Attack on energy

  • Posted on: 9 July 2018
  • By: thecollective

via act for freedom now!

It seems that in France more and more officials of the State and Economy understand that the energy that keeps their world going has a not insignificant flaw: it doesn’t come from nowhere, it is generated in specific places and flows along long uncontrollable paths. Which brings certain ideas to the hotheads …

Last May 4th, the technicians of the town of Feuillade (Charente, department of New Aquitaine) discovered that a high voltage pylon in their area has clay feet and risks collapsing at any moment: someone has weakened the bases, cutting the ties.

Then, on the morning of May 19, the EDF notes what it means to leave its facilities without cameras and alarm systems. In Albertville, Savoie department, a “discovery” that part of a French Enel’s technical site has been devastated.

Finally, in the night between May 31 and June 1, in the hills of Marsanne (department of Drôme), two wind turbines are burned and the damage seems to amount to 2 million euros.


Explanatory claim for the incendiary sabotage of wind turbines in early June in Marsanne, in the Drôme: Attack on wind turbines

In the first night of June, commune of Marsanne, Drôme, two industrial wind turbines are attacked by fire, the outer nacelle of one of them is entirely consumed by the flames.

We proceeded as follows:

  • approach to the site
  • breaking of the entrance lock
  • opening of electrical cabinets
  • ascent of the mast by the vertical ladder
  • opening of electrical cabinets
  • setting up of incendiary devices (plastic bottle, barbed wire, fire lighter)
  • ignition (lighter), downhill watering of electrical installations and plastics
  • using a 5l can (oil / petrol mixture)
  • exit to the threshold, ignition (lighter)
  • extraction to a safe place

We used this method, in no way considering that we acted in the best possible way. We want to share it with anyone who wants to take it and reproduce the attack.

We dream, not of organization but of individuals acting of their own accord, occasionally associating with sabotage commandos having no other concern than to enjoy fighting dominations unreservedly and inseparably.

Via: sansattendre.

Translated by Act for freedom now!



I don't think these ppl care too much about Scott Crow's antics

Even if you agree / sign up to destruction of infrastructure (I don't), then what kind of shit logic is that:
Windmills make for easy targets, so lets burn them? Let's just ignore that the "unattackable" Coal Powerplants are a sickly huge problem, and that chaotic climate change is just getting started - and already has monstrous effects.
Sorry, thats more than stupid.

Seems strange to me that this is posted here at all, really.

Don't you know anything about the Hambach forest resistance or the new anti-nuclear insurgency in France?

And that's a good thing, I think. But what's it got to do with this?
Not heard of the "anti-nuclear insurgency" - I might look into that.

Just hang out for awhile. @news hasn't even BEGUN to strange!

And I guess you're right - and I think I'm not going to stick around for quite that reason...

Once needs intellectual mettle to be a regular on this site, or else a stubborn Ideological methodology.

you come to a non sectarian site for anarchists in which you, by posting a question (a rare option on anarchist sites these days), immediately learn about something you care about, and then say that you don't like the site?
you'll fit right in.

Very funny :).

The idea of "Non-sectarian" anarchism / anarchist movements is to me a vacuous/empty concept. There's some things that I stand for and will stand up for - cooperation, tolerance, humanity (ok, there's the danger of vacuousness with those terms as well, but I can explain well enough what I mean with them). Just being anti-state doesn't connect me in my mind in any way with the thinking of people such as the murderer Ted Kaczynski, or the, pardon me, idiots that are being written about above.
To make a comparison - my being in support of preserving nature doesn't connect me in any manner whatsoever to nationalist racists that also happen to voice support or act towards preserving nature (Eg here: Example chosen, obviously, just to make the loudest point I can...

So - in conclusion - you're right, I have learned of some interesting things here. But there's things I don't like and agree with, (see above, for example), and altogether, I'd rather spend my time engaging with other things/ people (not really of interest I guess, but I want to try to connect more with people I can meet, talk and do things with locally).
So "Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish" :P

You just threw the towel in huh, cos everyone wasn't overly verbose or average? Pity, this is a microcosm of AA, not Anarchism Anonomous, or nooo, Alcoholics Anonomous, non sectarian, non religious, but addicted to revolution, and many trying to kick the habit cos they realize revolution is social network death, is boring time, but they are hooked. You may have learned something about human nature, about struggle and insanity. Go,,,,don't look back,,,,,,find a smug site with boring polite people and no trolls, be gone with youuuu!

You did make me laugh :P. Thank you!

That is the prerogative of the troll, to be impolite or politically incorrect, and to make people laugh. We clever trolls at @news branch out into the satire genre.

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