TOTW: Serendipity and the Flame

  • Posted on: 18 June 2018
  • By: SUDS

The dream is dead. There is no big-tent; no mass. The siren song of community organizing is silent.

A coin falls to the floor--one side, Populist Struggle; the other, a Struggle to identify.

There are no hyphens; no anarchism with adjectives. The rock of ideology is no match for the river.

Many have come to idolize infrastructure; infatuated with their captors. Permanence is a myth and those who peddle it are spiritual thieves. Everything is falling apart.

Agility, and autonomy, are practices that we might carry with us. They only weigh as much as we do. The breadth of our work is only confined by our creativity, and today, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and good conversation, have the potential to free our mind so our ass might follow.

Rarely are the fruits of our efforts born fully-formed and flawless and so perfection, like permanence, is peddled quackery. Practice, a philosophy in action, makes creation look easy to the fool, but for the sage, the work is never over. That is because there is no creation, only documentation.

Serendipity will never share its secrets. It will never be predicted, or bent to the will of humans. Serendipity smiles only for the prepared.

What can you accomplish alone? If indeed "quality seeks quality" then the smoke produced from your signal fire will attract others, and together, become a out of control blaze. Without a signal fire first however, you will remain alone, in ritualistic contemplation of how great you might be if you only had an army.

What can a single unbridled anarchist accomplish?

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This TOTW is a solipsistic mess. Assertion after assertion. Why should we trust any of the words and declarations you make? and your question couldn't be more obvious. What can a single anarchist accomplish? Not much! But what are you measuring her by? The world? How about another life? Much! You appear to still be trapped by the thinking of armies, work, and everything. Why don't you slow your roll and accept that anarchy is a small thing. It is human size and if it is interested in going to war... it is no longer anarchy at all.

If it sounds astute and intelligent in the rhetoric, anything goes, especially when it's shallow. Yeees, poetry's quite goods at decorating empitiness...

language is only good for bringin about the prole rev

“ A smile of scorn and bitter irony still curled their lips as their infernal engines prowled ominously through the blighted metropolis like panthers stalking prey and, terrible as lightning, propagated a new form of life. "


"Even throughout the endless, barren lands of the bleak desert, flowers bloom"

- N.

Still at large and forever vagabond, the rider wearing black is the most romantic individualist I have ever met. Like the shark, she never stops moving. Places she's tied down to? None. Authorities with a hold on her? None. Causes commanding her compliance? None. Insults swallowed? None. Enemies? Plenty, and she wouldn't have it any other way.

It was a beautiful mid-May morning in the territories ruled by the red claw and mauling fang of the wild when we came to know each other. And lo', as the final rays of the violent, heavy sun imbued the chemical-smog horizon with a magnificent hue of colors -- the ineffable likes of which no one could possibly know the names of -- we broke bread together in a merry pirate ritual of complicity and abundance.

Within her irreverent eyes, I could see a fascinating vision of anarchy, lawlessness and selfhood burning like the stars as they work their way up, luminous and grand; from givers of life to immeasurably colossal hydrogen bombs, engulfing the cosmos in a shiny raging blaze.

Remorseless and condemned, she smiled at me; extended her hand, and spake thus:

‘freedom isn't sedentary, my friend, it's the constant motion of unbridled Desire in full effect and the road that shall never be traveled by the frightened and feeble multitudes. The nine-fold desert is outlaw territory and will always exist as such, but only for the benefit of the ruthless, intelligent and mobile. Back in the cities of Empire Humanity, the so-called rebels march, march and will continue to march again. Their life-project of politics and revolution reaches deep into the future and out into the amorphous blob of a doomed and indifferent Humanity, far beyond the immediate sphere of their own corporeal existence. It is a tragicomic endeavor, in the eyes of the marauding egoist, particularly in the context of this already so profoundly post-revolutionary world. Come, forget about trying to make the world a better place and lets ~experience~ it as a better place together instead, here and now and to the fullest extent of our strength. Come! To the lofty pinnacle of the untamed mountain rising over the clouds, from which we fall upon the civilized like black thunderbolts in daring raids -- looting and plundering in terrible howling fits of wild avarice everything we can!’.

