The 2018 BASTARD conference, September 16

  • Posted on: 14 September 2018
  • By: thecollective

A day of nonacademic, participatory discussions, brought to you by the Berkeley Anarchist Study Group.

The Long Haul (3124 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, two blocks from the Ashby BART station)
from 10am to 3pm
no commerce, but donations accepted for the space.

10 - 11am Can Anarchism Be Saved? (Aragorn!)
11 - 12pm Freake-Anarchism: What Might It Be? (Lew)
12 - 1pm Anarchy with and without Adjectives: What's the Difference? (Jason and Daniel)
1 - 2pm Notes Toward An Anarchist Numerology (Ariel)
2 - 3pm Anarchism in a Futureless World (Michael)

Programs with more description will be available at the bookfair on Saturday, at the Omni.



Thanks for the two day notice.

It’s as if they don’t want any strangers to attend, only the regulars

no it's not.
"Yes, the 2018 BASTARD Conference will be held on Sunday, September 16 at the Long Haul Infoshop in Berkeley, CA"

The workshops sound interesting. If the audio were to find its way online, I would listen to it.

wow, at the long haul, eh? not expecting much of a crowd, i guess.

in the bay area land-of-gentrification is a bit of a thing.

,,,,,,and then,,,,,,,,,Idpol neo-liberalism. Its not like post-oppressionaires fizz out, they develope their own intense counter-pathology.

Forgive me if I don't acknowledge your expertise Le Asshat.

Once you move on from strugglismo you can overcome its limits, like the cost of venues and housing in the bay area.

anarchism, at this point, should offering nothing to whatever may be deemed mass revolutionary potential. that is not the anarchist role, nor should it be, and it is shocking to me still that anyone is so delusional to believe that's the anarchist possibility. people will accept things that are acceptable to an anarchist post-capitalism vision on their own, or they won't. there will be mass revolution or there will not be. in the offchance that there is, anarchists will hopefully find their place, their grace, and the right timing to defend what - if it be truly 'mass revolutionary potential' - is the possibly self-abolitional gestures of the non-political 'proletariat.' to aid the process of becoming something-else, finding their voices in shouting down the false promises of politics and charlattans, to encourage the leap over the edge, to warn against the eternal return to capitalism.

further, anarchists find their myriad ways of participating in whatever it is that they are compelled to do, and that is their role/only choice as human beings. that is their offering, not some fucking monolithic program for the times. go hang out with the fucking leninist-tiqqunists in their sweeping grandiosity if you're looking for that nonsense, you'll find what you're looking for.

further and further, strange moderation. for the record the two above comments are referring to a comment stating something like, 'in a time when the US is in decline! in a time when there's mass revolutionary potential! of course! anarchists have nothing to offer, as always! this conference and these theorists contribute nothing!' - maybe it's not too upsetting that such a dumb comment was removed, but it does make my comments above float quite strangely, no matter how poorly phrased and hastily written they were.

Boy... I attempted that back in the summer of 2012 during a student strike. Noooobody was listening. The dickheads shouting their command lines on social media were apparently all they cared about, beyond after-riot consumerism, like going at fancy diners.

Mass movements are a lost cause. Even if they happen in Western countries, they'll just go to hell in a handbasket, and that'll be a return to enslavement.

So, by your own acknowledgement:

U.S. of Aye brand anarchism is not about social struggle. It is not about mass revolutionary subversion. And it is definitely not about communist revolution: the conscious, collective organized toppling of this social order, the abolition of wage labor and commodity production, and its replacement by a free, egalitarian, post-market, post-state society that is worthy of the human beings who live in it.

Then, what it is for? Why does your subculture exist?

Practical anarchism to me is a counter-(not sub)culture of managing your way out of the many despotisms and constraints enforced by the social relationship. It can be individual or collective in its realization, but will never require a massification or maybe even a movement. Shoplifting, free-sharing and squatting, for instance, are parts of this counterculture. It can be anything from more latent tendencies like "slipping" or "dodging", to a full-front offensive and open resistance. Some activism does help at reinforcing its moral order, but activism is also just spectacle-building, so just like philosophy it hardly can be expected to create anything in itself. It needs practices and sensitivities that provide a liberating perspective.

The "replacement by a free, egalitarian, post-market, post-state society that is worthy of the human beings who live in it" is NOT something you can bring about for the billions of people on this planet as a wholesale. It's gotta start somewhere. It's a thing to develop in the practice, as a new form of relationship.

Now go take a walk outside on your own, and look at people's behavior, what they care about, what they do. The world's way more complex than that cartoonish revleft funnel-shaped worldview...

not sure there's much to say about 'my' 'subculture.' why does any subculture exist? to facilitate the mass proliferation of commodities and their subjects. like a poster below i'm more interested in something that could be deemed counter-culture....

one could continue with the snark here and make some other assertions. i'd say, contrary to the poster above's framework and the general mood of social struggle positivity aka the activist (remember the deeply influential i.e. painful true critiques of this miserable character?), those who believe in the existence of mass revolutionary potential and do work that they think contributes to such a thing are the truly isolated, they are stuck in their own cognitive bubble. they don't see this because they think they are blessed with the divine stethoscope to their people's agitation. they believe in their own importance to the mass (for the record, i believe i am important [however absurd that may be!] alongside many individual anarchists; i value my life and their lives; and i value a great number of those who are not in revolt, who are non-political, who are confused or jaded, who are true believers, who work hard to inachievable goals etc. not to mention the plethora of other lifeforms on our doomed planet. it's just that i know my importance is not what many social anarchists believe theirs to be, angels and caretakers that they are).

one could be vulgar and unfair to the anarchists of yester-lore and call the modern insurrecto-activist the Lifestylist of our times.

Happy to read about the BASTARD conference. It seems to me that lately, it is especially hard to keep going with events like this one. I'm very curious about the workshops, maybe you could publish something afterward. I wish you all great conversations, joy, and fire. With love and anarchy from the south of the continent.

see you soonish!

South of the North Muricun continent? Why, I do believe that's called Florida...

Actually, the problem is that the world is full of truth owners (even between anarchists) and, in the case of the US, some people have a hard time thinking outside the (US) box. Now I remember why I never leave comments. To my friends: I love you and I hope to see you (kind of) soon. Cheers!

Ignoring that last in-a-gadda-da-vida-hippie'd-out response: Why does the BASTARD conference take place? What do you want to see come out of this?

This conference has been happening for something like 20 years. What comes from this? Is anything supposed to come from this? You used to meet in a big hall at UC Berkeley; now you will be meeting in a very small hall. Does this indicate diminishing interest in this? If so, why?

"This conference has been happening for something like 20 years. What comes from this? Is anything supposed to come from this?"

More philosophy, and academic reviews of anarchism in some other place on the planet, or 15,000 years ago.

Coz you know these are crucial issues. Because reasons.

Every year, a few weirdos gather to celebrate their remarkable dog that has the inexplicable ability to yell the word BASTARD!

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