The Hotwire #32: August 15, 2018

  • Posted on: 15 August 2018
  • By: thecollective

From CrimethInc.

Summer in Review—Antifascists in Charlottesville & DC—2018 Prison Strike

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Our first episode of the new season! This week, we look back at the long, hot summer and give an update on antifascist clashes, pipeline resistance, and ICE occupations. Hundreds gathered in Charlottesville on the anniversary of the defeat of Unite the Right, drawing attention to the increasing cozy relationship between white supremacists and the police.

We interview someone from Washington, DC about opposition to the Unite the Right 2 Rally held there this past weekend. Accused ELF and ALF member, Josephy Dibee was extradited to the US from Cuba and is being held in jail in Oregon. There are updates on the nationwide prison strike set to start on August 21 and list a whole slew of solidarity events you could attend. Finally, we wrap up the show with political prisoner birthdays and next weeks news. We’re glad to be back! Send us news, events, or ideas on how our show can better serve anarchist activity in your town by emailing us at

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There are mountain lions in PA and much of Appalachia. I saw one in Virginia once and theres been a fair amount of sightings in NC/TN. Locals accept that they exist. Scientists deny it and explain sightings as a result of individual migration from the west.

Here's Hotwire/CrimethInc's attemopt at injecting a bit of humanity in therir podcast, with some, well... humor. Sure enough. Nobody has to have the same sense of humor so I won't go any further...

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