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  • Posted on: 17 July 2018
  • By: thecollective

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“The concept of the White Ally is bankrupt. One cannot be an ally to a category of people. To speak the words “I am a White Ally to people of color” is to commit an act of double speak, to internalize non-sense. There is no singular black voice that can be listened to, no authentic community leadership which to follow. There are only many different people with different ideas, life experiences and perspectives. To think otherwise, to think that all black people share a common opinion is extremely problematic, one might even say racist. One can be an ally to individuals though there are other words in the English language which describe this relationship with more grace: friend, lover, partner and sometimes cellmate or co-defendant.”

Music: Lil Boosie – Fuck the Police Ft. Webbie

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I don't think I've ever heard a person self identify as a 'white ally', though that might be because I don't suffer the curse of living in Murica. Is it a common occurrence?

Well yes. From conversations with comrades overseas, I've learned that ally politics is a particularly American leftist/academic response to the history of race here. Though I suspect a similar dynamic may play out in Canada with respect to indigenous peoples and in recent years something not too different has reared its head in France.

I'm from Canada and can confirm that the concept of "the Ally" is very much a spectre that haunts the Canadian Left - and not just with reference to indigenous people either. It is often invoked when speaking of many other minority groups as well, be it blacks, women, gays, etc. While I suspect that this tendency has spontaneously emerged, in large part, because of Canada's domestic political situation, I do sometimes wonder about the extent which it has simply been 'exported' here from the U.S. in act of cross-cultural pollination. Either way, it's incredibly irritating.

I can confirm the concept of the ally proliferates among activists in the Canadian Nation State, 'specially in relation to "reconciliation" discourse and the New Hashtag "Movements".

Good piece. xo STL

You look at this whole IP charade from a detached historical perspective, and seeing how people get so intensely politicized around their skin tones is quite incredible, and disturbing. Proles like under thr British Empire during the 17th to 19th century didn't fucking care about skin tones or where they were from, and you had "Black" and Indian people struggling to survive in Ireland along with native Irish folk.

Talk about a racist by-product of late imperialism, that just keeps dividing and fooling people according to racial bullshit. It's even more insane to see how pretend "progressive" Left groups are buying deep into it, just kike they all went headfirst into the Facebook scheme. Fucking pathetic!

"...just kike they all went headfirst..."

I'm guessing that was just a really unfortunate typo? ;)

I'm best at unfortunate typos, yes!

I'm not sure about your comment that "proles under the British empire...didn't care about skin tones..." Certainly in the early 1600's race was not yet codified as a means of dividing subject populations and slavery had little to no legal meaning. Yet by the early 1700's the identification of "black" and "slave" was thoroughly detailed in colonial law and accepted in society at large. (for the deets, check out "The Origins of Negro Slavery by Mary and Oscar Handlin or "Race in North America" by Audrey Smedley). For me, the purpose of criticizing "ally politics" is not to say that race and identity bear no examination or consideration. Class position is after all an identity not too dissimilar to race. The point is that ally politics is an impotent and counter-productive theoretical lens. No one can do it on their own, whatever you think "it" is.

It originated out of the Viking era where the Aryan Brotherhood formed gangs of marauding sailors and berserkers who consumed magic mushrooms and saw psychedelic colored people as their enemies and slaves.

That's all very well, if taken in the formal context, however informally, racism is as old as when the early humans began losing their hair and getting suntans and genetically building up seratonin levels in their DNA. Any minority will bear the brunt of any societal negativity. The real Sparticus was a black African slave and initiated the Western mistrust of black people, and when the Romans converted to Christianity, the mistrust of Jews was begun, and the reputation of Judas slurred. He was infact a very fair and loyal bookkeeper for his Christian friends. I am not a history scholar, but rather interpolate the informal tendencies of an era and re translate new revised versions of history.

At least it was a funny spoof.

Spartacus, you ignoramus, was a Tracian slave, then gladiator, then liberator. The "mistrust" of Errorpeans towards Black people is very recent, actually coming from 18th century colonial systems and their offprings like the Confederates. Prior to industrial-age racism, Europe shown little signs of hate tendencies or xenophobia directed at non-White people, outside of perhaps the brutal Spanish aristocracy and its monarchs. Malthus is the first "thinker" to have come upm with a racist ontology., but that he early 19h century.

No, Im sticking to my Homo Sapien vs Neanderthal as the early neolithic racism. Prove it wasn't there, that some Sapien didn't wake up one morning hating on the Neanderthal guy for stealing his woman and calling him out in the cave complex infront of the whole tribe and cussing him and making reference to the color of his skin and hair!

Yeah, pre-historic people must have surely realized the reason why this one dude is abnormally hairy and phenotypically different was cuz species exist and they were a different one...except, no, they didn't have science yet :/

Another poster here, talking about LSD has anyone else noticed how there weren't any black hippies, I mean REAL black hippies, and that hippy bands used black session musos to make the white hippy music have some basic rhythm and beat other than the droning noise it resembled?

