Philadelphia, PA: Freight Train Traffic Disrupted by Anarchists

  • Posted on: 13 March 2018
  • By: thecollective

via insurrection news worldwide

Received on 12.03.18:

Taking inspiration from Olympia Stand, we disrupted freight train traffic using copper wire. We did this three times over the last 30 days. Since hearing of the blockade we felt the need to act in solidarity and we know it was a while ago but time is a scam!!!!!

Obviously we took this action because we hate the economy, money, and the things that keep capitalism moving! We want to fuck with its flow with whatever means we had.

This action is also meant to be an attack on the social peace. Hierarchy and domination are a problem, and we want to attack all its forms, but submission, apathy, conformity, resignation, and stagnation also prevent us from being free. We want to end everything that holds this misery together. Fuck comfort and safety—nothing is safe! This supposed “security” people strive for is just creating more policing over our lives. We need to let go of security! How can we expect to move toward freedom without letting go of comfort and taking real risks?

The crisis is always urgent!
Anarchy as a struggle lived in the present!

Solidarity with anarchists and anti-fascists facing repression and torture in Russia
Solidarity to the anarchists in Hamilton fighting the rich and those who defend their peace of mind and property
Solidarity to the remaining J20 defendants
Also shout out & solidarity to whoever smashed the cafe windows of some buildings in West Philly recently



Is this jeopardizing the safety of the people who operate the trains? What does this communicate to people outside of your very small social set?

I don’t remember radical resistance being a PR project. If these criteria were always first, there would never be any kind of dissent other than verbal grumblings. Down with your bourgeois humanist handwringing

1. No. It just triggers a sensor.

Note to thecollective: we received word that this took place in Philadelphia and have edited the original post slightly


but fuck comfort and safety...ok. Look if you're gonna do this do this because for the same reason the Ledgerian Joker would do it and keep the silly incoherent political denunciatory language out of it.

Let's see your badges, officers. One more in an endless series of nails in the coffin of the credibility of this repellant scene.

Ur mom's a repellant [sic] scene

I wouldn't call LeFool and Sir Einzinger a "scene"... Unless the latter is sadly revealed to be Aragorn's little subterfuge (or repressed alter-ego?) to spew his assjuice at anarchists who adopted any praxis.

lol except there wasn't any freight train "disruptions" in the philly area by a bunch of edgy posers. they probably saw a train stopped and thought it was because of them and their vague claim of using copper to do something they can't describe. there was a derailment in the philly area two weeks ago but it wasn't because of "copper"

… anyone who's been paying attention knows about the trick for completing the circuit. There's videos about it and everything.

Nobody said anything about derailment. Copper wire just signals the signals to stop trains from passing through that section. It's like turning on a stoplight.

More like VIRTUE SIGNAL amirite?! … just kidding, trolls can chew my poop!

But anon, you are the troll..

Nuh uh, not if I admit I'm joking! LEARN THE TROLL RULES

You need it to do your thinking with...

A Jedi feels the force flow through him, thus, he remains regular!
Remaining regular, he's much easier to get along with!
And is never pushy.
Great behinds stink alike,
And if you are not full of crap,
You are starving to death,
While, if you can't work the crap out,
You're up shit creek, without a paddle.
Sometimes resigned to our humble fate,
We let crap slide, until way past late...
Feel the force and the force will be with you.
Stink alike, and the crap will surely hit the fan,
Because great behinds always stink alike,
Without ever having to say a word.

So wuliheron (bots and their fucked up nicks...), this means your socializing with others is based on their smell according to your neuro-sensors. Good to know.

I don't understand wtf you and the others complaining are getting twisted about. Are we not anarchists? Don't we all at the very least want to fuck up capitalism? As was pointed out, this doesn't even actually do anything that intense, it just triggers the track signals. Like someone else said, it's akin forcing a street light to stay red, until maintenance finds where the wire is and removes it. How the shit could anyone possibly view this as "acutely harmful" to anyone?

That said, anarchists used to bomb stuff and kill people (and still do, in some places) on the regular. Was that also the "anarchist subculture"? If you're seeking an anti-state politics of reformation, then I think you're in the wrong place. Anarchy has always been about seeking out our desires, and well, as Gandhi said, if there is violence in our hearts...

Capitalism, communism, its all Babylonian gibberish to me. Comforting words they mouth to themselves at night as they go to bed. Money and the gun do all the talking worth listening to in modern day Babylon, and I'd rather laugh with the sinners, than cry with the saints. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

This (and some other comments) are replies to some comments opposed to the action that have since been deleted or lost.


What's this "action" technobabble? Another word for censorship in the name of promoting freedom?

the train sabotage you moron

My bad, the moment I become perfectly humble, I want the whole world to know.

Donald Duck is president, because it is illegal to vote for Mickey Mouse in the state of Maryland. In Italy, they voted a popular porn star into office, twice. When everyone is screaming, no one is listening and, these days, its all too often either laugh or cry.

This is not a scene that can generate anything apart from entertainment stunts intended by scenesters to win subcultural capital with other subculture scenesters. And for all its posturing, it is a deeply conflict-averse scene -- as repeatedly demonstrated in the opaque and unanswerable to anybody censorship of stuff posted on this online site; this is some large child's toy, and here, unless elsewhere, they realyl do get to do whatever they want. This is an expression of this being beginning, middle and end a scene for the over-indulged of consumer society in the U.S.A. who want the rest of the world to humor them and carry them.

My tradition is a tribal tradition, that combines the humor and wit of Socrates, with that of the Taoists. Socrates inherited an oral tradition, and the Babylonians killed him for having a sense of humor about his civic responsibilities. For centuries afterwards, peasants throughout Europe celebrated the anniversary of his death, by drinking toasts to him in bars, recounting his exploits, and inventing new Socratic jokes. I inherited the Socratic tradition from my father, who is my personal hero.

Bite me!

Have you any Socratic jokes ?

The joke is that I have 300 pages of mathematical jokes, with the NSA, Microsoft, Google, the French and, I suspect, the Chinese all fighting over who gets to read first. Its cutting edge Intuitionistic mathematics, roughly four times more complex than classical logic. In other words, the same people who have been suppressing everyone's sense of humor have now driven the price of 12,000 year old potty humor through the roof.

It is related to both AI and quantum mechanics, which are actually turning out to be indistinguishable. What's missing from this picture becomes a whole lot more interesting, once you realize that it can substitute for anything it contains. Shadows, are the fastest easiest, and most efficient and reliable way to determine if an animal is moving, and the visual centers of your brain organize around looking for what's missing from this picture. In quantum mechanics, the shadow remains but the memory of the eternal light, because they are indivisible complimentary opposites. Mine is the metaphoric systems logic of nature, and some 4,430 poems extrapolated from the Tao Te Ching can theoretically describe everything in excruciating detail, but only 430 poems are necessary for a good representation of everything. I have two hundred poems and the rest await the supercomputers, which will spit them out by the thousands.

In living human being terms, this adds up to more in practice than anything I encountered in the 31 years I was around the anarchist subculture in Northern California:

And it's more in harmony with what could simplistically be called "real" anarchism than anything I ever experienced about the U.S. anarchist subculture.

Along with environmental destruction, this is rapidly becoming among the most pressing issues of our time. A mass migration out of Africa into Europe has already occurred due to prolonged drought, and another 18 or more or projected to occur around the world within this century. That is, if humanity even last another couple of decades.

Rise Up Rainbow Warriors! Rise Up and Let Your Voices be Seen!
These are the days that make heroes of anyone willing to step forward.

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