The Appelistes playing the filth to the filth

  • Posted on: 11 April 2018
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

From the News of Opposition

France, Loire-Atlantique: clashes as about 2,500 riot cops etc. attack the 250 squatters resisting eviction of Notre-Dame-De-Landes ZAD; burning barricades and stones v. teargas and sound grenades (videos)

More here and here, in English.

However, it’s not just the official state cops that have been attacking those who don’t want to negotiate with the state. On March 20th, 5 masked people, armed with baseball bats and teargas sprays, raided a squat on the ZAD. This squat opposed the divide-and-rule compromise with the state, which involved legalising some people’s land and houses, but not others. These scum beat up people at the squat and then kidnapped the most outspoken opponent of the compromise, tied up his hands and legs, blindfolded him and gagged him with duct tape. They put him in the boot of their car and drove off. Later, they beat him again, broke one of his legs and arms, finally abandoning him in the night next to a psychiatric hospital. The most vociferous defenders of the compromise in the assemblies there have been the Invisible Committee, the “Appelistes”. They’ve done this kind of thing before, though less brutal (gagged and bound a guy who’d burnt out a tractor, bundled him into a carboot and left him in the middle of the woods). So most people are 99.99% sure that it was the “invisible committee” who’d done this red-fascist shit. They’ve always sat on the fence, playing revolutionary anarchists to the revolutionary anarchists, reformists to the reformists, leninists to the leninists. In this instance they were playing the filth to the filth. And not the kind of “playing” that’s fun. See here in French.



Theres a fair amount of anarchist turned Tiqqunist fanboys in the US who rely on wordy english translations read out of context. looking at you ATL

If this "anarcho-tiqqunists" really read the texts they are admiring, or they are really stupid, or they don't know to read. Because the Appelist ideology is completely anti-individualist, and recently it became openly anti-anarchist ... this ass-holes are just passing their time mocking anarchists and publishing texts who go in this direction, because as politicians they see anarchists as competitors ...

But one good thing with their ideology is, as they say, the individual is the devil and there's no distinction between the parts who are composing their "common" ... so, we don't even have to care if the chiefs are agree of what the disciples are doing in the ZAD or elsewhere since a decade, or if one person was doing things the others are not agree, because there's not such a thing as individual initiatives accepted in their theory, they are all a single body, a WEE (like the Zamiatine's one) indivisible, and so, if they are faithfull to their catechism they have to assume what has be done, because when the individual is not existing the group is responsible of the act of every member of the sect/party (imaginarian)/family/mafia/band of friends ...
That's why I am and individualist and not a collectivist, I don't want to assume anyone's shit, but, they have to do it if they are sincere with the ideas they are defending !

Can we know who is this opponent to the compromise was, and which squast was attacked by the Appelistas? I don't think it's much an issue if the pigs get this info, if they don't know already, so...

Now I understand why they were partying in their house, one night at Fosses Noires, early 2013, when masses of cops took over an occupied house on the southeast side of the ZAD, by road D281, while plenty of other zadists were busy holding back the pigs. The Reds there have been playing a double-game, as they do in "radical" milieus in the West. This house was occupied by resisters of queer and eco-anarchist tendencies, completely not aligned with those neo-soixantehuitard Reds.

A year later, a document had spread amokng a few green anarchist zadists that outlined a land deal between some farmers and the State, which is the contract that's being talked about here. This shit was for real, as early as 2014, perhaps even before, and has led to the farmers union, represented by some loing-term zadists, entering in a direct conflict with opponents in the east. The Appelistas are pure petty-bourgeois liberal scum, and they've cut down more trees in the Zone than Vinci was allowed to. But now that their external antagonist (the airport project) is gone, they revesl themselves as just another bunch of State brutes, mafia and more importantly lackeys.

yeah, i read TCI and call and i really don't see how this type of behavior follows from that *AT ALL*...(???)can someone catch me up on this sad saga of the afterlife of tiqqun?

Just that what used to be a small band of anarchy-friendly radical Left intellectuals in the late '90s, who were queenes of the antiglob heydays, has evolved, roughly 10 years back, into a Red cult consisting of a second gen of liberal Left young academics wfor whom all there is is their revolution and the capitalists. Personally I've been always fine with Julien, Ylledune and their former buddies, and have seen them falling prey of State snitches in Canada... but what came out later was trash, and the writings of this clique had become shallow, as they emerged within the Western academic landscape.

