Reclaim Mayday! Call for an Anti-Statist, Anti-Capitalist Bloc at NYC May Day, Union Square

  • Posted on: 24 April 2018
  • By: thecollective


The following is a call to action on May Day, Tuesday, May 1st, 2018, in Union Square, New York City.

The past few months have shown the increasingly reactionary and hopeless nature of the current world we live in. From the capture of Afrin by Turkish state forces, to passing of the SESPA-FOSTA bill which further criminalizes and endangers sex workers, the police murders of Stephon Clark and Saheed Vassel, the Brooklyn murder of Ralph Nimmons, a homeless man, by grocery store employees who caught him shoplifting, and the continuing prosecution of J20 and Standing Rock resisters and rebels.

The global crisis of imperialism and the War on Terror continues to ravage the world, with reactionaries and neo-cons cheering on US bombs and Western interventions on one hand, and authoritarian “tankie” Marxist-Leninists stuck in Cold War era geopolitics cheering on Russian and Iranian military operations on the other hand, all the while building coalitions with 4th positionist fascists under the guise of a faux anti-imperialism.

The situation may seem bleak to anarchists and other radical comrades. But we desperately need an alternative. We have nothing to lose, as we are already loosing what little we actually have. The only other alternative is to accept wage slavery, fascism, colonial social conditioning and endless war.

This is why we are calling for an anti-capitalist, anti-statist, pro-autonomist bloc on this Tuesday, May 1st 12:00 PM at Union Square. Show your opposition to this vile state of affairs and say enough is enough, while at the same time making it clear we are done with all reformist and state-based called “solutions” to these problems, which have time and time again shown to eventually only manifest the same oppressions under a different guise. Wear all black, bring flags and banners, and most importantly shut this shit down!



Will this be a silly string or giant puppet bloc? I do not want to be the one person showing up with string to the puppet show or the one person with puppets to the string attack. TIA comrades!

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