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Here is the first writing after our intro in the new Renzo Novatore & Friends book, Our Ethic, collected writings from Il Libertario. You may click the links or photographs for a pretty little spread titled “Free Spirit Immortalists”.



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I emailed you all about 2 months ago, then sent a letter with some cash shortly after. Never heard back on either accounts. What gives?

You're not the only one. I don't understand why they bother publicizing stuff if they're not going to actually send them to people.

I've not exchanged correspondence with them, yet I'm extremely delighted by their mere existence!

Probably inquire with them instead of anews. I receive my issues on time and extras too. I know the mail goes from here (US) to Canada,then issues are mailed. I'd inquire directly but yeah, I've received new books too and only sent cash once. I love em!

Do y'all not even read the comments you're responding to? I said I emailed and wrote them letters. How do I inquire when they don't respond?

Did you put a stamp on the letter and was your emailing device virus free?

Can free spirits actually live under the yoke of ethical restraints? Ethics are a collective arrangement, the individualist may have their own morality, but the ethics of others do not concern them.
So what does Enzo's "Our Ethic" actually refer to? Maybe I should read it, but the title terrifies me!

If it helps, I've read the first several in it as I help to translate to German and he's smashing the idea of ethics. So there's that.

The words 'our ethic' are mocking his dear friend who put out several articles in the paper he was writing to, attempting to define an ethic for their pals

Thanks, I thought the title had a tad of sarcasm in there. I'll have to give it a read.

Mmmmm, love the wording Dionysiacally ethical, and its contrary context.

Welcome! Mocking sarcasm indeed, forcefully, such as with a hammer, repeatedly lol Its pretty great.

I'm a subjectively insurrectionary S.S.I. beneficiary who scares easy, so this one is right up my alley!

Can't wait to read it. They sent me zines, flyers or I guess they're called broadsheets and Novatore mini books before they big one came out, so tight. I plan to send more cash later but at the time only had $10 to send and some small paintings I did, they don't seem to mind, I get the double issues too

Have to echo the above sentiment: why publicize an extensive catalog of offerings when you don’t follow through with people’s orders? The second major egoist oriented publishing project, actually the third!, over the last several years to receive cash/‘donations’ with poor reciprocal practices. Sadly telling, unfortunately...

Not sure what that fuss up there is all about, I found them super responsive. Got extra issues, some booklets split in french and English, some of Wolfi's stuff, also got some stress relief tea ha

I know they moved their whole press outfit from somewhere in the u.s. to Canada, maybe that plus covid bullshit, I don't know, like I said above tho, they've been awesome for me.

That is totally understandable! But like, communicate that please instead of having people wait indefinitely when they've sent money?

Ask them to check their spam folder, seriously. Work it out instead of telling a void on the internet, ya know? They're fuckin nice as fuck and could just be a fluke, who knows. Better yet, try reaching outside of riseup, I know I've had issues there, maybe their proton acct, or twitter even. Work it out, it's worth it.

Interacted with 2 of the Distinctly Dionysian people on two occasions. Asked about trading, left them links to my blog & social media in email.  I sent $5 with a zine, lame but its all I had. 2nd time I didn't send anything even tho I wanted to for the next issue. Mail came anyhow with the next issue, coupla zines & a fucking $200 visa gift card for food. The editor woman saw me say something on twitter about being hungry I guess????  Who the fuck does that?? She's some kind of godless angel. I love her, I love them, fuck anyone that doesn't. 

She was one of the rare Stirnerian angels which roam this Earth spreading goodwill and a spotless mindset.

Might not want to air it all over the net otherwise, people might take advantage (cool to see your happiness about it though) Just a thought. Glad for you though, that's nice.

Turns out us individualist-egoist leaning people can care outside of the draining collective mentality, who knew. /sarcasm

I know them personally via Apio (know as in IRL, met twice) and while no one has a spotless mind (yeah, cheap internet sarcasm is "telling") the editor mentioned is definitively the cream of the crop. Dionysian is everything I expected pre-meeting her and the project is getting better and better. They've got their stuff down now after moving it and like the above stated, it's the best anarchistic/literary project to come out in ages. Support them if you can outside of trades, it costs a fortune to do, which is why we quit publishing one of your "favs" -

So what gives? Their Twitter first went 'private' then disappeared altogether last month - on the eve of the publication of their Novatore book(s) - and their web page hasn't been updated in two months. What happened to them?

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