Learning from our travels

  • Posted on: 21 March 2018
  • By: thecollective

via Freedom News

I love being an anarchist. Why? Because whatever bigger city you go to, you’re bound to find a liberated space inhabited by your siblings-in-arms. It’s like you’re part of a big family — always bickering, but when the worst comes to worst you always have each other’s backs.

And you can rely on the fact that if you’re stranded in strange territory, there is always someone who will share a beer and local knowledge with you, and if you’re in need of it, a couch. You’re family, after all.

But despite all of us sharing the same general goals — liberation, solidarity and all that — you can find different ways of working towards them wherever you go. If you cross a national border and meet with the anarchists there, you will find that they have entirely other methods of abolishing that border than your own group might.

It makes sense, of course. Different environments require different tactics.

But on my travels I saw some things that might work just as well in Cologne as they do in Belfast or Barcelona — we simply hadn’t thought of them before!

The things we can learn from each other are almost infinite. Ask the libertarios of Barcelona Sants about resisting eviction and how to connect with a working-class neighbourhood.

Ask Sinistra Anticapitalista in Italy about how to work against the housing crisis.

Learn about the squatting hotlines in Brescia, syndicated strike action in Paris, the newspapers in Madrid, the radical bookstores in London, the antifascist gyms in Athens.

It’s truly incredible what we can come up with, and to every problem that the elites and capitalism confront us with, the radically free are quick to find a creative solution.

With the means of oppression globalising, our resistance has to follow the same development.

We have to connect with each other and learn about things that already exist in our own environment, and those that are yet to come. Union busting, to name one example, is rampant in the US, and elites in Germany and the UK are going heads over heels to apply the same tactics here.

We need more connection between activist communities, locally and globally. International — or rather antinational — conferences and actions are something we cannot leave to our enemies only. Let’s spend some of our funds on sending each other greeting cards of love and rage, so that when global capitalism attempts to crush us, we have the united power of anarchists everywhere to fight back.

From Europe to South America to Asia and everywhere else — we are the Antinationale!

La Maupin

This article first appeared in the Winter 2017 issue of Freedom Anarchist Journal

Pic: Mark Robinson



A city can't be a liberated space

True, however a waldganger can survive there adequately before finding a way back to the wilderness. Even the wilderness is not liberated from the vicissitudes of existence in a harsh environment. The whole idea of 'liberation ' is always focused on physical spacial location when it should be a psychological method of perception,.,

"Because whatever bigger city you go to, you’re bound to find a liberated space inhabited by your siblings-in-arms."

Huh!? Maybe in some parts of Europe and Latin America, and the North American West Coast. Or please tell me more about liberated anarchist spaces in NYC, L.A., Toronto, Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Dubai, Sydney...

All-entertainment, all-of-the-time. Here we see a consumer societies favorite brand of fake radicalism...

“whatever bigger city you go to, you’re bound to find a liberated space inhabited by your siblings-in-arms. It’s like you’re part of a big family — always bickering, but when the worst comes to worst you always have each other’s backs”

“Amazing. Every word of what you just said was wrong.”

It's the wonderful world of make-believe. We aren't talking real life here.

liberated spaces in "NYC, L.A., Toronto, Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Dubai, Sydney" ? of course they are- we are everywhere. Even under the most totalitarian regimes there are people that still share freedom, happiness and conspiracy for the destruction of authority. Did you ever being out of your area? This site is full of trolls and fake profiles of alt-rights and secret agents that reproduce misery, fake impressions, stupid fights and disappointment+ all the middle class white depressive isolated-alienated boys that hate everyone around them... The article describes a reality that anyone found himself in a strange city has this experience- anarchists meet all around the world in all possible strange places and share in a moment this feeling of friendship and comradeship... just keep travelling, meet comrades, share experiences and participate to the local struggles

Haha wow. You are on the wrong site if you think you can fash-jacket everyone who ever makes a negative comment. “Disappointment” - anarchy is disappointing sometimes; indeed often. You’ll learn that someday. You’ll also learn the trolling here is not of that kind, no one really cares about it that much.

Okay T.S.... You got one tiny chance to prove you aren't bluffing or just being a spoof. I want names, addresses, places of liberated spaces in those hyper-developped cities please. And no, spaces ihabited by anarcho-liberals paying a rent to yet another landlord doesn't count as "liberated spaces". And also random anarchoids hanging out at venues, and the venues themselves, don't count as such neither...

You can count whatever you want- I don't care about your counting- I don't count what you count and your counting seems an elitist bullshit to me- all this doesn't lead to any kind of anarchist movement and I don't care if you don't care for the creation of an anarchist movement, cause I do care. If you don't like the people around you go and hide yourself in a forest, don't spread your shit ideas all around the anarchist space- this is a revolutionary site talking about Anarchism, its not a school yard for all of us having you bulling around whoever you find "anarcho-liberal" his/ her anarchism. With rent or with occupation all possible public spaces can turn into liberated zones as long anarchists decide to create a horizontal anarchist assembly, take decisions together and take responsibility for these decisions. Liberated zones also we call all the communal houses that anarchists share there lives around the world, all these squares and workshops and meeting points, bars and yards, autonomous kitchens and backside hidden places that anarchists share ideas and joints and secrets. Liberated zones we call all the beds that anarchists make love and all the sofas that host their comrades, liberated zones we call all the assemblies and the infoshops, the bookshops and autonomous cafes, the food not bombs spoons and plates, a public talk, a d.i.y. concert, a book you share with a friend, a poem you read at your boyfriend, the hours you spend for mutual aid, the smile you share with an unknown in the streets- and believe me,...all these are EVERYWHERE and if you don't see them is cause you don't really care for anything else than your self.

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