Chilean Anarchist Revolutionary Tamara Sol Released From Prison

Chilean Anarchist Revolutionary Tamara Sol Released From Prison

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Tamara Sol, a Chilean anarchist revolutionary, was sentenced in 2014 to 7 years and 61 days imprisonment shooting a Banco Estado (State Bank) security guard in revege for the death of anarchist comrade Sebastian Overluij.

She spent almost 6 years behind bars in various prisons across the country. She had sought several times to obtain a conditional release, which had been systematically refused by the state.

Tamara’s detention was part of a series of reactionary attacks from the state in the conflict between anarchists and the Chilean authorities.

The insurrectionary movement in Chile had gained significant prominence after the rise of the Greek insurrectionary movement.

This period is noted for the famous Bombs Case after a series of extraordinary attacks on reactionary state and capitalist forces.

On May 2nd 2009, anarchist Mauricio Morales died during this conflict in an unsuccessful bombing attempt.

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Typo ,, I mistakenly made this comment, however, if I was deputy sheriff, I would have freed her straight away, no crime committed, pardoned and freed.

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