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  • Posted on: 17 June 2018
  • By: thecollective

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N30: The Seattle WTO Protests – a memoir and analysis, with an eye to the future – From CrimethInc. – MP3ReadPrintArchiveTorrentYouTube

With the sub-title “The Seattle WTO Protests: A memoir and analysis, with an eye to the future,” N30 is an excellent overview by Crimethinc of the 1999 protests against the World Trade Organization (WTO). For better or worst, the Seattle WTO was one of the pivotal moments in recent anarchist history in the U.S. The zine combines an exciting personal account of the protests with a somewhat more academic—but nevertheless interesting—analysis of the protest from the RAND Corporation. It ends with a afterward written 7 years later by crimethInc. Very long and very detailed!

Musical Interludes:

Infernal Noise Brigade – L’Etincelle, Ja Helo, Hamaq

¡TchKung! – Smash Things Up, Hall of the Khan, Gone to Croatan, Feral

We also used protest sounds from the movie Breaking the Spell, an excellent documentary about the WTO protests in Seattle also made by CrimethInc.




The story of the pigs and the squat in Seattle, and one person worried about the pigs because of an out of state warrant reminds me of an incident from my own past. In Spring 2001 the pigs were trying to prosecute me on a legally defective felony "inciting to riot" charge for the storming of fur-selling "Neiman-Carcass." The charge was crap and was dropped that summer but it was still a pending felony, meaning any new arrest would be a probable hold.

I stayed fully engaged, refusing to back off because of this or any other case. I was involved in Homes Not Jails DC, and we had just taken over a new squat at 304 K st NE. I was inside with the others, and we had barricades set up but while not under siege were using a back door to get both ourselves and construction materials in and out. That door could be quickly barricaded. We had a false alarm where pigs showed up on the block. I charged to the back door and began to lift the beam that reinforced the door so I could get out the back. Someone said the pigs were too close, meaning it would not be possible to get that door back closed and barricaded in time if I opened it to bail. I slammed that beam back down, now knowing that if this was a live raid the only way out was by a low (but unstable) portion of the roof.

Fortunately the pigs backed off. The raid did not come until three days later, and I was not inside nor expected to be when it did come. I had been part of the construction crew, not the lockdown crew that would try to resist the raid, but we all knew about what I later described as "green zones get mortared," the reality in serious action that no place or time is ever entirely safe.

As for 304 K st? It was in such bad shape that it was demolished after first HNJ, and then a crew of renovators had a go at it. Apparently the termite damage to structural wood was just too much, especially when combined with lead water pipes on the whole block. Last I saw it was a vacant lot.

Vacant lot! Fantastic, a humble place for good law-abiding homeless folk to rest their weary heads without the anxiety of hyper-activity, paranoia and the atmosphere of ressentiment which pervades the spaces of politically occupied squats ;)

Yawn... only a portion of the squats worldwide are political, which means boring and filled with elitist gimmicks. You just haven't lived in those unpolitical ones, where they rather tend to have an atmosphere of continuous party and creative energies.

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