From Embers: New Content in July

  • Posted on: 9 August 2018
  • By: thecollective

via Northshore Info

From Embers is a regular anarchist podcast produced in Kingston Ontario. We produce a few episodes a month about actions and projects going on in so-called Canada that inspire us, or about topics that we think will be relevant to anarchists living north of the border.

This month, we’ve come out with three original episodes. They are:

No Pride In Genocide

A post-Canada Day reflection on resistance to colonial celebrations. Interviews with two Indigenous organizers, one about “Canada Day” here in Kingston, Ontario, and another on “Australia Day,” also known as Invasion Day, which meets massive protests across Australia each January.

Conversation with an anarchist person of colour in Montreal

I talk to Rosa, a friend and anarchist person of colour living in Montreal, about racism, identity politics, identity-based organizing and projects she’s involved with. Thanks to Rosa for the music selections!

Anti-fascism in Quebec

An interview with an anti-fascist based in Montreal. We discuss the history of the Quebec far right dating back to the 1930s, anti-fascist resistance in 1990s Montreal, and the contemporary context, including an important victory against La Meute on July 1, 2018.

You can tune in to From Embers in the Kingston area on CFRC 101.9 FM between 8 and 9 PM on Wednesdays. You can also stream episodes directly at or subscribe and download them via any major podcatching app on your smartphone.

If you have feedback for us, or ideas for future episodes, please get in touch! You can email us at fromembers [at] riseup [dot] net



"Anarchist" podcast aka liberal whiners whining about whitey. 100% of these topics have nothing to do with anarchism.

I'm an anarchist. I find these subjects interesting. They inform my practice and my understanding of anarchism.

cool it on the extra narrow conception of anarchism, would ya. Our ideas go further than just an "us against the state" analysis, which is present in all these episodes and goes beyond it.


Let everyday non-hierarchical existence be a daily ritual and event.

But they, the > isms < of all creeds just do not seem to grasp this most basic ideological characteristic, ism's masked controlling agenda of political power processes and mechanisms which permeate all systems and modes of ideological belief systems.
Sadly, those who perceive and attempt to reveal this hypocrisy are ruthlessly deleted or labelled as trolls!!

who wants anarchism, anarchism is as dominating as communism, weak anarcho-reds just repeat the same recycled garbage

ism that it is is that it is the one ism that eschews powers and state. At this point though anarchism pretty much has to be post-left. Anarcho-reds are pretty much statists as are all other leftists.

My tonic is 3 pronged, the reds should split off and be their own alt-left distinct brand of minarchist leftism(they can be anti-nation statists). I've suggested going with orange to be the distinct alternative to overcrowded red ideology. Post leftists should be the ones in all black and then their is the purely apolitical grey post-left post-anarchist anarch who takes a purely Stirnerian detached position on things.

in this episode is so fucking embarrassing. They talk about "equality" for an hour w out defining what that is at all. pseudo intellectual trash. what a fucking embarrassment. I'm not a stirnerite and I'm still in shock that these idiots would make such a lazy garbage "critique" public and recorded. soooo freaking bad awwwww soooo so soo so fucking bad

Yeah the "equality" cliche has become a standard dreary theoretical blockage in the flow of the individualist's liberation from the totalitarian paradigmatic assumptions. I BLAME THE MARXISTS.,.

The guy doesn't get the basics which is par for the course for below the bell curse left anarchists. Stirner is actually more then an anarchist, he's what I would call an anarch in that he gets straight to 'anarchy lawlessness and selfhood' as the prime orientational drive. He completely skips the mediating elective 'ism'/ist of anarchy which makes him more then an anarchist by skipping straight to anarchy.

While the amoral solipsistic point is not entirely wrong this does not mean that his individual is the ONLY one. The correct point would be PRIMARY not ONLY which makes sense for the simple fact that solipsism can never be falsified. He also doesn't get that property for Stirner is corporeally grounded without any reference to institutions or rights and is simply an extension of agency. We do make others our own in a psychological sense, there doesn't have to be any harm in this especially if you prime interest is multi-unique intercourse with other beings. It's this idiot's materialist morality that would continue the psychological reified possession of unique individuals.

Morality is bad if you want anarchy, that he doesn't get this shows how behind the curve he is when it comes to what would make humans preferable. Also, law is very much a matter of belief enforcement related to reified factors such as terror management. Most people do not live in their waking lives in fear of the law, this has always been a sensitive minority who have a raw sense of open relationships and anarchy. He completely denies the fact that humans have an institutional safety fetish that is demonstrable throughout time.

His analysis of the state is the usual materialist claptrap. Stirner sees the state correctly as primarily coming from a psychological foundation. Things like terror management theory and just experience and observable reality back up the Max on this question.

I do find it interesting that he uses the word disgust to dismiss Stirner, I certainly dislike left anarchism and argue that it no longer cuts the mustard to be anarchism in the 21st century but I would not use disgust to describe my rejection of it. If there is anything that would disgust me it would be this guy's continuation of Judaeized Xian values in the form of leftist humanism. Who wants to save others in a secular manner.

14:20. Your comment sooo so fucking true oh yeah sooooo I MEAN SO, soooo fucking, damn, sooo fucking, oh yeah, sooooo damn, you know, damn fucking, sooooo sooo fucking, I MEAN FUCKING, sooo damn fucking true, so true, yeah, soooooo soo.......ooooooh true!

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