Anarchy Radio 05-15-2018

  • Posted on: 15 May 2018
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)


A fun and stimulating hour with friend and vivid anarchist Rotn.



We have to stop Leviathan. Land projects won't do that, and neither will "revolt", as referenced by Rotn, neither will any "war", primal or otherwise.

Nor any actual Leviathan beyond a reified correspondent language. Immediate terrestrial living such as land projects as well as acute sabotage is precisely how one gets beyond a civilized existence which at default is a state of mind. There's also the need to distill desire down to unique preferences and aspirations beyond non will representation based desire.

"Everything I disagree with is reification"

Reifications can be useful and are an integral part of a species which complex mediated language like ours(reification is integral to art for instance). The issue with 'we' is that it's an abusable term that slicks the process of mass reified thinking to its worse degrees. 'We' can be find so long as there's an acknowledgement that it's a usefully fictitious term.

Leviathan is just poetic. I think we all understood what anon meant, their umbrella terms are no different from the way you employ yours. "Immediate terrestrial living" is complete reified mumbo jumbo, too. You could have just said "going back to living off the land" and you would have the benefit of not sounding like a mooked-up jamuli ass.

I voice support for anon's assertion: the notion that "land projects" or "acute sabotage" (hah!) could even scratch or dent modern global industrial civilization is comedy. NA@s have no capacity for force and never will. It's not just about anarchs. Look at the followers of Osho they mention with the Wild Wild Country series in the episode. NA@s will come even close to that. Why? Humans don't have as much agency as they pretend.

|| *NA@s will NOT come even close to that ||

Is already the wrong way to look at the problem. The Masterless Men of Atlantic Canada(real anarchs) were not a force against civilization, they simply found and resonated with an indigenous mode of being. The same is true of the Osho folks who were not primarily driven by any kind of elective constituted struggle.

These things all go back to preferences, aspirations and the strife in between humans at the end of the day. You don't need to infer a literal force of global industrial civilization which at the end of the day is an integrated totality of various psychic structures. All anarchy really is is a break from those psychic structures with a different mode of being and intercourse. Strife might be a part of it but nothing to the point of constituted struggle.

Cut to the chase, dude. You're completely missing the point. 2100 CE = Desert planet with dead oceans. You mention a different mode of being. We have no agency to be just different on a whim. Autonomy is involuntary! Your real anarchmen tm didn't suddently decide to be that way! They were still part of Nature.

You're pointing out that terrestrial dislocations will change humans, why would I disagree with this an what does this have to do with my point. Obviously reality is existential by default.

Some points

I think it's better to use the word machineology then technology. On the issue of activism, activism is a branching problem of the deeper rooted problem of elective/proposing struggle. Activism is simply the most crude naked form that elective struggle takes. To get people to give up activism as Andrew X said all those years ago one must Atlas shrug off elective weight as I call it. This is basically the problem with that liberal activist in practice person who says one thing and does another. It's better to have a Bartlebyan Anarch Banker then to have have an electively weighted ideologue even from an anarchist stand point.

Also, more civilized agnosticism would be helpful with someone like Chris Ryan as an example. He has the 'we shouldn't have done it but we're stuck with it' view. At the very least your defacing the currency of civilization which is popular in these kind of times.

Also, again, those actually actualizing non-hierarchical relations are anarchs more then elective struggling anarchists.

There's also the need to distill desire down to unique preferences and aspirations beyond non will representation based desire.

Nihilism and egoism are distilling. Now there is a "need to distill desire". Anything else needing distillation so we can overcome the Almighty Reification of Life? It makes me think that the primary motivator here is the experiences that provide the basis for the distilling, not the other way around. The process of distillation is an afterthought, not a way of being in the moment.

Thumbs up to this comment - "Everything I disagree with is reification"

Another poster- desire does need to be distilled, in other words, it must be separated from the dross of consumerism and fetishism so that the extract is an essential psychic nutrient.,.

Please, will Sir Einzige explain this and give examples too so us, everyday folks, get wtf youlre on about? Thanx

Pretty much points to what I mean by distilled desire beyond mass consumptive sublimation patterns.

Did someone say distilled desire beyond mass consumptive sublimation patterns???! I am ALL ABOUT distilled desire beyond mass consumptive sublimation patterns and I'm glad you are too comrade! I mean If opposing prison gangs, who have literally STABBED ONE ANOTHER TO DEATH, can come together to distilled desire beyond mass consumptive sublimation patterns? there is NO EXCUSE for these radicals who scoff at working with fellow slaves over minor ideological concerns.

Learn all about the distilled desire beyond mass consumptive sublimation patterns and Situationist communist egoistic necromantic voodoo by BECOMEing my Patreon patron TODAY!


I didn't feel like killing myself listening to this more upbeat edition.

Suicide is very much still on the table

I can't afford a table! I don't even want a table when I actually think about it! I may just do some of that distilling which has been mentioned by Ziggy.

Talking about distilling, I drank myself to the point of death under a table once :)

Ahhh, that pic of JZ is from when the Eugene Infoshop was around and the Zerz popped by to check out the space.

WOW he really portrays the flushed weathered face of the outdoorsman, the passport to primitivism.

Agreed. I never trusted Zerzan until I saw his beautiful weathered face and realized that this was a man I could finally trust. I had previously sworn to myself to never trust another man. I had been wronged in the past. But JZ was different, as he rode up to me on a magnificent horse, wearing only a poncho and a nacho hat (a hat made up of nachos). This was a different man, I told myself.

Will the sun ever set again ? In JZ land it would, regardless whether or not the Whiteaker was gentrifying. Sure, I liked the Whiteaker Block Party as much as the next person, but it would never be the same if it weren't for the annual Great Hippie Conga Line that Zerzan lead with such gusto. He would always demand that Steely Dan be playing, even if he was the only person who requested it.

Umm sorry to burst your infantile bubble but the sanguine facial appearance is due to a heavy intake of alcohol, not to fresh mountain air and ultra-violet radiation overdose.

Nooo, I believe it's an outdoorsman type of flush, a domesticated vegetable garden variety.,.

on the B@GR podcast? Kevin is doing all the grunting while Ian, Four Legged, JZ, Cliff are nowhere to be heard! Any chance of B@GR podcast inviting Bellamy Fitzpatrick (of Backwoods fame) for a chat/discussion about all things anti-civ?

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