TOTW: Anarchy & Escapism

  • Posted on: 16 July 2018
  • By: thecollective
can we find a way out?

by shinminmetroskyline

what is the goal of an anarchist, if not to escape? escape, that is, from the mundane, unpleasant, needless devouring insanity of modern ‘life’. life there wearing scare quotes because the stagnant uniformity of the modern landscape doesn't mix well with the motion and diversity i strongly associate with the vibrant phenomena of life on earth. perhaps this is because this city i live in is a two-bit refrigerated nightmare, but the clawing drone of rushhour tokyo is scarcely less oppressive. despite all its apparent motion, its glitter-ridden and glowing ediface, tokyo too wears that cloak of smog and stagnant philosophies, of mundaity and broken dreams, even if it does so with an alluring macabre flare and a spectacular grandiosity.

so what is the desire to escape if not healthy, hedonistic, honest? epicurean even, in the -relatively- colloqial sense? why does seemingly so little of our discussion involve what we as anarchists actually do to escape, how we actually spend our time? it seems like almost everyones’ instinct when confronted with this modern world weve worked so hard to create is to escape; quickly, and as much as possible, self identified anarchist or not. ive been on lefbook. ive walked around malls. it isnt the attempt at escape i find nauseating about those places, its the links that bring the would-be-escapee back to their cell, the links i see between the escape now, and the later return to this massifying leviathan. the consumerism, the bland philosophy, the fake smiles, the empty talk, the poses, the show, the spectacle. youve been outside too, you know what i mean. and yet stigma still sticks to the idea of escape, it stillholds that air of naughtiness, perhaps even criminality. we’re supposed to be working, we chide ourselves.

but work can get fucked. i work, and it can still get fucked. update; i used to work. work is a time for podcasts, music, and a healthy dose of air guitar and middle class leftovers whilst the chefs arent looking. the food waste in that miserable self-important canteen reduced me to -and would continue to reduce me to if i still worked there- actual salt-and-water tears. but i digress.

so what have i been doing to entertain myself? where has my time been going? the first time i tried to write this thing the answer was ‘nowhere pleasant’. indeed it was not a pleasant time for me, and i can probably expect many more periods like it, from now until the day i die. but ive bared with myself, and ive bared with the world -the world immediate that is-. the days have gotten colder, and so have my feet. it still rains in the kitchen. i havent hoovered my room in months, though ive gone over the rancid carpet of that upstairs bar far too many times. whoever put carpet in a bar can suck a rotten lemon. update; i have now hoovered my room.

one thing i have been doing though, probably adding to my image as a certified crazy-person to those with whom i am closest, is scribbling out a new code in which to write english; a new alphabet, after a sorts. its been very meditative, rushing my pen around to reveal shapes that i actually want to draw. the letter c can go fuck itself. ive tried to build in enough cryptological feautures so as to make it as unbreakable as i am capable, though of course keeping it off the internet was the first and most important step in keeping it secret. perhaps ill even teach to someone whose interested, if they exist, providing i know and trust them enough -including, but ot limited to themnotbeing a person of the internet variety-. of course, if everything goes well the code will never be tested. yet cryptology has always been an interest of mine, even if ive never been fantastic at it; not the making, or the breaking. indeed ive just found another potential topic, cryptology and anarchism. there were many labels i could hear applied to myself whenever i let my guard down, whenever my mind turned back on to its usual whirring overanalysis. many insults, many labels, many paranoid self-diagnoses. thats the usual for me. but ive been slowly learning to turn it back off. and i have page after pages of monotonous, meaningles frantic scribblings to thank for it! huzzah! theyre going onto the next fire of course; outwardly for secrecy, but who doesnt like a good ritual book burning?

ive been listening to audiobooks, going for walks. i sketched my leg a couple nights ago. i cuddle that person closest to me, we have pretty darn fun sex -not that i have much to compare it to, and indeed not that i care that much that i dont-. on that note though, my suspisciously-christian '''secular''' upbringing has left me woefully undeprepared for a grownup conversation about sex.

so now onto the discussion bit, where i invite yall to comment... what have you been doing? what do wish you were doing, and why dont you close this article and do it now? youll probably be glad you did. too tired? go to sleep, or drink a coffee -though not if its after lunchtime, lets be sensible-. nothing you want to do? i feel you, bare with yourself, smoke some weed, drop a tab -though remember to tripsafe-, go for a walk -and turn this screen of if you do, lets be sensible-. get chatting with friends -if you have any; i stuggle with that too-. perhaps you even think you cant do it, couldnt ever do it, so theres no point trying. well, you probably could. your more capable than you think, than the adverts selling you the enxt thing to make you happy are inclined to tell you, even if you tell yourself you dont listen to them. if you are around them, you do. but if you really honestly couldnt ever do it, well then, whats the point in wanting it?



