It's a Sin to Kill a Mockingbird: writings on Scout Schultz, Queer Anarchist Killed by Georgia Tech Police

  • Posted on: 18 September 2018
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

On Friday, September 16 2017, 21-year old Scout Schultz was shot and killed by police at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Scout was active in campus LGBT groups and identified as intersex. Scout was a part of local organized antifascist initiatives and was an anarchist. When news spread of their death, friends, family, and classmates near and far began scrambling to understand the events. In video surfacing online, it is possible to watch Scout scream at officers to “shoot me,” which they thoughtlessly do. In the coming days, a flurry of statements, rationalizations, and arrests are unleashed after mourners set fire to a police cruiser and clash with cops following a vigil on campus.

In the wake of the repression as well as the suffocating culture on campus, wherein students, faculty, and cowards of all stripes came out to defend the shooting, or to oppose those who sought proportional response to it, Scout’s former partner Dallas took their own life. Following a series of arrests and detentions, a friend and comrade of Scout’s, Kirby Jackson, took their own life as well.

As of this publication, the arrestees from the night of the riot have either had charges reduced or dropped and none are set to serve jail time. No one has been convicted for vandalizing squad cars or burning the police cruiser. The officer who killed Scout, Tyler Beck, is still on duty.

The legacy of this tragic sequence is in your hands now, dear reader. For Scout, for Dallas, for Kirby, and for the rest of us: be fierce, be swift, be cruel.

The Contemporaries Project is an organ of the Atlanta commune. Under other names, and sometimes under none at all, we have produced posters, leaflets, reports, and a newsletter. We operate in the autonomous areas of life and revolt, where control breaks down, where representation is routed, and where worlds are in formation. This pamphlet has been produced to respond to a general need among many comrades for greater historical perspective. As the global sequence of events have rushed forward with greater and greater frequency since the late 90s, and especially since 2011 - from the riots against globalization in Seattle and Genoa to the explosions in Ferguson, Istanbul and beyond - it has become difficult to transmit historical lessons to the newer comrades at a time when it is most desperately needed. This pamphlet is one of many contributions to the situation, responding to sensible needs and not to ideological reflex.






Interesting project, and probably strategically important. It's amazing how many times the same conflicts play out, and how many shitty positions are perpetuated by people who are generally well-intentioned but resolutely uninterested in looking at the dynamics that have played out so many times already. How times can people act out the same conversations about property destruction, violence, collaboration with leninists, the limitations of consensus decision making, etc.? The answer, of course, is "infinitely many" but maybe they'd be less contentious if newer anarchists realized just how many times this has already played out.

can you really tell the difference between this round of "young people don't learn from history" and everyo ther generation's refrain of the same?
the internet (or whatevs) gets blamed for a lot, but i'm not convinced...
alarmists gonna alarm

It's also possible that all that is the contemporary version of a much older process where each generation steps up to the brink, looks down and most of them say "Nope, not that desperate yet."

So it's more about how far the elites push their oblivious greed and stupidity, until they make life unbearable for a critical mass of people. Believe it or not, we're not quite there yet? Meanwhile, more and more isolated people break under the strain.

I don't think it's a new problem and I definitely didn't mean to play that boring generational blame game. We (humans) have always been bad at this, as far as I can tell. I don't know what to actually do about this, but chronicling an anarchist story that goes deeper than glorious rebellion or tragic defeat seems like a necessary part of it.

But ... You just negated the entire anarchist identity?! There's ONLY fleeting glory and perpetual tragedy. That's the only shit on the menu! The beautiful idea isn't gentle to its pursuers.

People like Armand and Martucci lived to be old men and had some novelty in their lives. You're not going to live to see some eschatological end where anarchy begins but if one lives life skillfully during an authoritarian era quite a bit of temporal anarchy can be achieved. Strugglosers tend to bring on a lot of unnecessary tragedy onto themselves because of contrived struggle.

Can you ... NOT be a dickhead for once? Think about which article you posted that under... Fukin oblivious dickhead ....

If you are talking about the person in the article above my comment does not directly address him. In fact I can egoistically acknowledge that some people need to live intensely like that. I'm saying libertarianism anarchism and anarchy should not be tied to an uncomfortable existence as there have been those who lived the beautiful idea who lived to be old and still physically and psychologically intact.

SirEinzige doesnt ever seem to understand how they come across.

I just don’t care that’s all. I can understand why the hangers on to current anarchist mores and strategy have a problem with my Bob Black type assholish antics but that’s just how I roll . I’m interested in an anarchic philosophy of the future beyond elective constituted struggle. There’s usually not a nice way to say this to the struggling hangers on.

So the answer to my question is - Nope!
You just can't stop repeating your boring, pedantic bullshit.
Doesn't matter how inappropriate it is...

Yeah, those are the headlines, but most of anarchist history doesn't involve molotovs or jackboots. Paying attention to that part doesn't have to mean self-serious movement building.

Don't think anyone said it did?

No. I probably should have qualified that statement. I just wanted to be sure to avoid that whole trap of hard work and sacrifice in service of the revolution/insurrection that often accompanies statements like that.

Most of anarchist history is about envious people waving an oppressed flag and throwing tantrums at disinterested authoritarians.

as that other anti-civ person.
i'm all ready to have a kneejerkreaction and then remember who this is... :\

RIP to a comrade. Fuck the pigs forever.

There just seems to be a massive confusion defining anarchy whereby Idpol vigilantes are described as being anarchistic when infact they are merely participants of the binary political wargame.,.

With all respect to the victim and the family, could this be a skeweredly misinterpretation of suicide by police bullet made by activists to further their own social capital? Unresolved psychological depression within the LGBT culture and discrimination within mainstream society does contribute to a high incidence of suicide, sometimes even as acts of defiance and spite against the perpetrators. Just saying from behind the untinted lens of the Sherlock Holmesian magnifying glass.

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