underHILL Presents: Sever

  • Posted on: 22 June 2018
  • By: underHILL

Ah, the sweet summer months are upon us again, and you, dear anarchist, are fretting as to how you will corral ten of your fellow comrades into a park for the open-air Deleuze reading group you've spent the winter dreaming of, ceaselessly spinning your desiring machines in quiet futility as the months fall away.

But though the sun shines, and grass covers the slopes of the nearest park in æstival splendour, none will heed your call! "What to do?" you worry, hands wringing nervously. "Surely we can't simply read Desert for the fifteenth time..."

But lo! like a bullet loosed from the hand cannon of Malverde himself, an answer appears. From the forges of our InDesign workspace, a contender for your nascent reading group has emerged:

Collecting together some of our favourite pieces from the publication Black Seed, Sever's three texts mobilize a critique of Community, Ritual, and Self-Sufficiency, diving deep into the heart of what it means to exist together, and widening the scope of consideration beyond the thunderous Now-Time of so much anarchist writing.


Check it out, we have the pdf's up on the site: https://underhilldistro.tumblr.com



sick design. some next level zine skills.
sever never looked better.

the cover looks like shit: muddy, confusing, and without connection to the content...
but the inside's fine enough.

why be against ritual?

But you can critique something and not be against it :o

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