The Brilliant Podcast Episode 68 – Scott Crow and Change

  • Posted on: 16 April 2018
  • By: aragorn

From The Brilliant

Scott Crow has been a good friend for years. We agree on almost nothing except on how to disagree. As a grown adult I've probably had the longest conversations on record with Scott. We are both talkers. We both have a bit too much pride in our ability to convince people by using our words. I'm not sure we ever consider ourselves convinced, or convincable, by others. We power on.

Anyway, this conversation rotates around the axis of social change. Scott is a well known "social changer" and I am not. I am largely critical of the way social changers minds work but there is something there. Something I still desire, even though I hate the whens and wheres in the here in now. How can we think about big change without hope in it? In this episode, and as a way to introduce anarchism in 2018, Scott and I try.

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Too much pride in your ability to convince people with your words???? You've convinced me you're not so fuckin' wise etc. So yeah, I guess you do convince people, only not in the way you think.

That was the point dummy

not everyone can be as brilliant as you Aragorn

If you play 'word games', then don't expect others to get your irony. Brush up on how to communicate irony via the written word...just a suggestion from a dummy.

It wasn't irony, it was the direct meaning of the sentence --- "too much pride", as in the pride is not warranted. The closest thing to irony was the usage of "a bit" as an understatement, but that's a super common idiom in typical spoken language so I don't think it counts as "word games".

You'll never convince me of your creeping evil! No platform for nihilists! Read the Bread Book! Community Struggle!

I was never convinced much by the awkward prose of Aragorn, tho much less that ridiculous navel-gazing poser Scott Crow. But hey he's got such a catchy name with a lotta cool punch, and a nice Anglican settler composture overall! And the guy's got a website just to promote himself? hahahaaha!

"You won't see me on the frontlines, but I'll see ya above my bottom line!" - Scott Crow

Glad to see the purity police have arrived.

Have you ever written or verbally described your 'vision' of green anarchy as I'm looking into green anarchy myself? Articles, books, podcasts whatever you can suggest.

I would argue that a non voting Travis Bickle is preferable to both a voter and an activist. Any analysis and redemptive apolitical orientation that comes from the former is an improvement but the base behavior is preferable to the political.

An autonomous agenda has always been ones instinctual and intuitive orientation.,.

everyone's trying to recover from the saccharine overload of that adorable puppy picture!

an uber activist coming to anti-activism?
that's a really dramatic story that scott tells, that usually folks with history are too shy to share.
good for him. for both staying engaged and continuing to ask these questions.

My own experiences are similar. Its the limits of the dichotomy that ex-activists who lived and appreciate the critiques of activism but still stay "active", don't really have a good definition?

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