She continued:

'Remote and desolate oases will host our motorized clan of white-line warriors as we go rolling deep and high on the glorious, eternal maraud. In secrecy, we will seize the land for our own, thereafter which a distributed network of seasonal encampments will be equipped with disposable shelters, hidden caches and other logistical elements for a thriving new culture of illegalist-nomadology. Outlaw maps leading to secret outlaw havens stashed with buried outlaw treasure will circulate among our relations of union and affinity. This is no mirage, but rather a project already "in motion". As winter makes its' presence felt in the frigid, white north; we will ride into the arid, vermillion south. And should the stifling hand of civilized society seek to challenge us with its' borders and police? We will ride even further still! Scattering diffusely, deeper and deeper into the voids of the nine-fold desert, only to regroup and begin again. Descending once more from the top of the untamed mountain where Zarathustra-Dionysus runs free and wild and roars at life.'

Thus spake the rider wearing black, still at large and forever vagabond. And lo', as the final rays of the violent, heavy sun imbued the chemical-smog horizon with a magnificent hue of colors -- the ineffable likes of which no one could possibly know the names of -- we broke bread together in a merry pirate ritual of complicity and abundance.

And then he looked up from his smartphone induced fog of a daydream and went back to work, remembering all his past failed experiments of freedom and limitless association.

Because after all, for the Stirnerian, freedom was a concept which required a mind over matter interpretation of will.

That's not where I was going with my reply to the flowery parent post at all. Your "stirnerian" troll is weak

Stirnerians are not averse to entropy.

It seems to me the unbridled anarchist is perhaps even more elusive than the grand revolution. In much the same way as the perfume and sparkles of a unicorn's sneeze, I cannot grasp the unbridled anarchist, nevermind what they might accomplish.

Though I have severed many of the overt and blatant links to those who would have me on my knees, it would be delusion to consider myself, as an anarchist, unbridled. Here and now, I live among a conglomerate who choose to adorn their own tack from the shelf of shit; who saddle me and pull at my neck through their submission and complicity, bridling me with exclusion rather than a knife to slice the reins of government.

It is here that I find serendipity. Because it is only me, I never get caught. There is no overwhelming fear when I am alone; only exhilaration and survival. I climb fences and cut holes. I paint the walls and windows. I take gates off their hinges, open doors and glue locks. I am in, and I am out. I ruin the money-counter's sums. I immobilize the filth, and the capitalist's heavy machinery. I am a fuckin' migraine for every tangible shitbag who finds themselves drawn upon my thought. I am the cosh in a dark alley, the paint stripper on the bodywork, the flames that melt the plastic. My accomplishment is that I am master of my paranoia. I know who wants me dead, and I know who seeks my destruction.

Despite these bitter joys and hierarchy of exclusion, enough beauty opens itself to me to believe an "unbridlement" may be possible; and who knows, maybe even a face full of unicorn gob could be on the cards. That'd be a treat.

Yes, one must not stigmatize the slut of the cosmos!

What can a single unbridled anarchist accomplish? What can a single unbridled vegan accomplish? What can a single unbridled liberal accomplish? What can a single unbridled neo-con accomplish? What can a single unbridled anyone accomplish? What a fuckin' stupid question!

There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers ;)

a TOTW on Black Anarchists? From I see and hear, most coverage is White males. This is same deal when I check out vegan material. I am presuming many Black people are having to deal with the White issue of racism and so, spend most of their energy on that. Do White anarchists marginalise Black anarchists...institutional cultural anarchy, if you will? Given the breadth of life experience at @news, I would like to your perspectives on this or/and do Black people feel there is indeed marginalisation (percieved and/or real) and so, set up separately? I have heard Black people talk on podcasts etc about Marxism but hardly ever about being anarchist.

Check out Ashanti Alston, former Black Panther and current anarchist.

1. Most people here are anonymous, you're racist and sexist assuming you know their race and gender.

2. I know for a fact several people involved in this site are not white men, they just happen not to foreground the fact in their writing.

