What are your favorite signs of the collapse?

  • Posted on: 7 October 2018
  • By: thecollective
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my "favorite" sign is the wood ducks that showed up in my local park a few springs ago and have been back every year in greater numbers. I had only ever seen mallards before. I still love mallards but wood ducks are pretty cute little guys.

I voted sex robot brothels, but add rat infested and rats crawling out of the metal skulls of the working stiffs!

This TOTW is just being SOOO negative.

your sarcasm is so bludgeony, it almost doesn't count as sarcasm.

are SOOO mean!
Perhaps you should get out of the anarchy hothouse more. Many people would respond to "The Collapse" with my ham-handed satire, except THEY WOULD ACTUALLY MEAN IT.
Next, I will present SPELLING ERRORS for you to correct.


the fact that 91 people help keep Dr. Bones alive for as little as 4.99 a month on patreon

An Eco Extremist BBQ!


Which happens to be 2048(an 8 multiply doubling number year). 'Be a good year to shut down history civilization and leviathan especially on the 400th anniversary of the Westphalia Treaty.

Other then that society of course.

It starts with an earth quake. Some cheerful music to accompany the event.

collapse = r e i f i c a t i o n

The powers that be look like buffoons and can't even manage a coherent narrative.
CIA vs FBI, NSA vs DOD, mainstream news (including nyt) spouting obvious falsehoods,
does anyone even watch cnn anymore? No one believes in the US state system, not
even the right! The Democratic Party was just labeled the "Wet Rag Party", and the
Republicans are stupid and brutal enough to foment mass uprisings week after week.
Its only time before someone starts something, so much for alternatives.

The bailout of the banking system didn't work with around $40 Trillion, this week it looks
like the banks may have to go back onto total life support in 2019. The entire financial
hierarchy looks unbelievably ignorant and smug - there is no real economy anywhere.
The rich foundations have to hide their income off-shore like petty thieves.

The system of hierarchized education has been a total fiscal and educational failure.
Children raised to compete can't form the constructive society necessary to reproduce
itself - wage slaves and the salaried - the meritocracy of the educated and the abandonment
of labor. Education, especially higher education appears as an enormous clusterfuck of
confusion and cowardice. Meanwhile grads = $3 Trillion in debt.

I am waiting for attacks on the energy sector, not protests. I would expect the environmental
movement to up its game against the blatant stupidity of tar sands and fracking. The chance
for electric vehicles may save toyota but not ford, gm and chrysler - too late as ford decides
to drop all auto production except the mustang.

"Pay medicine" which is free everywhere else in the post-industrial world appears just
more and more insane, trying to navigate coverage while you're ill seems impossibly dumb.
Another earthquake waiting to happen. Meanwhile a huge growth of slums completely
without infrastructure much less medicine, and wealthy corps like Rand have known this
demographic for a long time - the elites can't pretend their superiority is any longer coherent.

If all that's left of the state are crappy schools, expensive hospitals, crumbling transport and
electricity production under attack, is it still a state?

Excellent supermarkets though, everyone is getting fat in the West. However collapse is just another ordinary day in underdeveloped Africa, it has known collapse for 200 years at various intensities. Malnutrition and plague are the most visual and visceral signs of collapse in the biblical sense.
The West doesn't look like its heading for any collapse unless a major climatic global winter triggered by huge volcanic upheavals effects crops.,.

is a mark of sickness, not health. Junk food is cheaper and food corporations deliberately design their products to derange gut bacteria and produce physiological addiction to overeating food that is unhealthy to begin with. Like alcoholism, this may initially be set off by conscious or unconscious emotional conflict/unmet needs, and is ALWAYS encouraged by the constant stress and lack of outdoor exercise most people endure under late capitalism. Like alcoholism, it probably involves epigenetic and neurological changes. Any animal in nature has evolved an appetite for what makes it thrive, NOT for what makes it sick.

Yes blah blah blah but also you'll realize that wild animals will gorge themselves and become obese in nature when there is a surplus of food, and then hibernate or rest until another binge occasion presents itself. It is actually the innate survival instinct which produces obesity and also the instinct to seek the most pleasure and the least pain, thus lazyness and gluttony are not sins but infact inbuilt survival instincts and why mankind has evolved to its present condition and mode of existence. The libidinal economy cannot be overridden by ethical restraints, it is in our very souls to be slobs with large litters of noisy cuddly brats biting at our ankles. We are just glorified breeders in nature :)

I will present equally inaccurate, LAME excuses for my 5 years of full-blown ALCOHOLISM, which I quit 6 years ago. This was a "libidinal economy" too. Are you obese by any chance? I have NEVER seen evidence of obese animals or "savage" humans in nature. How would an obese human hunt? And then carry a 120 lb. deer carcass over his shoulders?

I'm talking about domesticated wild animals such as ourselves. I am a lean paleo-nihilist if you must know.

'kay so keep waiting, as it seems to have paid off, right?

I don't see the significant distinction between (1) waiting for the Collapse and (2) waiting for some insurgency to bring about the collapse.

Been also waiting a lot for the Nuclear Winter, caused by a much-awaited WW3 that still gets held back.... I thought that maybe if the 2016 elections get nullified and some hard-line anti-Russian Democrat regime takes over we'd be having some satisfactory fireworks, but Muller is too much into sniffing the packets of some low-grade Russian spy, and his lawyer, or something... but no they'll just wait for the mid-terms to balance power in the House and on and on. Gotta realize how there's so many people out there who are fine with the idea of history being dead or are too busy selling cosmetics online to care about it too much.

Yep! An irreducible truth for everyone is whether their politics/perspective amount to basically just "waiting" or something active.

Climate Change Reports being Ignored
Bickering beyond Repair
Infrastructure Being Ignored
Do we really need to go on?
Lack of trust in institutions

Surveys like this and the desire to answer them (eg here)

someone had their meta for breakfast....

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