Paul Z Simons (May 3rd, 1960 - March 30, 2018)

  • Posted on: 3 April 2018
  • By: worker

Our close comrade Paul Z Simons (PZS, el errante, etc) has passed away from an apparent heart attack. He is survived by his 5 children, Nina, Hannah Simons, Max Errickson, and Tristan and Jack Simons.

He was born in Utah. He liked to say he was born an illegal, to an unwed mother, Ginger, in a state where is was a crime to have a child outside of wedlock. He was adopted by Daryl and Irene Simons at birth. He has 4 siblings, Steve and Robert Simons, and James and Elizabeth Ables.

Help his family deal with the financial burden of this death

"Paul was a complex person who was loved by his friends and family, and the dozens of communities he gave voice to through his writings and adventures as a journalist. Paul was a soul searcher to the end, a fearless adventurer, a rebel, a lover, a father to myself, Hannah, Max, Tristian, and Jack. He was a brother, a cousin, an uncle, a son. Paul's death was very sudden and unexpected, he left very few worldly possessions behind. Because he was far from home when he died, there will be a substantial cost to bring his remains home. It will take the effort and contribution of his community to properly lay him to rest and give his friends and family the opportunity to mourn his loss."

Paul was an editor at Modern Slavery journal ( where much of his recent journalistic writing can be found. His essays are also on The Anarchist Library ( He was involved in the Lower East Side scene in NYC in the 80s. Some of that time is collected in the book Black Eye published by LBC (

More memorials are to come but our friend Paul is going to be dearly missed and anarchy will be less for his departure.



Long live PZS! Long live Anarchy!


You must believe in the afterlife

You must believe in the Christian afterlife by using RIP

in a radical context it stands for "rest in power"

like most shallow shifts in terminology it does nothing to detract from the original meaning, and if anything it increases the hegemony of the political.
peace doesn't have to be christian, which would be a more relevant challenge, if still weak.

RIP Paul Z Simons, you were the best!

Paul was a guy who certainly lived it as far as anarchist praxis goes, RIP.

Wow, this is so sudden.
RIP Paul. I didn't know you all that well but I certainly will miss your energy & steadfast commitment to anarchy.

I respected him even when he railled at me, rip,.,

RIP I got into stupid internet arguments with Paul, but it wasn't personal. I suppose I blamed him a bit too much on the watering down and popularity of nihilism via his black anarchist concept, but I will say it was fun disagreeing with PZS

rip el errante, our anarchic worlds are a bit smaller without your spirit

damn it! the anarchist world’s light is diminished again

There's so much I wish he could have shared with us before his passing. In person, he was so generous and gentle and open, so passionate and eager even as he got older. Everyone can aspire to be an anarchist like him—a person like him.

More details on how/where it happened? The "RIP" crowd understand that this old dude was often posting stuff on this site and knew many anarchos in the West, right?

My father Paul Simons passed away in Paraguay, presumably from heart failure. His remains have been returned to Denver and we're planning a small service for June.

First off, condolences.

Has the Paraguay authorities provided with a medical report on the cause of death, and circumstances?

Unbelievable. Same age as me, almost to the month. I met him once at a bookfair back in the late 1990s.He had a lot of energy and drive. I disagreed with him on a few minor things, but I respected the hell out of him because he traveled around a lot and had experienced a lot of different things. Also a gifted and prolific writer. I still read his AJODA articles.

Man, this is sad.

R.I.P. Paul.

I hope a-news can maybe do some kind of tribute to him.

I dunno, maybe a permanent section with all the works of PZS? That this article ends up being lost in the continuing thread mill would be hard suck. To be having one page here where all his stuff is available should be great. A print collection is a no-brainer too...

I'll risk another one of my lectures... I went a bit smug over 2-3 of his articles. Like the one -still a great read- about '80s suburban anarchy in the US. I get now that this was more written with nostalgia, which is great. Memories are sooo important... even if they're oddities in today's world. I guess they're more important than theory at this point. Beyond, yeah, action.

Also used to not like the "fandom" going on around him, but the fandom was justified, for how he was apparently a nice dude and also prolific writer. Is it me or he just invented the "anarchist foreign correspondant" as a praxis?

Not sure if I ever met the guy, but from his writings I can tell that the guy was still naive... and that's a kind of naiveté that's missing among the depersonalized, cold-blooded anarchos we got at several places these days. One less passionate wingnut, in times where we need so many more of these.

Long live El Errante!

good tribute. Another lurker here on @news who appreciated El Errante's essays and perspectives. Expected them to keep coming for a long time still-- but wow, life has a way of surprising you. Nothing is promised.

Hey anarcho-youth, there's some shoes to fill.

Condolences to his loved ones.

Paul was and still is a great friend of mine. This is really devastating. We all will miss him very much.

Paul and I had our disagreements over the years, but he was one of the best. Principled and honest -- sometimes brutally -- and with a breadth of interests and knowledge. It was a rare pleasure to have known him and I'm honored to have been his friend.

wow crazy, bye el errante we'll miss you on the www :(

I felt an emotional blow when I saw this, this morning. I don't think I've ever met Paul, but I've always been inspired by his work and pushed by his tone. More and more so as we both aged and his writing seemed to be turning over new soil it seemed like he was going to help uncover something for which I'd been searching. I'll be appreciative and responsive to efforts to continue his work around insurgent communes. I'll commit to helping financially with bringing his body home.

My only interaction with this person was petty online arguing. Apparently I'm not alone, the guy certainly stayed busy!

He was so down to earth that even though we only met a few times at @ events it was always as if we knew each other for years. This hits hard!


I met Paul once in a squat in Athens. As much as anyone his age, his youthfulness shone through. Just goes to show, being a bit older need not effect your ability to sustain tear gas. In love and solidarity x

RIP Paul Z Simons
You will be missed

Ugh! I have known Paul for nearly 30 years. We were office mates at NDRI and latter compatriots in the early fight for Harm Reduction and Needle Exchange in that he carried with him across the world throughout his life. He will be both missed and remembered.

Sad to hear of his passing. Wish I could have met him! His writings were always welcome.


Rojava Dispatches: I Stand on Ground That Has No State (Paul Z. Simons)

Shallowness of some people, where's the fuckin' honesty and integrity all of a sudden? Will this post be taken down as it doesn't 'fit' the narrative of this thread?

'fit the narrative!'? What type of political correctness have we here? I think its relevant to mention that brass statues are part of a Statist anthropocentric narrative and not on the anarchist ethos list. Rather, an obelisk or plaque with an obituary or motto is more befitting this man's legacy.,.

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