TOTW - When should a project end?

  • Posted on: 22 April 2018
  • By: thecollective

In my years of anarchist activism I have mostly found the work to be in two categories. Too beautiful to survive and too focused to quit. Our general question is, what kind of projects are worth doing, past the point where their survival is no longer in doubt, and at what point should a project end?

Most of have experienced the first problem. We have a cause that's worth fighting for but the world changes, we change, or the war ends and our project fades away. Some of us keep on fighting (Occupy) but the work changes from chasing reporters away to begging them to come and notice. Many, if not most, of our work is temporary and fleeting.

The other kind of work ends up looking like maintaining a non-profit, or doing charity in a world that has infinite need. There is a real need but our project isn't making a difference as much as proving a service. What is to be done?

Should we stubbornly pick the particular fight (let's say feeding people) we desire and keep on doing it till we keel over? Should we institutionalize our anarchic projects into sustainable people serving apparatus? Or does the end of long term anarchist projects just look like individuals getting exhausted and just walking away one-by-one? Keeping the long view, at what point should we put long term projects to bed? Are there any projects that should live beyond their founders or the conditions that originated their need?



After 5 years

When it publishes eco extremists

There would be a start with an idea and a concentration of energy and purpose would converge and presto, a momentum is attained and it rolls on and develops a self-perpetuating mode. It ceases to be a project at this point of regeneration, and takes on the form of a unanimous involuntary clan of individuals, an gestaltian organism in itself.,.

Dreams of a unitarian organic community.

Do your maths, everything outside of individualism is totalitarian including Facebookism

"everything outside of individualism is totalitarian "

now THERE is an open mind!

Today. Your projects are so yall can stroke your intellectual 1 dimensional boner with your pre-intellectual 1 dimensional pals. Imitating academia is HILARIOUS.

All thanks to A!, Bellamy and the rest at Scott Crow's private sauna.

Srsly, I just noticed the sheer lack of analysis of authority relations and how hierarchies work in all that sea of po-mo word salads. Lacks substance.

Not me writing these. - Z

All that freakin effort just to have a peanut butter sandwich project. Just pull an apple off a tree and be done with it.

the old green anarchy project (primarily) out of eugene could speak to this one. and no doubt the different folks involved would have different ideas about when it *should* have called it quits.

Is this question about (a) news ? Yes I would say just call it .

when folks start referring to their railroad track shanties as "the commune"

When your room has bars on the window and a slot in the iron door.

when it requires patreon.
when it's dumped from patreon.

when it doesnt update its website for 15 years.

when its website becomes the extent of its praxis.
when its praxis requires likes and shares.

when you resort to going anonymous on a website to trash talk doug all because youre mad because no one visits you site anymore

when your name is doug.
when you talk about yourself in the third person.

All the other online anarchist projects I've seen over the recent years turn up dead after a year of inactivity at most. It just sucks that they usually don't post a farewell message.

is when the people decide they don't want to do it anymore that's when it ends but this is arborescent thinking and implies the agency of the participants. I'm reminded of a quote from an article I read today, "there is more life in dead trees than there is in living trees." We're living in the dead trees of the past and we can see for miles because the foliage of new life is gone.

The Vietnam war hasn't ended, people are still suffering from the poison and unexploded ordinance that was dropped on Southeast Asia and look what has become of that country despite the intervention there.

Does anything really end? Aren't we the products of all our actions and their affects? Aren't you recording all this? It's all there if you shine a light on it. Looking back I think it would be conceited to think I could have done anything differently or even now.

Yeah it's the eternal recurrence, so what I'm going to say is just like UN liberal poop, it should be deleted cos its BULLSHIT RHETORIC SOUNDING, even if you ended up a starving peasant in an underdeveloped country with a few loving friends sharing a dirty alleyway and helping each other survive, that's preferable to being a smug rich entrepreneur with a luxurious lifestyle who has relationships based on shallow materialistic values, OH NO, ILL TAKE THE MERCEDES YOU STUPID LOSER, AND THE CAVIAR . And so what does having a project to do with life quality or goals when if one has a shelter and adequate food and good loyal companionship what more is there to aspire to. A WHOLE LOT CHUMP, IM NOT LIVING LIKE A DOG! Shouldn't there just be ONE project, give everyone on the earth shelter and one good meal a day, and all the other projects this entails regionally, food production and birth control are drawn into this.PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS OVER PRODUCE BABIES COS THATS ALL THEY HAVE FOR ENTERTAINMENT. So I have this greedy devil inside telling me no, no, it's a waste of time, FUCK THEM ALL, LOOK AFTER NUMBER ONE, ITS DOG EAT DOG OUT THERE, SIGH, sigh, whimper.

that it is World Tai Chi and Qigong day and you may want to take a deep breath and relax in the spirit of this global event.

Of course we should be motivated by compassion for ourselves and others, the world. I would redistribute wealth and perhaps rewild at some point, you are not alone.

If we were lucid dreamers could we dream together and wake up inside the dream and fly? Maybe we could see our own hands and know that we are alive.

Sending good vibrations from the honeycomb hideout.

See if you can make heads or tails of this. I haven't looked into it that much.

Hey dood, I'm not an arty-farty poop in pants trendy yuppie person or some kind of acid-freak lost in a psychosis mmkay? I need plain down to earth language to explain the social anomoly.

and you may be more of an artisan than you think. This is a project that DOES NOT END. I'm more interested in a confrontation with each other than the state but I realize that once our eyes meet we must turn our gaze towards an other so we can know who we are and are not.

I usually approach the social anomaly in a roundabout way but in this instance I will engage head on. WE are the anomaly, THEY are the status quo so we will always be against the grain so to speak. This is our rapport to the banality of society but our consolation must be better than their winnings or we will always be the losers.

So now it's time for show and tell. What do you have to show for yourself?

Anonymous anomalies don't show or tell, that's for Facebookists and totalitarians.

my anonymous, anomalous, non-facebookist, non-totalitarian fellow commenter, this reads like a tell all!

Loose lips sink ships!

You know when I was younger I really wanted to get away from my friends and family so I moved to a place with a lot less friends. Yeah It was cool in one way, but I felt like a chump for abandoning such a nice tight knit network of humans. Why do people think moving to a big city is so great? There are more people but also more people crushed under capital and its demand for work, rent and what not. There are wonderful advantages to having close friends that have your back, never forget that. Then the projects that you embark upon will come organically and you won't have to make alliances with people you can't trust.

what the hell is your prob dude? they are fashists

no truer words have ever been spoken, and now I must end this jouissance and return to homeostasis. Bye

Aye aye skipper ol' buddy!

When it ceases making a profit and exploiting people!

When the RUBES find out I just want their money to pay for my hentai addiction and will tell them ANYTHING to GET IT!

Hoodoo, Illegalism, Communism, Egoism, Anime, Taoism, Gonzo Journalism all rolled into one Leftist Magic Bean! I've outdone myself!

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