This is a TOTW? I've been told that the one I had submitted not long ago was too long... yet it was shorter than this text.

That doesn't make me feel like contributing for anything, at this point.

This one has less Me Me Me in it though.

Get the word count for sigular first person. Can't deny.

Sinshin --3%
Fauv --6%


if you want to resubmit your piece, we might be able to either explain better about why it didn't work for us, or put it up this time.
or maybe not? nothing is guaranteed.
also, your piece was posted as an article, so...?

member .4

I submitted during a week where apparently SUDS was in charge... Maybe related? I posted it as article as a "fuck it" gesture after having no feedback from any of the mods. So I should repost it in order to have it held back, so to have explanations from the mods? Hums... why don't you just spill the beans here or by email?

I got no prob submitting it again later, maybe an improved, more lenghty TOTW, in a few weeks or months. As a matter of fact I felt this text was lacking some... flesh. But like, I guess you know what it feels like to write for publishers who hold your stuff back, without clear explanations... Know what I'm sayin?

For the loads of wingnuttism (or diversity!) we've seen in the TOTWs, it didn't seem to me as a very selective outlet, so I just find it odd that the text I wrote was put on ice. Or there's something else I should know about how Thecollective functions internally? Maybe the queue was longer than I thought?

Anyhow... no butthurt really. Just saying that some people's policies here -or what I interpret as such- are lowering my interests in making honest contributions. Or I can also write more about yoga being a kind of fascism...

Isn't it great how the internet means that the personality conflicts which happen in affinity groups and social centres are now replicated on websites and broadcast to the entire world?

what is this lifestylist nonsense? google murray bookchin.

Im guessing what you do to pass the time is put up the illusion of conversion and opinions so all your friend knows which side of the toast you butter. that or this is a parody, in which case you got me.

unless you want to surprise me and actually explain what it is about people doing things for fun and not hating themselves for it is 'bad'? am i supposed to believe you never actually do anything for fun? the sad thing is, is probably believe you

Hey shinmin, get yall self a new script, even in the mall it can be a ball dude, just ad lib and let the glee flow mo, mind over matter and you wont see a stumble in the concrete jungle, just believe!

Yeah, I've heard of Murray before - crotchety old geezer that he was.

You spelt fuckchin wrong

Best short piece on the escape from spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Grammar/spelling = fascism


Capitalization = capitalism!

the lack of capital letters is intentional, but sorry if the anything was unnessisarily unclear. if you don't understand a part, I'm sure I could try to clarify.

Its all in the head really, utopian escape can be masturbating to porn on a screen or climbing Mt Everest, its subjective, mundane can be awesome if you have a good imagination.

I like this totw, though i don't know that i have a good answer to it.

So much of my life is spent either thinking about the world I'd like to see destroyed, or eyeball deep in living in it.

I guess for me escape is most often physical- getting out of the city into the woods, getting away from 'home' to somewhere else. It probably also includes going to punk shows (a rare occurence at this point in my life) and reading fiction.

I also abandoned the futurist utopias of the '90s to face the distasteful reality that the current society refuses to go high-tech vertical, with Blade Runner-esque big cities, but rather keep going the highway of ugly suburbia. So I found new love in contemplating the beauties and complexities of wild living biosystems as I went on fighting or subverting suburban expansions everywhere... Curious of how others feel about the same stuff. They may evade in philosophy analysis but just like video games and porn, this busies their minds away from affecting the real world, perhaps?

For the donothingist smuglords out there, I'd just like ppl to know that I DID help stopping a few devastasting civilizational sprawls, just with nightime vandalism... This WORKED and it felt good doing it, even if petty in some way. Anticiv struggle can be an effective, and even perhaps self-supportive struggle; its place shouldn't be, at least primarily, in libraries or endless podcast ramblings. It's all over the place... why anyone needs essays to open their eyes on it? When pout to practice, it also provides with new, intense meaning to your life. Was only a waste that I couldn't connect to other people interested in this same praxis.

Perhaps our respective evasions were keeping us away from each other?

Nothing wrong masturbating to Tarzan and Jane porn amongst indoor plants in suburbia like all good primitivists do. Its all in the fantasy of mind over matter, escape the physicality and materialism of geographic space, you are what your minds allows you to be. Train your imagination, close your eyes, and you can travel anywhere. Sensory deprivation chambers can help the novices, or video games the crass. Anarchists can return to fight in 1930s Spain, Bon voyage!

