Anews podcast - episode 69

  • Posted on: 24 June 2018
  • By: thecollective

Welcome to the Anews podcast. This is episode 69 for June 22, 2018. This podcast covers anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week.

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To discuss this podcast, visit us at on Tue Jun 26 8pm EST (Wed Jun 27 0000 UTC).

This podcast is the effort of many people. This episode was
* sound edited by Rocinante
* “The Praxis of Pragmatics, Part 3” by SUDS
* editorial “We don’t need architects to dismantle the master’s house” by notnull
* Thanks to Aragorn! and SUDS for topic of the week discussion
* The music is 1. Mula, “Mañana” 2. Talking Heads, “Burning Down the House” 3. Young Tender, “Si No Vas a Ser Tú” 4. Nujabes, “Feather (feat. Cise Starr & Akin from CYNE)
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Yes, I can imagine young people reading the anarchist position of no hierarchy etc and then coming up a against a brick wall in their day to day life. It really depends what you want or what you're prepared to put up with and not put up with. Expect to be materially 'poor.' Your own position will take shape over time. I agree with going it alone as much as you can. Spend time thinking. You 'deserve' to be here, alive, as much as anybody else... so no guilt. Anyone who tries to be an authority over you, question it, can they justify their position? If not, explain to them why you don't accept their authority. Years of reading and thinking and honing your anarchy will bring you rewards of a psychological, mental nature. Personally, I spend more time alone. This works for me. It was always like this. I love my own company, never used to. Simple living. Time rich. Materially poor. Connect with your locality. Keep away from social media ;-) Lastly, a TOTW could be about what anarchy can look like in everyday life, discuss scenarios for younger people to get some idea. so to speak

A good start would be, in my own experience, to stand your ground and to evidence your point or points. No one likes being told whatever without some form of justification. Might is right becomes a toxic existence and we can witness that on every level today and today is hyper-might is right. Socratic is I believe in the process, correct me if wrong here? The is lots of power around us which isn't justified, although it is maybe legal. Legal can be argued away. However, if the sides are willing to discuss, there is no point and you may as well go out with a finale or remain alive with the jackboot stamping on your face for eternity, as the saying goes or as some people claim, try and live, not merely exist, in any niches you can create by yourself and/or with others. This comment is for the younger anarchist out there.

Next week on SUDSnews SUDScast!

Is it just me or is SUDS pretty much word salad incoherent?

Yes! You have found Emile!

why are words so hard?!


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