3. You *do* see a lot of black and POC, women, LGBTQ+, disabled people etc talking about anarchism in relation to identity on various parts of the internet. Unfortunately a lot of them are seduced by idpol authoritarianism and are anarchist in name only, but that also goes for most white male anarchists nowadays.

4. There's also a lot of anarchists *in the global South* such as the Zapatistas, IGD, Kamunist Kranti, Awareness League, Mujeres Creando, El Libertario, MTD Solano, Yogyakarta Mayday protesters, OPM, Hong Kong Anarchist Bookfair, Brazilian anarchists, Tahrir Square black bloc, Korean squatters, imprisoned anarchists in Chile, not to mention surviving hunter-gatherers who don't necessarily call themselves anarchists. People's Global Action (who coordinated the anti-capitalist mobilisations) included affiliates from India (KRRS), Brazil (MST), Malaysia (anarcho-punks)... But idpols only care about marginalised white squatter-punks with low incomes, mental health problems and criminal records, not letting themselves be dominated by middle-class media studies graduates who had one black grandparent, because "OMG my feeling offended at your dreadlocks is way more important than your need for housing or food".

5. A topic on black anarchism will necessarily descend into an idpol vs anti-idpol flamewar, is this what you're looking for?

'1. Most people here are anonymous, you're racist and sexist assuming you know their race and gender.' Really, I'm racist for bringing this up AND I've owned my comment by referencing to my personal experience. It appears YOU @Critic is the one trying to stir up idpol not me hunnybun? Yes, I can see you have been busy on the internet looking up all the names you have referenced in your piece, well done you. Big Kiss and Hugs. Now toddle off and try and rouse someone else coz I ain't biting. I shall also re-cite the basis for my previous email to @muse: 'They have generally rejected narrow or vulgar forms of "anarchism" that ignore issues of race and national oppression, a deformed "white, petty-bourgeois Anarchism that cannot relate to the people" and that refuses to deal with issues of race saying "No, don't talk about racism unless it is in that very abstract sense of we-are-all-equal-let's-sing-kumbayas-and-pretend-the-color-of-our-skin-does-not-matter" anti-racism.' by Pedro Ribeiro|Reflections on APOC and the fate of Black Anarchism.

Isn’t Robeiro the guy who promotes the hierarchical quilombo as a positive model because it had black monarchs? That kind of fake anarchism is what @critic is rejecting, and I’m right there with him. It’s like the Afrocentrists who celebrate the Blackness of pharaonic Egypt, while downplaying or ignoring the fact that it was a highly stratified imperialist civilization based on a slave economy. It’s a little easier to look to ancient Timbuktu as a quasi-positive location of Black positivity; they promoted widespread learning in their famous universities and library.

A lot for their own QoL. And there's always "unions"

huh? what happened since last week when we were on the verge of some kinda left unity revolution..?

“a struggle to identify...” - is this what individualism amounts to? The need to create an identity for oneself? And these are the same fools that wail against identity politics as if the focus of their ire isn’t just a smokescreen for more white supremacy?

Identify and identity are not the same thing, also there is distinction between a mere identity that is accoutremental and will based and meta identity based on a representational reference.

"And these are the same fools that wail against identity politics as if the focus of their ire isn’t just a smokescreen for more white supremacy?"

seriously? anyone opposed to group identity is somehow inherently a white supremacist (and likely male, in your myopic lack of vision)? holy shit, that is some pathetically dogmatic bullshit.

The way I see it, identity politics, more often than not, props up white supremacy. This isn't to see that there aren't shallow dismissals of identity politics coming from a place of white supremacy. But to charge ~individualism~ for this is stupid and sloppy and a tired partisan trope. You know who is actually into identity politics big time? White supremacists.

How is the identity politics praxis going though? Really making gains toward the revolution with your good anti oppression work? Aka talking shit on facebook and twitter about how fucked up this or that person is to make yourself feel relevant, powerful, and righteous.

You've got white supremacy on its heels now!!

