Barred from Banksy’s Art World

  • Posted on: 11 October 2018
  • By: thecollective

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How we all guffawed at Banksy’s jolly japes at Sotheby’s last week. On the face of it shredding a work of art in front of the person who had just spent £1m gaining it in auction was quite funny. An act of direct action against the stupidity of the art world. An act of subversion and spectacle that gets headlines around the world.

Except that the art world (the middle and upper class world) loved it. The darling of street art can do no wrong. He’s their street artist after all. Meanwhile the purchaser has just had value added to their purchase. No longer simply the work they intended to buy, it has been elevated into a performance. If they really don’t want it anymore they will find it has just increased significantly in value. The artwork isn’t damaged; it’s been enhanced by a clever commercial operator.

This isn’t street art. It’s taking the piss but not out of the art world. It’s taking the piss out of all of us. Art is a fucking joke where class divisions are glaring. When we have something of cultural value that they want, they appropriate it whilst barring us from any involvement other than gawping at the spectacle. Isn’t that basically the history of Banksy?

When I saw their auction stunt I was immediately reminded of the 1979 Doctor Who story City of Death. Set in Paris, the Doctor and team have stored the TARDIS in an art gallery where it is viewed by two art lovers, played by John Cleese and Eleanor Bron. The critics look at the police box and mull it over.

Cleese: “I think one of the most curious things about this piece is its wonderful afunctionality”.

Bron: “Yes, yes, I see what you mean. Divorced from its function and seen purely as a piece of art its structure of line and colour is curiously counterpointed by the redundant vestiges of its function.

Cleese: “Since it has no call to be here, the art lies in the fact that it is here”.

The Doctor et al then rush past, get inside and the police box disappears.

Bron: “Exquisite, absolutely exquisite”.

Yes, in 1979 Doctor Who joked about what Banksy would do in 2018. That’s time travel for you but it also shows just how outdated things can get before they even happen.

Banksy went on to say that the urge to destroy is also a creative urge and attributed the quote to Pablo Picasso. I wonder if he regularly gets Picasso and Bakunin mixed up. Picasso’s famous assertion that if God existed it would be necessary to destroy him for example. Or maybe Picasso said “liberty without socialism is privilege, injustice; and that socialism without liberty is slavery and brutality”. I wonder if it works the other way round? Oh well as Picasso might have said “bad artists copy. Good artists steal”.

The urge to destroy is one of my favourites. We can build things up the way we want but we absolutely have to destroy first. Revolutionary change is creative, wonderful and destructive. It’s not really what Banksy wants though I feel. Art with a capital A is a world most of us are only allowed to observe. In reality though art should be about making things and expressing ourselves. Making things functional and beautiful; making things with a political point. We do this in our DIY culture all the time. Art in our lives is about living well and appreciating our talents. It is for this reason that we are barred from Banksy’s Art world. They want us to equate making things with hard work as we live dysfunctional lives unable to afford the prettiest and best things. The Art world is a dynamic component of the capitalist system separating the worthy and elevating them above us.

Banksy hasn’t shown an urge to destroy; he’s shown an urge to make a spectacle and a huge amount of money. It’s the urge of satisfying his ego. It’s about as Thatcherite as the art world can get. Clever definitely but not exquisite.

Jon Bigger



How come this 'artist' is allowed anonymity? All classes are playing the game. Hopefully, someone will out this person and do it as a performance piece. Maybe, the anonymity is the value; once the indentity is revealed, the 'art' loses value and we can't have that.....can we?

This critique reeks of jealousy. The Banksy crew is brilliant and you're mad they aren't behaving as you imagine would if you were brilliant.

*as you imagine YOU would...

Your comment is clearly the classic capitalist warped dissing of rich/successful people's criticism... In a nutshell, the critique is bad because that guy is successful and got rich, and you got JEALOUS because you're a looooserrr. Ah haw!

Apply same shallow argument to just about every successful capitalist around. Just like Trump and his very large brain.

Good for banksy. Youre all mad because youre broke.

There're no copyrights in the Startrek Kampf dood!

The State's art industry and culture is no different to the arms industry, that's anarchy 101, rolling in money IS NOT happiness, its merely comfort, and that's a big distinction. Hasn't anyone ever met incredibly happy and contented hobos and miserable millionaires?
Let Banksie take his game to whatever lengths, art and money are of no real value to real people.,.

You should probably try and get your money back for that anarchy 101 class.,.,.,.?

That one you went to in your Mini Cooper, yuppie scum?

Who needs comfort when you have anarchism to enlighten you about happiness not being directly related to money?

Didn't the person who came up with the OBEY brand intend something similar?

Thought experiment!

You're an "artist" who pulls a clever stunt that makes thousands of stupid people look stupid. You're the ultimate satirist, wielding your critique of society like a master fencer!

Good job! But uh oh ... You're so clever that now they're handing you dumptrucks full of money.

You're all like "but ... I'm mocking you, you fools! Don't you see!?"

They stare at you with empty, empty eyes and press the money in to your hand.

What do you do?

Usual excuse of womanizers... "Chicks just fall into my arms, bro! Just by being there." Then you realize the macho creep had this huge dead angle keeping him from seeing his own behavior with women was nowhere near passive or shy... but rather very talkative and dominating.

i'd probably go kick it and watch "exit through the gift shop"

random wall, and when the cops come to arrest me I'll tell them don't you know who I am! If it's good enough for some white middle-class dude, it's good enough for me...nuff sed.

We noble paleo-nihilists were doing this shit first on the caves in Lacraux 10,000 yrs ago! We showed them authoritarian shamans that their tribal spooks were only 2-dimensional reifications and had no real power!

Your license to use the royal "we" has been flagged for review. We've had numerous complaints. You'll have to wait 6 months to reapply after you pay the fine and reapplication fees. Also we're installing a breathalyzer on your computer, you have to pay for that too.

I've got a stick with a rock tied to the end of it which says I have paleo-nihilist freedom to *levitates and drifts away*

*facepalms because of ongoing asterisk posting*

Seriously though, the critique of art in the form of parody had its first expression from Duchamp, notably "the fountain". Banksy is a neo-Dadaist.

PS The Situationists also did detournement, others did some -hi jacking of and inverting and infiltrating propaganda machinery of capitalism etc etc, nothing new,
An innate tendency demonstrated even by infants when they mimic things often those they disapprove of.,.

The art world has got nothing else to go by, other than rebranding past vanguard movements. Bansky is indeed unoriginal, just reproducing the Dadaism that was subversive 100 years ago. But back then it was saying something... Dadaists had an infamous manifesto, which was by far the clearest expression of nihilism ever, and they did many other publications that defined the movement. Here, all we got is the swallow shell of a former being. It's pathetic, and the glaring proof of the murder of History.

Ultimately all art gallery and museum content which has a monetary value given to it would be shredded, burned and bulldozered into unmarked pits never to be heard of again. Picasso paper sketches should be saved to wipe the asses of the those who for some reason idolize and attach genius status to the narcissist.,.

Marxist realism has it that history is orderly and unfolds under the laws-of-motion of class-struggle from a lower to a higher stage. This explains why modern artists like Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons produce works that are so superior to primitive rubbish like the Elgin Marbles. I believe its also called 'socialist realism' and all libertarian-communists should celebrate it. PRESENTE!

Sort of contradictory to be a dilettante of modern capitalist art and at the same time denounce elitism. The products of the mass domesticated society cause incredible mindfucks not worth the effort of debating them. Nuff said!

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