no need to worry about overdosing. Just turn on the podcast, and within ten minutes of listening to Kevin's voice, you too will be ready for dreamland (effectiveness may vary depending on length and volume of podcast).

Try B&G podcasts. If you don't find yourself sleeping soundly within an hour of listening, simply return your link for a full refund. We're so sure your insomnia will be helped by listening to B&G podcast that we offer a 6 month full money back guarantee.

Don't lose another night's sleep, try B&G podcast today!

I agree. I say this as a positive. Perhaps KT could make b&gr relaxation mp3s. I find listening to these podcasts, I start to relax, get deeper and to the point of flat lining...almost. KT could describe and ask to visualise an anti-civ world backed by trance mood sounds? Have JZ's monotone 'jeez' mixed in every now and then. Bring on number 3 I say.

I like the readings. Kevin, please read slower, it's not a race. I cannot hear the words, you're too quick and I'm first language English. And, you say '...obligate carnivores like us (humans)' That's factually not accurate. Vegetarians and vegans are many millions on this planet. Why do you feel the NEED to lie about your NEED that we must eat flesh to be??? That's maybe just one reason why some people call you a dick! Personally, a discussion with you and Layla, who, as you know, is a long time vegan and a primitivist. Think of India and vegetarians! Also, what do think about the rituals of manhood in the Sambia tribe of Papua with the young makes sucking off the males to ingest their sperm? Looking forward to the third podcast.

should read 'the young males'

I would pay KT to read ITS Communiques in his relaxing voice.

for a donation to b@gr, will you please say 'Hi folks, Kevin here, we're all doomed!' in your relaxing voice. This will help me to calm THE FUCK DOWN!!! I like the no-frills 'fuck you' podcast stylee. I like the bit where KT describes the scene: just him talking into a mic, stating at the wall! Sort of pictured Hannibal Lecture down in that cell, next to miggs.

can’t wait to check it out. started meditating and tibetan singing bowls are so relaxing and psychedelic. previously i’d only had kevin shields’ glide guitar off my bloody valentine records give me that effect.

could we get some black and green asmr?

rest and recovery are super important. sad the struggloes ignore that

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