The white supremacist Idpol theory was a plea for acceptance in the same way the indigenous stance was, partly as a tit-for-tat spiteful tactic and also as a genuine historical fact. Both benefited financially with grants and also with increased self-esteem and pride, the narcissistic type of egotist identity complex, not the Stirnerian metaphysical egoism, and I think this is where the poster is moronically confused with the translation of "ego", in equating white supremacy to individualism.
The factual geographic and illusionary mythology of both claimants spills out into the sphere of politics and takes on the form of a multiheaded monster vying for power and prestige against the bold and courageous individual Stirnerian, straining gallantry against the herd of sheepish deranged mystics with consumerist lusts screaming and yelling hysterically at the entrances of Western malls.

at the mall, the Rambo of longboard queers, rollin on these suckers 7 days a week weather permitting.

When I left the church to be a skatepunk the other half of the anarchist project was complete because I was already a conscientious objector and was groomed to resist the state as a child. Then I found some friends, which is important to complete the process of liberation, because it's hard to do everything by yourself. So I think solidarity is essential to making substantial gains against oppression even though I do a lot of things on my own.

So keep your middle finger up and the hammer down, get free and have fun trying, get money, stay true and love the one you're with. See you on the flip side. Peace!

Yes one can make a claim that identity and culture are related to commerce and trade and the libidinal economy.,.

but a distinction needs to be made between this and the shutdown of actual oppression. I was VERY happy to see BBQ Becky git what she deserves, and 5000 people showed up to do the job.

It will never be shut down because the tendency is inherent in the homo Sapien gene, the data and statistics are there, you can cover over the empirical data as much as you like with very isolated living examples of perfect societies comprising 0.025% of the population and what about the multiple recuperation during transition stages which reclaim 99.075 of all reformist activity?
Only those without the random genetic combination that overwhelms the host with delusions of persecution and oppression, only those rare ones who compose narratives which do not incite a mindset of oppression and paranoia, only those rare 0.025% of the population who bring joy and laughter even whilst suffering poverty , starvation and disease, only the magnificent Stirnerians shall attain salvation and emancipation from the ghetto of life.

"You know who is actually into identity politics big time? White supremacists."

of course they are. and you know who else is - and MUCH more vocally and politically? everybody that can wear any aspect of their group identity as proof of victimhood. blacks. lgbtqs. latinos. women. disabled folks. asians. little people. fat people. trannies. guys with little dicks. you name it, they will absorb it into their victim complex and create a political movement around their group identity.

me too. NOT.

big boy cause you ain't the one getting your ass kicked. The difference between the white supremacists and everyone else is they're fighting for the right to have more rights than everyone else, to preserve their hegemony, which they fear is slipping away from them, and rightfully so. It only takes a 25% minority to change public opinion, it takes a nation of millions to hold us back.

is no excuse to internalized a victim complex.

often results from trauma and victimization causes the victim complex. The man in the video said himself that we are all victims of micro aggressions it's just a matter of getting a court to decide if you have a legitimate grievance. If someone runs a red light and totals your car are you going to eschew suing for damages to avoid the victim identity or seek redress for your injuries?

The Other poster here, umm, didn't you once say you were a nihilist hmm? And now you include the State judiciary system within you hypothetical arguments concerning the ethics of someone in a car accident, as if innocence or guilty are the only binaries in your equation of social justice. Now that's a very narrow and un- anarchic approach to personal psychological relational dynamics gel! What have you got to say for yourself hmmmmm?,.

The OTHER POSTER aka Le Way the troll

and just because I referred to the court system doesn't mean I think it's the arm of the Lord or dispenses any absolute judgements of right and wrong or morality. Of course we could refer to an accountability process and restorative justice but that doesn't absolve a perpetrator or eliminate the concept of victimization.

Yeah, well I'm an existential nihilist, or a nihilo-existentialist, or just Nothing, I don't wear these hyphenated labels, nor do I complain of having a persecuted troll complex, or when I was forced to have sex by an indiginous woman, I don't call that rape, I call it reciprocated justice which is above any good/bad judgemental process. This includes most things which go before Christian courts which could have been settled outside in the street.,.

