Montreal: From #HoMa to #HamOnt: The secret is to round up your loser friends.

  • Posted on: 19 March 2018
  • By: thecollective

via act for freedom now

These thugs are no better than the anarchists.

Don’t they know the financial burden that their vandalism will have on the Tower’s landlord?

Don’t they understand that boarded up windows will bring down property values in the neighbourhood around the Tower??

Engaging in this kind of violence just creates lawlessness, and legitimizes the destruction of private property.

When we heard that the Tower got attacked, we had to show our love. Not only because we love anarchist social centres, but because we also live in a city where (as far as we can tell) small hip business owners exist solely to steal your wages, fondle cops, and sell you overpriced shit sandwiches. Fuck the class traitors, fuck the gentrifiers, fuck the police, but still no fucks at all given to broken windows.

Imagine being so mad about another anarchist social centre getting attacked, that you round up your loser friends, cover your faces, and take a siiiiick photo in solidarity.

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info. 

To donate to The Tower’s renovation fund, click here. 



Ahem... as long as no blood has been spilled it can very well be just smoke and mirrors. After al it's just doors or windows being spray-painted, and at worst some furniture and books being messed up inside.

Anarchists can attack their own spaces when they are owned by a landlord, even if they aren't part of the same crowd of those running the space, they'll still benefit in several ways by force-drawing a line in the sand of the social peace.

I don't think the southern ontario @ scene is large enough for that sort of drama

Nah, totally a false-flag! @inside job! Now the tower is going to use this to justify their occupation of the doughnut boutique cause they have stockpiles of weaponized carbs!

Featuring on your far right, or their far left... antisemitic Left nationalist sub-landlord to whom, apparently, this anarcho-activist crowd is still clinging to FOR SOME REASON. As if all that mattered was a bunch of externalities when it comes to smashing the State, gentrification and/or capital. And here's the main reason why I still won't pay a dime of trust to this crowd.

Question also the internal, informal hierarchies and authority relations, then we'll talk about actual anarchist struggle, beyond just the external fascists. Or don't... but don't be surprised if some people think you're a bunch of maoist or ultra-liberals or Red cops in black sheep clothing.

Personally I've always prefered those people in the GTA, but also I'd like to see a hope for an assertive anarchy outside of the well-known "elite". And I'm sure there is, but like me they don't wanna end up in your panopticon-shaped networks where the same old sketchy phallocrats are preying over for some fresh new blood.

Also btw I discovered the hairspray flamethrower trick when I was 11 years old. Try something else if you wanna look rad. haha.

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