Building Our Base in the Commons: An NYC Anarchist (May) Day Out

  • Posted on: 24 April 2018
  • By: thecollective


Call from the Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council for May Day celebrations on April 29th.

We at MACC, the New York City Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council, heed the recent and historic calls to make anarchy here and now, to build space to be together and to center the joy of community and each other as our practice.

In celebration of May Day, join us this Sunday, April 29th for a fun day of food, talks, games, daydreaming, hand-holding and more as we dream of a world where we can one day enjoy the commons every day! We will be meeting at 1 PM in Tompkins Square Park, a site with a long radical history and the current meeting place of Food Not Bombs. Bring your own crafts, zines, buttons, banners to hang from the trees, workshops and discussion ideas, guitars, frisbees, strawberry lemonade!

The past two years have seen a burst of strong radical networks of mutual care and support: from the No DAPL encampment, to the mutual aid networks responding to natural disasters, to the prolonged fight for the J20 defendants. These sustained projects and others like them are only possible with levels of commitment to each other that transcend mere “comradeship.” “Friendships can be the source of our capacity to take risks and get in the way of violence and exploitation. They can be what makes us dangerous and capable of fighting in new ways… A relationship crucial to life, worth fighting for,” say carla bergman and Nick Montgomery in Joyful Militancy.

In our celebration of May Day, we wish to cultivate and indulge in the friendships and communities, old and new, which make it possible for us to imagine and fight for another world. We hope you’ll join us in the park and in the making of more days like this one!



Can u make an app that will let me sign into being at the park instead of actually having to go? I am opposed to the ablist anarchist frisbee and fear that the strawberry lemonade might be Driscolls! Thank u comrades!

I promise to wear my coolest Mister Spock ears if you can just make this shindig a bit more scenesterish.

And now, gazing into my red and black, directly democratically self-managed and federalist crystal ball...I see...I see...Harry Potter fan shit irrelevant to everyone who isn't way-into playdates with subculture scenesters. It's the Macc!

if the frisbee crowd or the no fun allowed crew are the only choices, anarchism is about as appealing as u.s. democracy...

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