Also I'd like to add that a collective mass schizophrenia seems to affect the Idpol population, the idea that a separate ancient consciousness inhabits the modern person, that race memory is carried in the genes and invokes in the Idpol patient a certain persona linking them to an archaic Weltanschauung. These are dangerous and sick people.,.

along those lines, you may be right.

Could Multiple Personality Disorder Explain Life, the Universe and Everything?

Well you've read enough of my comments to know my shtick is the psychology of the anarch and the importance of allowing the infant mind to retain its spontaneity and amoral perception of social relationships. Scientists only measure things, very rarely can they put a poetic human Interpretation into a condition or symptom, all rockets firing to understanding unfathomable universes and give complex latin names to creatures yet unable to grasp the simple aesthetics of nature. I like mystery, I don't want to understand everything, it's boring.,.

Statist sheep are the only folk with a hegemony in my part of the woods dood.

of whiteness under settler colonialism means to be a lackey for the ruling class or a statist sheep but without white skin a person can't enjoy a full suite of privileges.

Yeah … thats a bunch of reasonable and measured comparisons you just made there. Nice work champ!

^this was a reply to the poster who says "disabled advocacy is the same as nazis, which is also the same as group identity centred around having a little dick." Mighty fine logic! Mhmm!

Some of the people who inspire me most are the ones who ask themselves this question, who are betrayed by the scenes or dropped by mainstream society but for whom submission or apathy aren't options. It's those moments where we see that anarchy can be an orientation to life, a way of approaching situations, of engaging permanent conflict against the existing authorities.

This can come up in a lot of ways. When I've been in prison I've had to ask what it means to carry myself with integrity and stay antagonistic to this world. But the same can happen if you move or if people move on... We're not immune to the isolation this society inflicts. If we are strong in ourselves and have a practice (not on the internet), it's easier to be integral and not be swept up by the demands the scene might make at any time

I say the question is indeed crucial and unavoidable given the current anti-individualistic social context, but the way it was asked here was... pedantic and self-asborbed? I hope this site doesn't go down the path of poetry bullshit, this would be the similar downward spiral than during the Emile days, but with a diametrically opposed volume of text.

>What can a single unbridled anarchist accomplish?

If you're either especially stable or especially unstable, probably quite a lot. Some of the biggest events of the present conjuncture have been made by “lone wolves” - sadly, very few of them anarchists. What can one Kaczynski, one Czolgosz accomplish? What can one geek with good opsec and the skills to hack the government accomplish? Quite a lot, it turns out. The trouble is, this stuff is high-risk, it's easy to get caught and the system is vindictive and vicious. Well, how about being a martyr, a cause celebre? What can one Mohamed Bouazizi accomplish?

Or what about shifting the opportunity structure to the advantage of anarchists? Inventing something which helps to disempower pigs, writing something which pioneers new tactics? Systems have weak spots, they barely work, they can't see most of what's going on around them. Make a handheld EMP, something which can blind a police helicopter, algorithms which map police movements in real time, find a way to edit human DNA so that it no longer fits the pigs' records, surgery which alters fingerprints, teleportation, robots which take out CCTVs, facial prosthetics, bulletproof shields, electrical armor which sends taser bolts right back at the firer, anti-aircraft fog, self-deploying nets which take down squadrons of riot cops, irremovable glue-paint which will permanently ruin a riot helmet. The inventor benefits millions, not all of them anarchists, but shifts the world so much closer to anarchy. How about one meme which goes viral? Or a media event, a set-up which makes the state look bad, which shifts the public discourse – like whoever filmed Rodney King?

To be honest, I think the main thing stopping us is our psychological makeup. It's easier to act in groups, and with support from others. It's hard to act alone. Easy to get anxious, paranoid, to panic and bail out. On the other hand, being in a crowd or an affinity group makes it easier for each person to expand their feeling of power, to do things they wouldn't have dared before. People who act alone either have a superhuman strength and courage, or (more often) act from desperation or outright psychosis.

It's probably more useful to think about how we can recreate base-level affinity groups. Hakim Bey's bees and tongs. Or how we can draw existing affinity groups, such as gangs, into anarchy.


i wish i was 8 again

Me too!

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