Hambach Forest: Two anarchists, evicted from the Hambach Forest, imprisoned

  • Posted on: 23 September 2018
  • By: thecollective

From contra info

source ABC Rhineland

For two weeks RWE, with the assistance of a large police-deployment from all over the country, has been evicting the Hambach Forest-occupation, near the city of Cologne. Since Sunday 9/16 further two people are in custody jail. This means that all in all five activists are imprisoned in custody jail.

The police arrested the two anarchists on Saturday. They are not officially known by the police. They allegedly locked-on together in a tree-house, in the occupation “The North”. The state prosecutor and the judge are accusing them both of “Strong case of resistance towards enforcement officials (Vollstreckungsbeamte)”, §113 Abs. 2 StGB.

The imprisoned activist Winter, became an internet-sensation, as a moving speech directly after the arrested was shared on social media. “They are probably thinking that they have won, but they can’t win, because they need the forest just as much as we do. They also can’t win the fight, because so many people out there stand behind us. And they just don’t understand, that we don’t fight for just us, but for all of us,” said Winter at the arrest.

Landing in custody jail on the background of these allegations, is only possible through the law-change of the “Penal code (StGB)” from the end of May 2017, where the minimum sentence for “Resistance against enforcement officials” was raised to 6 months. Furthermore, there was the decision by the Higher Regional Stuttgart, in the context of the “Stuttgart 21 Protests”, in which locking-on “in anticipation of police-deployment” was valued as equal to “violent resistance”. Both of these are sharpenings of the law, that particularly are directed towards leftist activists.

For three days the accused were not given the possibilty of contact with their lawyer – also in front of the judge & magistrate. Jazzy said, that she throughout the days clearly had demanded to see her lawyer, and stuck to her right to legal defense. In her speech, Winter talked about not identifying yourself: “They will never understand, how it is to live with people, for whom it doesn’t matter what your name is.”

The Anarchist Black Cross, in its role as prisoner-support, gives the advice: “No person must assist in their own legal prosecution. On this question we point to §136 StPO, which gives the elementary right not to give your identity, even though this is often misused or forgotten in trials. We are asking all people close to the imprisoned people, to accept and support the wish of Winter.”

More information about the Hambacher Forst prisoners under: abcrhineland.blackblogs.org

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They should have just been like hobos out of necessity living discretely on the outskirts of town in the tree house and they wouldn't have been harassed by officialdom, but by having the privilege of ressentiment and a binary "us vs them" mentality, they have deliberately attracted an audience to gain social media credit within their activist milieu. What about the squirrels and birds who make this tree their home and have had it colonized and desicrated by petty political machinations, and are forced to flee like refugees, and forced to live in the prison of drainage pipes and concrete culverts?

did you even ever read why they actually are there?

Sure, their heart is in the right place, BUT REALLY, Its already gone, its become a zoo, 10 billion watch humanity and culture go down the gurgler on social network, hoorah! Unfortunately the 25% that's left of the biosphere is inevitable colateral, wake up, our last chance is for everyone to become nihilistic hobos. Let it go, don't fight against the current, surrender to the peaceful entropy, dance to the music on the deck of the Titanic,,,,,,,,,

Also, activism is a reflexive symptom of progressivism, AS IF there ever was or IS a destiny for humanity! Its a type of malignancy which is a hangover remnant of eschatological hope, it has no relevance or place in the anarch conscience. Sorry to burst that little bubble of hope yall cling to, BUT WE'RE ALL GOING TO TURN INTO GALACTIC WASTE AND BECOME EXTINCT, GET OVER IT!!


so you never even actually bothered to read. typical web warrior one would say


OMG nooooo! *gasp* I just don't know how to break this terrible news to my 4000 upbeat idpol antifa anarchist Facebook friends, they will be soooo overwhelmed and seeking councilling to bolster their feeble media persona which lacks any character and mettle. Oh I'm going to turn my Ed Shearer and Beyonce music waaaay up high to drown out all the negative energy attacking me, ooooooh why doesn't someone ban them from disturbing our warm little world of petty emo sentiments and peurile social relationships, boo hoo hooo, *sobs whilst texting into cell phone*


yes .. thats what you clearly need Le Fool. Counselling.

Even IF all spectacular political activity is as pointless as you say, it would never be as toxic and pointless as your time spent here.

what on earth is this guy trying to say?! aint got any clue about what and who is he referring to with that nonsense about some facebookbeyonce whatever rubbish written there. if you have something to say try to write so that somebody outside your little bubble can understand also

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