February's issue of Friendly Fire!

  • Posted on: 21 February 2018
  • By: thecollective

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happy valentines day // huey p. newton's birthday // aquarius + pisces season

brought to u by friendly fire collective

it's our first issue of friendly fire! 

we have no idea what we're doing with this - but multiple people have asked us to put them on our mailing list or keep them updated on the work of our collective. so here we go!

who are we?

the Friendly Fire Collective is a loose network of anti-fascist, anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist Christians. drawing from Marxist and anarchist political traditions, and grounded in the biblical vision of God’s Kin-dom, we believe we are called to create a new world in the ashes of the old.

what's the purpose of this newsletter?

to keep people updated on the work of our collective, promote projects we love and you'll love too, provide resources for radical Christians, and idk, have fun.

so while you're here...

our comrade and collective member Siang’ani Odera has been building up support the past year for Desirae Glatfelter, a 29-year-old Black woman survivor of domestic violence who is currently incarcerated at Kent County Jail in Michigan. she was convicted of aggravated domestic assault of her former partner who had previously abused and assaulted her. We encourage people to reach out to her and financially support her during this time. as Briana Urela-Ravelo wrote in this article in the Rapidian, “Glatfelter is more than just a survivor. She is a mother to three children, a home health aide, and has interest in going to school for cosmetology. She could use all the love and support she can get from the community.”

For those interested in writing to her:


To give to her commissary: https://www.accesscorrections.com/


our comrades at the Street-Based Sex Worker Self Defense Fund in Philly need more pepper spray! they have been buying and distributing pepper spray to women working in Kensington's street economies since a time of increased violence against street-based sex workers. this was made possible with from online fundraisers. more pepper spray is needed, and the funds have run out. consider giving them some money on their youcaring page!

being in love under capitalism ☭

Being in love is good. Amazingly good. Shockingly good. But my partner deserves to be in love in a world where we can hang out for over an hour. Where we can cook together, have time to play Scrabble, even be bored together. I deserve it too. Capitalism frustrates and kills every part of life. And I'm over it, to say the least. I'm over working my ass off to barely pay off loans and rent. I hate feeling guilty for getting Chinese take out when there's not enough time to cook. I miss reading books. My free time is spent in bed. The weight of debt, the weight of bills, it sits on everything. On the best things. I'm tired. Still, I hold on, carried by a grace that makes me believe in a world where people, not held high by privilege, can be in love - with partners, friends, family - without the weight of capitalism. Where people can be fully human. People deserve it. You deserve it.


standing up against fascism

fascists are a thing. nazis are a thing. 2017 has taught us that all too well. here at Friendly Fire, we believe if Jesus was alive as a flesh-person on earth today, he'd be as antifa as they come. here are some opportunities to join antifa Jesus in fighting fascism!


Milo Yiannopoulos (anti-Muslim fascist), Stefan Molyneuz (Mens rights fascist), Mike Cernovich (Mens rights fascist) will be in DC this week! Join DC Antica on February 24th at 5 PM to stand against the normalization of fascism. For more information: facebook/AntifaDC


there is a call for a mass mobilization of organizers and antifascists in East Lansing, Michigan. on March 5th, Richard Spencer will be giving a talk on Michigan State University's campus. hundreds of Nazis will be busing in from an Alt-Right conference in Detroit (which will be occurring March 4th). for more info on the Lansing mobilization: https://www.facebook.com/StopSpencerMSU/

& for more info on protests against the Alt-Right conference in Detroit: https://www.facebook.com/events/211065949470808/

Flyer up your campus or church!

Get the word out that the Christian Left is becoming a thing, and we're getting down and dirty on May 1st!

Make your own flyers - or we can send some your way.

You can email us at friendlyfireinfo@protonmail.com!


the may day retreat

planning committee

❤☭ ❤☭ ❤☭ ❤

☭ ❤☭ ❤☭ ❤☭

p.s. billy graham was an anti-semite



Christians? Bwhahahahahhhahahahahah. I’m hoping this got sent here as a mixup with IGD’s inbox.

Can we get a raiding party of anarchist heathens to steal their crosses? Probably buncha poor ones tho made out of wood instead of gold or silver.

As millions of slaves are serving God Capital 24/7.

But seriously now I’m thinking of making the heathen post-Left a thing specifically to troll these nerds.

PS can we get a dramatic reading for this on the podcast?

nothing says "not a nerd" like calling for a raiding party. I think it's much less interesting to criticize people for what they call themselves (you have your spooks, they have theirs) than for their works, which are basically just antifa/struggle politics/social anarchy with a different flavor

never said i wasnt a nerd.
the difference is their spooks compound their uselessness tenfold. "Christian left" is pretty redundant. twice the catechism! twice the putting off of rewards until the future!
i just really hate christians. can it be my fetish or my uniqueness to really hate them :3c

Hopefully your own spooks have already prompted "heathen raiding parties"? That'd be pretty sweet if it was literal! But it's not … is it? …

2/10 for the historical references. Christianity was for the most part of its history supporting the vilest and most violent forms of fascism.

Mwuhahahahaaaa, but not during my reign! BRING ON THE LIONS !!

This is TRUE. And where Christianity still has coercive power, this coercive power needs to be destroyed. Otherwise, do anarchists REALLY need to start a Religious War against Christian anarchists (there is also the website Jesus Radicals) who are not trying to coerce anyone? Does free association not apply to these people too?

The Friendly Fire title page emphasizes "mystics". Actual "heathen savages" (normal humans) are all "mystics", i.e. they have Seen Properly, to use a Ju/'hoansi word for this. It is truly a laugh riot to hear about the Christian missionaries who have come to "save" the Ju/'hoansi, who are light-years more spiritually advanced than the missionaries. One of the missionaries admitted that in decades of proselytizing among the Ju/'hoansi, he had not made ONE convert.

The Ju/'hoansi, for their part (like other normal humans/"savages"), are very laid-back about the religions of outsiders. They freely adopt from other religion's scriptures/stories if they speak to the experience of the Ju/'hoansi. I could post some testimony from their tribal elders (2 and one-quarter typed pages) on this site if I knew how. But I suppose that would be proselytizing. God has already provided Psilocybe cyanensis, free of charge, right here in our backwoods.

"When you EXPERIENCE what was intended for us, you will know the depth and magnitude of what has been taken from us. You can't take anyone else's word for it (it CAN'T be put into words) - YOU HAVE TO SEE FOR YOURSELF." ( From INTO EDEN: Elements of Emancipation, pg.95)

Depends on your definition of Christianity. Institutionalized faiths all take on a missionary methodology as a source of revenue which is far removed from their primitive original conditions. This 'Churchianity' still retains its precepts however mutated they may have become in their present practice. Paganism is no different and became a formal institutionalized belief system as Nazism. Existentialists and nihilists prefer neither of this totalitarian tendencies,.,

Syndicalists with a new Idpol inspired refurbishment

Broke: no gods, no masters
Woke: 1 god, 1 master

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