Transantiago bus burned

  • Posted on: 20 August 2018
  • By: thecollective

via act for freedom now!

Friday August 10, 2018, the shadows slowly falling we separated from them, altering the healthy functioning of the city. In a wild and playful way we attacked the transantiago bus, line 325, in the area of the Juan Gómez Millas faculty of the University of Chile, taking violence into our hands to spread a call to insurrection with it. Taking into account how that night the media along with the police silenced our words (and always will do), we are claiming this action.

We are launching a call for agitation against every kind of cage in all the corners of the planet. The practices of torture, murder and imprisonment persist in every region thanks to the State.  And that is why we are claiming those taken and killed by capital and the State. We are not forgetting the present situation in the territory dominated by the Chilean State, where anyone who opposes resistance ends up murdered/imprisoned. Nor can we forget the situations that happen in other States all over the world, therefore we vindicate all those fallen into the hands of death or cages while resisting power, as in the case of Santiago Maldonado in the adjacent region.

A special Greeting to Joakin Garcia and to Kevin Garrido, who are living the last stages of the trial that is weighing on them with dignity, to Juan Aliste, Marcelo Villarroel, Juan Flores, Tamara Sol, Alejandro Centoncio, and to those of the May 21 case. Strength and resistance!

Prisoners of the social war present!

Freedom for all the prisoners of Wallmapu!

Down with prison! Down with the State!

Claudia López always in our heart, 20 years since her death!


Translated by Act for freedom now!


...or lack thereof?

I'd appreciate if someone can explain me the goal/purpose of such attacks, or what kind of insurrection that can come out of it. Like... even if they manage to burn all the city buses in town, then what? People relying more on cars to get around? Not sure bicycles are well-spread or a sustainable sub-economy over there.

you cried because of a bus, how soft is that


- 100% black anarchy

I'm also curious about this question. When 325 came back online, one of the first texts they published after denouncing indiscriminate attack, was an indiscriminate attack against passengers and the bus driver, as a bomb went off on an occupied bus. The above communique sounds very similar, but doesn't go into details, although it appears that people were on the bus at the time? Ohhh, the double standards of our anarchist overlords of morality. How do we define insurrectionary attack vs. eco-extremist attack? Maybe 325 can publish the Doctor Bones text explaining this... OH wait, they just did.

* facepalm.

...or just typical edgelordism?

Thinking back about that intense young dude I've know in Exarkhia... he was one confused edgelord. I wouldn't be surprised at all, that he was involved in those bus burnings near Polytechniou, but the most fucked up part is that when he and his edgy buddies and radi-chicks were proposed to set cars on fire in Exarkhia, or fuck up a hispter event in the neighbordhood, he backed down for no legible reasons. So yeah... we'll get rid of a few city buses so that people are gonna be scared to take the bus to Exarkhia. But but but... yuppies are still going to come in their cars or at worse by subway. Brilliant! So all of this bullshit "insurrection" will have been for one big nothing.

I supposed that's true nihilism, I guess? lol

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