I dunno hippies fro privileged families these days are desperstely clinging to rap music even tho it's got zero to do with their backgrounds. Prolly because their soft liberal music was too sophorific and the trance stuff is too... out there for the millenials to get. Maybe after that retro wave of synthwave they'll come to appreciate it, who knows?

Yeah hah, makes one want to get back into rockabilly and gaunt girls without bubble-butts haw haw haw!

Being suppsedly progressivr it should be obvious to you.

And I was not referring to slaves of the British Empire, but to the *proles* who were knowing similar shitty conditions, working on boats, in ports or factories, or on the farms.

Ofcourse, race is construct, but color is fact. The lioness discriminates against the fair maned lion and goes for the dark maned lion because it is more virile. The construct begins as envy or in leftist terms, their ressentiment. There are myriad facets to the phenomena of discrimination, we nihilists just don't care for any constructs or moralities. If someone wants to be racist, that's their problem, it does not concern me, like god.

Not sure if you're joking, but it's shameful that such naturalist stupidity still has its tribune here. Fuuuuk.

They are always fighting against eachother, and the alpha males even murder other individuals in socalled self-defence. As humans, we are doing relatively better, deaths from racist wars in the 21st Century have reduced considerably, but as to ever imagining that the human species is ever going to be tolerant of other POC then you are deluded.

Hey you, stop treating me like a moronic internet blabber, Im not a socialist Darwinist, and look what non naturalists like Newton did, they had NO animal instincts themselves, why? Well he was a 70 year old virgin that's why, and he invented industry and engines. Also other anti-animalism priests, what did they bring civilization, Religion and Gods and they were all celebate, so that's what Incels are like, they are anti-animals and anti-baby and God-fearing, what type of world is that, without instinct and intuition? Why can't brutish humans be given respect and a chance to live their lives without human morality?

If this comment is directed to the response above questioning your assertion that proletarians of the colonial period didn't care about race, well then its me again and I'll attempt to continue. I'm not sure if your statement about the social construction of race and my supposed progressive nature is supposed to be an insult, but I'll respond anyway. I don't consider myself a progressive in the liberal-leftist sense nor in the historical-dialectic sense. All that optimism and predeterminism is hogwash to me. I agree that race is socially constructed. Like class it is a relationship of power defined and upheld by the State. It is also maintained through the daily activity of millions not explicitly involved in state craft - what you call "proles." Race is a historically successful social construction precisely because "proles" by and large did not reject it, though there are certainly exceptions worth studying and celebrating. Tragically, the majority of the people who knew "similar shitty conditions" accepted their superior status as "white" and the inferiority of others and thereby helped to prop up an otherwise unstable system. Does that mean that white people hundreds of years later have nothing to offer the effort to tear down this mess? Unequivocally, No. But simplifying historical narratives to fit into predetermined ideological boxes doesn't do us much good either.

funny, this, the plethora of absurd and indecipherable internet-speak responses to such a careful, thoughtful, and succinctly reasoned piece. thank you, resonance, as this piece continues to be relevant.

I agree that the shortage of good faith comments and discussion is disappointing, though not unexpected. If the above unfunny humorists wish to criticize the reading of history perhaps they could just come out and say it. I wonder though, what you think the continued relevance of the original essay is. If I'm not mistaken it was written for a particular time, place, and series of events and its relevance (in the sense of impact) to these is minor at best.

I think commenters on here lose sight of the fact that this website is frequented by people from all over the world. I'd say that the original zine and this current audio zine are still incredibly important as the concept of 'white allies' has indeed been exported directly from the US to many other parts of the world and is very much in vogue and in need of some nuanced critique in these countries. While there is now something of a backlash in the US against the worst / most toxic aspects of identity politics, this backlash / critique has yet to happen in other parts of the world.

I don't think the underdeveloped regions march to the same binary drum as do the industrial nations, they're not welfare States with the luxury of counselling and with a polyglot population of an immigrant ethnically diverse workforce, which was the original breeding ground of leftist idpol strategies and organizations. You'd be surprised by how many underdeveloped nations have parochial mono-cultural institutions and the only white people are either tourists or aid workers with temporary visas. Idpol is mostly an affluent democratic Western preoccupation.,.

i guess it is, but what should we do when the state hunts people in the streets based on their skin color. just throw up our arms and say "oh well i dont believe in race" or use it as yet another reason to oppose the state.

Unless they were POC with psychopathic tendencies or serious drug addiction problems, I would take them into my home and conceal them until an escape of some type could be arranged.,.

The state (at least particular parts) believes in race and along with the liberal/left and right wing race-ists, enforces it in a variety of ways. We dont, cuz we want to destroy or at least not reproduce race as a reified thing that is immovable. In the struggles this zine sprung from, people werebt just resisting police or the state but the limitations that are put upon them by thise who have determined what parameters people are allowed to be in-- be they clergy, nationalists or ally types. The conversations in the streets were pretty far away from all that..

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