Black and Green Podcast: Episode 11

  • Posted on: 19 August 2018
  • By: thecollective

From Black and Green Review

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Black and Green Review 6 timeline. Anniversaries of Charlottesville and execution of Mike Brown in the unending tension of social media and civilization. Poem break: Joan Kovatch's 'Timing'. Of Gods and Country, update, overview and reading. Murder of native women and the legacies and institutions of colonization. Intergenerational trauma and domestication. Why hunter-gatherers matter.



I read somewhere there are two new forms of torture at Gitmo. One is to force detainees to listen to Nickleback. The other is to force detainees to listen to a Black and Green podcast.

I didn't realize i had so much in common with detainees at Gitmo.

What's the deal with so many of these podcasts more or less going thru, recounting, and hand-wringing about the news of the week? Don't we have our own things to be talking about on our own terms? As side-bars, related commentary, etc, sure, but as core content? No thanks..

B&G podcasts 1-11 have not been about the news of the week.K.T. has discussed the pernicious effects of missionaries, the fake anthropology of Chagnon, how civilization (domestication) distorts and fragments our hunter/gatherer minds,and several other critical issues.He has read some passages from "Gathered Remains" and has encouraged listeners to check out John Zerzan's Anarchy Radio(every Tuesday at 7pm Pacific time).If you feel tortured while listening to K.T.,then stop listening! Whatever you do,stop misrepresenting what these podcasts have been about over the last several months.

How about you have JZ do a pre-recorded podcast commentary in your podcast say about 20 mins? Not everybody reads and some like to listen to content at work, out walking, while driving. It would break up your monologues as passionate as they are and would have an additional element. JZ and maybe Kathan Zerzan too could pre-record pieces as an mp3 and post them you to include in your podcast?

KT loves his hunter/gatherer perspective. My question is, Could our ancestors have lived a vegan life but CHOSE not to: that it wasn't necessary to hunt and kill and, that maybe they did it to ingest the animal's spirit/qualities and/or because they discovered animals tasted good when cooked?

Its largely assumed that early hominids came across carcasses killed in wildfires and also using their numbers and alot of noise and arm waving to rush and scare a carnivore off the prey it has just spent 1eh whole day stalking and chasing at 50km per hour. Yes we are all opportunistic carrion eaters still in this modern era, and hunting was not the heroic brave and manly task Hollywood and romanticists have portrayed it as. Mostly little furry animals and fish without claws were our staple diet.
Its a random regional and case of nature diving in the fashion of dumpster diving. Ever gone hunting with a rifle? Afterwards, if you have any heart, you'll realise what a weak yet grandiose figure we are in the untamed landscape.

I've also heard that early hominids would stalk animals for days until the animal ran out of energy. We sweat through our skin, most animals cool through their tongue, we have the advantage in an endurance chase.

I've never come across an account of a hunter-gatherer society where big game hunting makes up any significant portion of the group's diet. It seems to be more about men (and occasionally women) showing off.

The same mentality as trophy wives, common in most patriarchal societies where women actually do most of the unrewarded work.

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