Call for an international week of action against borders 6/24-30

  • Posted on: 20 June 2018
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

In Italy they talk of taking a census of Roma people and turn away a ship full of refugees.

In Bavaria they threaten to break apart the government in Germany over not taking a hard enough anti-immigration stance.

Across Fortress Europe far-right parties demonstrate openly and encourage violence against migrants and refugees.

And here in the United States we build concentration camp tent cities for children and deny them access to their parents or even allow them to hug each other.

Everywhere, xenophobia and racism grows and fascist movements gain strength. Governments crack down on migrants fleeing climate chaos, war, and unrest caused by the decay of capitalism. 

This is a call for an international week of action against borders, immigration authorities, and the separation of families. Border imperialism manifests itself in many forms. Here in the so-called United States it is Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facilities and GEO group detention centers. Across Fortress Europe it is the police in riot gear beating migrants in Hungary, Macedonia, and Greece. It is ships turned away at ports of entry. It is the negligence of European governments allowing distressed migrant vessels to sink with hundreds of people, drowning them in the Mediterranean. 

While these structures of oppression and domination seem to be invincible, they are actually incredibly fragile. It is a sign of weakness by the State when they desperately cling to legitimacy by using fear and hatred of the Other as a way to create a fictionalized national identity.

It is easy to act on our collective desires for liberation from all forms of oppression. Organize a noise demo outside an immigration detention facility. Take a note from comrades in Portland and occupy an ICE facility. Wheatpaste pro-immigration posters in your neighborhood to let your neighbors know they are not alone. Go after the companies profiting from the separation of families and imprisoning of children. Demonstrate outside a U.S. embassy or consulate. Show up en masse to your local congressmen or senator's office and make them feel the pressure in person. Or come up with your own ways of creatively fighting against the violence of border imperialism.

Remember to practice good security culture. It is best to organize autonomously in an affinity group, which is basically you and your friends. Mask up and remain anonymous. Most importantly, act. We cannot sit back and allow concentration camps to open up again. We cannot let white supremacist governments carry out ethnic cleansing on our watch.

If there is to be a war on migrants, then may it have two sides!



I like totally hate this comparison. It's like totally like not even like the same thing, like...we almost stopped all this with one action. Too bad more of you didn't show up to get kettled with us. It's really not like a concentration camp, they're friendly fascists!

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