How leftist is ANEWS?

  • Posted on: 23 September 2018
  • By: thecollective
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While I definitely appreciate the return of polls (as in I hope there will be more than this one), this one is unnecessarily ambiguous. Are you asking about the comments or stories? If you’re referring to stories, then @news is not responsible for the specific contents. If you’re referring to the comments, then it makes no sense to characterize them as “leftist” or anything else because so many are anonymous and therefore untrackable — with the notable exception of obvious leftists like Wayne Price and Kevin Keating. If you’re talking about thecollective’s often arbitrary decisions to erase certain comments, then you might be onto something since leftists are not known for an excess of tolerance toward positions or behaviors they find objectionable.

Maybe the next poll question could be “How many stories posted on @news are embarrassing unintentional self-parodies?”

An extremely recuperated post-Bakuninist narrative permeates the anarchist milieu presently, with a slight sprinkling of Marxist and Maoist sentiments on the organizational facet of the, what has become, a " progressive neo-liberal Idpol" infestation within a "syndicalist unionist platform"!
There are a few brave "Stirnerian knight" types bravely hanging on by the skin of the teeth to the "autonomous individualist maverick" apolitical nihilist brand!

i only come here occasionally to become enraged at the out-dated politics and pseudo intellectual drivel in place of responsibility or growth in the name of a better world. a news is a joke. the articles are either some racist shit people have been saying since time immemorial branded as radical, or pointless long-winded critiques of things no one has heard of and no one cares about.

Agreeing with that last part tho I don't see where it's a racist site.. Or is there something that should be heard about Thecollective's potential hidden agenda or sensitivities?

Define " Leftist" - I dare you.

Brings back memories... But zero nostalgia here.

I'll trade suspicious @ online outlets anyday against pettiful, misguised and deceptive media based on the social contract of Left Unity, i.e. Infoshop, Indymedias and now the ever more awful IGD, who're now promoting DSA underneath such a thin veil.

I don't understand the choices

No option for "to the left to the left" by Beyoncé? Wow! I'm voting other and using that as answer since it seems anews is not only out of touch with the cold hard reality of how good her new album is, but the collective prolly didn't even bother to check out her baby photos when published by tmz. Get with the times sheeple, you're a leftist old crumugdeon website unlike the always hardcore other anarchists websites that you I only read.

ANEWS made a similar poll on Twitter, that seems a bit more accurate. - 11% mostly tired old leftism vs 56 ultra-post-leftismo and 33% Mao. as of today pollcasters are reporting in live. you can vote on Twitter for 5 more days, get to those ballot boxes (9/24 today).

and final option, i clicked other because i refuse to vote, since it's not anarchist. teh praxis is limitless!


Well, I don't really know, as I have only just discovered you. Monsieur Bonanno and a link down the LBC rabbit hole brought me here... (a glorious trail, Wolfi kitty to Bellamy's gorgeous Backwoods to some article on LBC tabling with gusto hehe)...

Seems pleasing enough to find an alternative anarchistic new source (that isn't the silly DSA liberal land of peformative suburban boys exploiting actions for their patreon accounts and black bloc cred/ points. Hehe) But I digress, all too new here. Lovely to find you.
~ Fíona

Miracle, a friendly comment. (Glad the previous response was deleted, nothing says 'no new people' like that kind of shit response) Hi Fiona! (Saw you on anti-civ)

Wasn't intended as hostile to new people, fyi

Unsure how to read it any other way (hostile to just her? if I misread, my apologies.) Whatever the case look forward to your participation Fiona, if you come back. You should make an account so you can see replies. (Read you write up and look forward to Wolfi or AP or EC publishing you. You have fresh ideas and it's nice to see a woman chiming in on desire, egoism, individualism and anarchism.

I thought Backwoods looked nice too. ;)
Hi Fiona. Funny comment. Truth!

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