I only ever really desire escape when I need to be ruthless toward those I care about. Everything else is something else. A wish is a self-sabotage that disinherits me from now, and entertainment is wankery. Whether semantic or magic, as anarchy arises from my commanding of my life 'escape' becomes simply part of a pathology.

" 'escape' becomes simply part of a pathology"
It certainly reveals a malignant restlessness, hinting at an innate animal tendency, a desire or wish for change, for revolution, a collection of sceneries, a simulated time machine, re-enactments, nostalgia, for everything except the Here and Now, (The frozen moment at dawn, the cup of coffee and just you in the universe).

U.S. anarchism is a puerile fantasy projection trip anyway, so this post is appropriate to this scene. And this at the long-awaited point in history that is more conducive to a mass anti-capitalist revolutionary movement than any other in the history of the United States.

"We are the Mass Anti-Capitalist Revolutionary Movement. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your bologiological and technological uniqueness to our own. You will be assimmilated. Resistance is futile."

All masse ideologically shaped hypotheses are psychologically fantasized projections anyway, and peurile just adds innocent simplicity to the potentiality, improving it. Therefore US anarchism is conductive moreso than traditional forms.

A is for Acid
B is for Beekeeping
C is for Climbing
D is for Driftworks
E is for Erotica
F is for Fisting
G is for Gardening
H is for Hip-Hop
I is for Immediatism
J is for Jerking Off
K is for Ketamine
L is for Literature
M is for Marijuana
N is for Nature
O is for Off-Grid
P is for Psychogeography
Q is for Queering
R is for Raves
S is for Smashy Smashy
T is for Theatre (of the Oppressed)
U is for Underground Nuclear Bunkers
V is for Videogames
W is for Wargaming
X is for X-rated Videos
Y is for Yoga
Z is for Zero-Gravity Kickboxing.

All pretty cool with me.

Personally I'm boring and get twitchy if I haven't had work or a work-like project for awhile. I spend a lot of time reading, commenting and trolling online, listening to audiobooks, reading theory, playing video games, taking weed, fapping, and generally fucking about. If the scene in my area wasn't so dead, I'd be spending a lot more time doing outdoors stuff and interacting with humans and nature, but there you go. Better autonomy and egoism without a social context than no autonomy and egoism at all.

I don't know if this is intended as criticism. I mean I can guess, bit I don't know. either way in happy to take it. consumerism was precisely what I was criticising for most of it, so good reading interpretation. and 'dweebs' being rendered asocial is massive problem, from hikikomori to school shooters to whatever it is I am. a dweeb, possibly. I wouldn't really call my piece 'a philosophy', as that seems to imply some sort of completeness, but I am writing in the present, about the present, so to have this recognized isn't exactly painful.

would be right up my alley but I'm working on a win here so I can't squander my resources but it does lend itself a dose of authenticity.

I'm still an anarchist and an antifascist but I'm going mainstream, the X Games started today and Le Tour de France is going on all month long so I'm a bit distracted.

Here's what I'm reading at the moment, I'm not sure if it's relevant just nostalgic:

The Spanish Civil War: Anarchism in Action


I come at the idea of escape not from the direction of escape from the present moment but escape from all of the cacophany of the useless things and people aroind me, an escape into the present and the moment. While I don't meditate really, I do experience moments of escape from all the distractions and a grounding in my own unique being.

Lifestyle anarchists poseurs are way too many, Bookchin was right. I wonder what do anarchists actually have in place as regards strategy if the Marxists go for the Rev? What do anarchists know regarding what to do concerning the Rev and how to maintain and defend the Rev against the Bourgeois counter Rev?

Its pretty obvious that we kill both the capitalists and marxists. The old state and the new.

Now now children, don't do anything rash. Remember y'all, the world is a stage, get y'all scripts in order, play the Man, go about controlling these sociopathic impulses and settling into a peaceful positive insurgency as a mild-mannered working class person, and conduct your own internal revolution by psychologically attaining an autonomous individuality amidst the binary rivalry of the herd like masses.

Think of Druidry as opposed to Druidism. The affectable 'ism' vesicle for anarchism was the 19th and early 20th century and that period has come and gone. The revived 68 form was more of a cultural bohemian phenomena at its best.

Anarchy should really be a day in day out way of living without hierarchy. It should have elements of escape and endurance but it should not be fully either edurantism or escapism.

"Escape" is personal, anarchy is about what you are or might be doing with others, besides "escaping".
Escape is also temporary, unless you and others can make enough anarchy to exist in permanently!

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