White dreads: An anthropological critique of dreadlocks and "black" owned.

Hi everybody! Searching for articles, links or essays that critique the idea that dreads are strickly an african cultural tradition. Plus-points for critiques of cultural appropriation, even more plus points for anti-civ critiques of culture.

"Really Though, Not All "Black" People Give a Fuck About "White" Dreads - A Diary on Mayhem and Race Nihilism" by Flower Bomb


"Cultural Appropriation & Shaming - Dreads & Mohawks: To Whom Do They Belong?" by Rod Dubey

amazing articles!

Anyone with long hair who doesn't comb or brush it will develop dreads. The Vikings and Huns had long blonde dreads.

It's almost as if most "identity" falls apart under scrutiny?!?!

I think the best critique is how honkeys with locks are more likely to be read as to be trendy, hippy yoga types where black people with them are often seen in a more negative light.

The snatching black people's cultural property critique is weird and goes too far away from individual's experiences and the way ideas of race effect them.

yeah the point that gets me is not that dreads, keffiyehs etc are somehow collective cultural "property" as much as it's a slap in the face to the people who get profiled and face negative consequences for rocking these things that are much more identified with their own background and for generally repping the marginalized cultures they come from (yes-identity is a construct, but power identifies people that way), as opposed to some white trendster who don't face those consequences, but will even be praised for their "open mindedness" and "embracing other cultures", in what amounts to flaunting their privilege in a particularly perverse, if unintended manner.

i don't know if that's "anarchist" enough for everyone here but i think it falls under general "how to not be a thoughtless dick about having privilege" more then some kind of "this is the law of social justice"

All-blond Vikings is a racist stereotype maintained by suburban idiot kids who're into meth and shit screamo metal... There were dark and red-haired Nordics even back in the Medieval times.

The poster was just picking a segment of the Viking/Aryan population and would have been more accurate if he had said that Vikings and Huns WITH LILY-WHITE SKIN had dreads in 1000 AD.

um no, dreads take a lot of work for some people, which is part of what makes them a cultural construct. some people's untended hair will just fuse together into a big mat, it's even called a "Polish plait" because Slavic peasant had them (i.e., *not* dreads). tell me you've never seen a hippie homebum with that look?

actually, nice-looking dreads takes a lot of work for EVERYONE. black folks with kinky hair will also end up with your "polish plait" if they do not work it. most people's hair will lock up if they don't brush/comb it; how nice the locks look depends on how much effort they put into it. there are actually "lock-ticians" whose job is to help folks dread their hair up the way they want it. most customers are black, not white.

Good news COMRADES!!! I have used an ANCIENT Seminole SIGILS and an EJECULATED-on-page from Psalm 14 to perform a mystical African HOODOO ritual to invoke egoist-communist, Patron Saint JESUS MALVERDE to provide ANSWERS to these questions about dreadlocks, white rappers, cultural appropriation, AND MORE!!

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I'm white and have to comb my hair thoroughly after every shower or else parts of my hair start dreading in less than a week. I have mostly straight hair and very much don't want dreads (again) but am constantly battling it. The idea that dreads are only possible or natural for black people is ridiculous. And the black culture that most heavily identifies with dreadlocks (Rastafarianism) is a very small and very bigoted religion that doesn't deserve any special respect. Additionally, look up the statistics for how many Jamaicans actually identify with Rastafarianism. I think many white liberals will be surprised with how few people actually identify with it.

In my experience Rastafari are most tolerant towards other people's beliefs and practices, whilst the state is most intolerant.

I know Haile Selassie and Menen Asfaw to be the long awaited redeemer of humankind. If you believe otherwise, it's cool.

Jah bless

"Rastafari are most tolerant towards other people's beliefs and practices"
yeah, except for the misogyny and homophobia...

No gods, no cultural attachment, no identity stereotypes, no higher-than-mighty preacher types, no shamanic authority, no sacred idolotry, no celebrity or politician cults of personality, no bosses, no teachers or cops, no morality or rules!

Cultural appropriation? There shouldn't even be a "cultural identity" for a start, to even think about appropriating an ethnic persona, as if one has experienced the same historical attachments, DAMN! Like white bourgeois people singing delta blues, that's total falsehood, they should be honest to their emotions and play Pat Boone.

Just the music Trump and Muhrican Le fascists dances to >>

every once and a while I give anarchism another chance because I think the ideology isn't that bad (( praxis could use some work)) but then I stumble on a bunch of white boys having a conversation like this and really. . . . the difference between you and the alt. right is that when you lie about having Black friends to pple like me there may actually be a lightskinned co-worker or something (https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2014/08/25/three-quarters-of...). either way your racism is so previve that many Black pple, myself included, would sooner die under capitalism that allow you to unknowingly recreate the same racist hierarchies because you need to strip our history from us to make you feel better just like liberals. "And the black culture that most heavily identifies with dreadlocks (Rastafarianism) is a very small and very bigoted religion that doesn't deserve any special respect. " thank you woke white man , please oh great niggalogist tell me more about your lack of knowledge on the Black diaspora that . I really do love how white pple never let go of the "Black Savage" stereotype.
now because most of you have no Black friends , I am willing to bet you haven't touched Black hair , you know nothing of the way that curls form in Black hair or of the differences in the chemical bonds of the hair shaft which dictate if the shaft of your hair can lock because if you did you would know that.
hair without this curl pattern will not "lock" (( this means that the curl pattern will hook together like velcro )) but mat. matted hair is not locked hair. this is why locs in Black hair can be washed and don't need to be "backcombed" or have glue added to them as I have seen white and Asian pple tell eachother to do in "tutorials". you just damage your hair, which I mean is fine if you want to do that. you'll end up exposing the sticky core of your hair and causing breakage, and not being "loc"ed and heatlthy like Black hair but whatever.
go talk to a Black hairstylist for like 5 mins. talk to some Black pple in person please I'm begging you-you anti-civ freaks. it would take all of 12 mins. to figure out that Viking's braided their hair to frequently to for it to "lock" and that Indian cycles of matted hair where down for spiritual purposes after giving up all possessions ((including your comb)) but you care so much about stripping pple of culture that you can't differentiate or have a conversation that relies on the material reality of the thing. I bet none of you could tell me what's in a relaxer either lol just say you hate the idea of Black pple having something you don't and join a klan rally.

You sure as fuck don't sound like an anarchist... What a shame that you're not sticking around to type more screeds like this gem. Anyway, off to my klan rally!

Slide guitar is not the sole property of black slaves or rockabilly rednecks and can be used in thrash metal!

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