Those Appelistes in the ZAD especially feel like a bunch of zombies. They can't think by themselves, because they have no self. Their souls were ripped awauy by some academic indoctrination...or maybe they're just humanities students?

No idea if this particular episode is true, but anyone who is surprised or outraged by this must be unfamiliar with the daily life of the ZAD and with the culture of the far left in France. There have been regular physical clashes between inhabitants of the ZAD - with anarchists, appelistes, drug dealers, permaculturists, and refugees all occasionally acting as serious aggressors. The anarchists and appelistes came together at least once recently to carry out a violent attack on other residents who were involved in organized crime (and this is a rebuke to the stupid efforts on this forum to link attacks to ideology and "hatred of the individual." Individuals and individualists are very capable of all kinds of violence, haha). If you don't have the state to mediate conflicts, violence occasionally happens, even if I wish all sides would act to moderate it.

The fact that this account is so skeletal is itself quite suspicious. Perhaps the appelistes did it as violent censorship. Perhaps they did it in retaliation for another attack. Perhaps someone else did it.

It is possible for this horrible story to be true and for the ideas put forward by TIC and the Tiqqun group to still have substance. I mean after all, blaming the actions of a group of individuals on an entire tendency or catalog of books seems quite naive.

To Our Friends has a section on radicals and pacifists which Id say this attack and especially its context is very much in line with. So viewing the two as separate seems rather naive.

But sure I guess not every sentence TIC has written can be seen as supporting this attack.

Can you cite a line from that text that seems "very much in line with" this attack? I would be really interested in seeing that.

" I mean after all, blaming the actions of a group of individuals on an entire tendency or catalog of books seems quite naive."

Not with them. They call themselves The Party, and they take it very seriously.

" I mean after all, blaming the actions of a group of individuals on an entire tendency or catalog of books seems quite naive."
Appelist and Individual are two antagonic words ...

And well, let's say that when they were beating up autonomous comrades inside the cops kettling in the parisian demonstrations in 2016 it's was not only a bunch of stupid followers who were in it.

I remember around 2010 when every one all over France was talking about them because in every cities there were Appelists it was a big shit, and in the few cities were they were not people were hopping not being contaminated ...
The demo of Poitiers in 2009 is also still into people's mind : authoritarians inviting for a "funny demonstration", and before the beginning of the demo you just realize that there's some people with sticks and masks who are just leading everything, like sheperds, and all the naive people who came for the demo are no more than a flock, and can't decide anything. I don't even talk about graffitis in Latin made on this occasion, as really this was the cherry on the top, and the best proof of narcissism of this politicians, doing self-reference of a chapter of their own book, like a dog who pees on a wall to mark his territory.

I'd be curious to know what Julien and Ylledune think of the whole bad cultist neo-bolchevism that the Appelistes have become. Now collaborting with the State all the while being the enfant terrible of the French courts?

Who gives a shit of what this two ass-holes, who talked about their sexual life to a judge, are thinking ?? Really, since 10 years they have lost any credibility !

For the ones who read French : (so the answer, the squat attacked by Appelists in the ZAD is called La Gaité, and when I say attacked, it's with gaz and sticks, so basically, exactly the way cops are doing it ..)

Now the text of the CMDO (Appelists) where they are complaining because some people sabotaged the road the CMDO themselves "liberated" so the State could see how good citizens they are ( and by the way, they took the decision alone, because first, it was quiet obvious that it was the best way to facilitate the work of the cops, and plus, the ZAD was occupied, so when the State is giving the order to liberate the road, there's no reason to obey ... unless you think that you are so legitimate that you facilitate the cops work in purpose, because you think only non legitimate squatters would be evicted ... but playing this game with the State is dangerous, and they were themselves evicted from their legitimate farms .. so sad, don't cry Appelists, you have a responsibility in your own eviction after all ! ) :

And finally, an other text about their behaviors on the ZAD :

Yeap, sounds really nice, now you know what French comrades are experiencing for 10 years ... and I don't even talk about their worst competitors (former gurus/friends, like in the comics, the students surpasses the teacher, and they become arch enemies) who are as politicians, authoritarians and violent towards comrades as they are ... yes, the so-called "anti-authoritarian" milieu in France is a real viper's nest !

these type of academic so called "anarchists" are in chicago too.

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