Harrisburg, USA: Solidarity Action for la ZAD

  • Posted on: 20 June 2018
  • By: thecollective

via contra info

In the early hours of the 8th of June we immobilized an earth mover in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania at a new development project.

This small gesture was taken in solidarity with la ZAD of Notre-Dam-des-Landes, France, where rebels have fought to maintain an autonomous zone, free from the state and it’s plans for almost a decade.

The ZAD was first occupied 9 years ago to prevent the construction of a recently abandoned airport project and has inspired eco-rebels across the world, especially it’s inspiring defense against ‘Operation Ceaser’, a massive eviction attempt in late 2012.

Once again la ZAD is facing a fresh wave of repression, in the form of intense both police violence and a recuperative negotiation process which seeks to tame and legalize the uncontrolled zone.

For the defense of territory against the interests of capital
For sabotage against the instruments of ecological devastation


regarding ‘the interests of capital’ in your own backyard you have a private parking company contract monopoly through 2030.

from passing through i could tell how deep the corruption goes with this company, is one of the reasons why the downtown of this state capitol seemed dead midday at the start of the protestant work week.

just a thought. very pretty area, as is much of the state.

Pleased to see shit happening anywhere, especially pleased to see it happening outside the @ hubs of the USA. Much love y'all!

ZAD is the best and we should be making as many solidarity infrastructure attacks as possible. Forget anarchism let's just burn shit! And no chairs!

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