Beer and Rage - Episode 3 - Bookchin at the Beach

  • Posted on: 16 March 2018
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

In this episode we talk about Bookchin while drinking some beach themed malt beverages. We discuss Bookchin's hat wearing tendencies, and the concept of lifestyle vs social anarchism.



Sooo typically Bookchinist, beer swilling socialist blowhards ogling all the peaches at the beaches,.,

Ogling at peaches on the beaches is @-okay! I don't see how is being anarcho is forcing us to instead ogle at six packs and sausages over the beach BBQ.

Oh no, I know these stingy Idpol philistine types, they come to my hovel in the wilderness expecting advice and they bring no gifts. I shall set my karmic pitbull upon them If they are drunk!

Actually it's anti-socialist but still an inarticulate rambling mess,.,

Says the person that has to comment twice because they couldnt watch the video without making uninformed comments..

I'm informed by the fact that alcohol is a toxic dumbdowning substance mmk? I can't walk pass a bar without thinking what a bunch of pitiful morons in there making total fools of themselves,.,

you're obviously informed by an ideological perspective on alcohol and food.

No by a physiological fact, not by a puritan and moral judgement. Ugh that you would accuse an existentialist anarch of having ideologically driven opinions,.,

Ok new theory: aragorn is Le Way! What a twist!

Nope different sentencing, maybe we have some common ideas.,.

Don't bother denying it ,,,,!!,,!!,,

They followed almost inexorably from the fact that every organization (however revolutionary its rhetoric and however well-intentioned its goals) which models itself structurally on the very system it seeks to overthrow becomes assimilated and subverted by bourgeois relations. It’s seeming effectiveness becomes the source of its greatest failures.

Anarchy and Organization: A letter to the left by Murray Bookchin (New Left Notes, 1969)

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